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Happy Birthday Ryan

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Today we celebrate the birthday of my beloved nephew Ryan. It is a milestone birthday, what with him being 5, Five, V, and that. He had a birthday cake at nursery this morning and will get another one later on when the family descend on his house.

I'd got him some books and an All Saints skull t-shirt for his birthday (he loves The Cat in The Hat) but i figured with him being only five he'd also appreciate a toy of some sort. So yesterday, after a few weeks of false starts on this trip, i took him to Hamley's in Glasgow where he was presented with lots of choice. However, there would be a limit! We headed straight for the Toy Story area, then Ben 10, the Skalectrix and then to the demo area where you can play with the remote controlled cars. We were there for a good twenty minutes and i thought he'd have chosen the remote car but no. We moved to another section that had fire engines (he wants to be a fireman when he's a big boy, that or a drummer!). But he has loads of fire engines in various shapes and sizes. But guess what he chose as his birthday toy?....

An £8 police car. "There's no flashing lights or anything" I said. "It doesn't matter, i can play with it with my own hands" was his reply. I smiled. He has a great imagination. Only the other day did he come home with his nursery report card that said he loved the sciences, playing with the animals and...wait for this... a rhythm for music, especially drumming. My sister was delighted to hear that! He's also good on the computer too. Reason number 54 why i always have to go into the Apple store when we go to Glasgow...

Watching Fireman Sam on the iMac's in the Apple store. Its what they're made for

Five years ago today our lives changed for the better when Ryan arrived in it. A timid little boy with a great heart and a bigger soul, he's caring, considerate, highly energetic, has a nifty left foot on him but he hates getting his hair cut. He loves his little brother so much although they're always play fighting.

Right now he's outside sporting a 5 badge and hitting a football off the wall. Brilliant.

Most of all, for me, he makes me smile and laugh and brightens up my day whenever I see him. If you met him he would do he same for you i'm sure.

Apparently i'm not his auntie, i'm his Angie. And that is damn fine with me.

Happy birthday Ryan, Love, Angie xxxx


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