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My First... Part 2

Monday, 5 October 2009

This is the second in the series of My First... about different people's mountain firsts. First munro, first wild camp, best munro, worst munro... Part 1 can be seen here.

First of today's installments comes from Phil off of the blog Fat & Sh1te. He has great stories and photies, check it out. Phil is currently in training for the WHW Falldoon which he'll take part in along with PTC and Craig plus three other mentalists (sorry! just kidding guys! ha ha). It's a race (is it a race? I'm not sure it is!), anyway there'll be 2 runners, 2 road bikers and 2 mountain bikers going the wrong way (or right way?!) along the West Highland Way from Fort William to Milngavie. It takes place over the weekend of 18th October and we wish them all well. Here's the stories so far. WHW Falldoon and here

And here are some of Phil's mountain firsts...

Your first munro?

First Munro was Ben Lomond with a mate called David Kerr, as a paddler I found it hard work but we went on to do several Munros in the next few years including some via winter routes.

Your first wildcamp?

Gees !??? I was brought up in a Country Park next to Lochwinnoch and spent most weekends camping under tarpaulins, bin bags etc First high camp would have been Cairngorm with my old man, we saw the Northern lights that night too !

Your best and worst munro's and why?

Worst Ben Nevis Its a magnet for so many stupid people on the top not prepared for the weather changing.

Best. Probably the best hill day was Beinn Ghlas.

Good company, great weather and an awesome sunset.

A huge thanks to Phil for sharing his stories and allowing me to publish the great photie above.


Second of today's installments comes from .... me!! I'm not writing about my first munro cos I think it's already here somewhere. I'm not going to write about my first wildcamp cos I haven't done it.. yet! Instead i'm going to give accounts of my bests and worsts. Because not every mountain you climb will be a good day on the hill.

Best munro:
I am torn. So far... Bidean nam bian or Ben Lomond. I climbed Bidean nam bian (together with Stob Coire Sgreamhach) back in June 2008 and man it really was a tough day as it was very 'early' in my hill-walking adventures! I went through the ringer and hit an imaginary brick wall so hard (twice) that I did consider cancelling my place on the trek. But the place is magical and looked stunning in the bright blue sky sunshine day of early summer. That was my first visit to the Glencoe area and I've loved it ever since. Looking back on that very long 10 hour day I realise I learned a lot about myself then and it served me well for every hill/mountain/and walk I have completed since. I will go back and climb it again as personally I think it’s one of the best looking hills I’ve seen. And PS.. I love that Glencoe area.

Now Ben Lomond. It was my first walk at night and also my first solo jaunt so it’s relevant here (in terms of firsts). And I like it because it’s not too far away from home, I can do it myself and it’s a great hill. The views are brilliant and on a clear day I think I can maybe see Stirling from it (cos I can certainly see it from here!). Aye it's a good hill.

Worst munro:
Beinn Sgulaird – February 2009. Not that the hill itself was that bad. I never got to the top of this one which pained me a little but I honestly feel it was through no fault of my own. Something happened on the hill that day, events took a turn for the worst and I immediately made a decision right there on the spot which I have stuck to ever since. End of. It didn't put me off though, I just know certain things now. I will try this one again one day too...

So that's it. My bests and worsts - so far. I hope to write about many more firsts on here and now that the colder days are approaching there are sure to be some just around the corner! I'm quite enjoying reading about everyone's firsts or worsts or bests. I like to hear about different folks persectives on the mountains or climbing. It gives you a real sense of wanting to get out there and do more. I hope you are all getting that too. And you know what, don't you just love that by the power of technology we can all share our stories and photies within a few hours of arriving home and having a cup of tea after a good days' adventuring.

Keep it up people!

Ange xx

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