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Driving for Doughnuts - Krispy Kreme

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks you'll know that Krispy Kreme has now opened it's first Scottish hotlight store at Hermiston Gate in Edinburgh. I first tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts exactly 2 years ago when I went for a little weekend away down south and was heading home at Luton airport. I spotted the stand and bought a half dozen to take with me on the plane. They were tasty. Very tasty. I never had one again... until last weekend.

First of all my sister, two nephews and I headed off on a wee road trip last Wednesday night. It was gone 7.30pm by the time we left the village and we thought it would be quiet. Wrong. When we approached Hermiston Gate roundabout we saw the queues of cars. These queues weren't your ordinary queues. No, these queues were the kinda queues that once you enter them there is no getting out. Not for at least an hour. On the approach Connor had fallen asleep in the back of the car. When we saw the queues Ryan proclaimed "What are they queueing for? it's only a doughnut shop!". Probably what a lot of people were thinking, right?

We headed round the roundabout into the retail park. People had abandoned their cars on the main roundabout and had queued on foot at the shop. It was around the side. We sat for a few minutes until Ryan decided we should head back to McDonalds at the Newbridge roundabout. The doughnuts would be eaten on another day.

They had a cheeseburger meal, i had some chips. It's all I could manage with my brace in. We sat there and watched a few planes take off and land. Well we could see the lights at least. Then we headed home.

On Saturday I decided it might be a bit quieter and headed through myself in the car. Bummer. There were queues again. But since I had time to kill the queues didn't bother me so i parked at the retail park and walked across to the store itself. The queue was around the building again but I waited in it. Surprisingly enough it took 40 minutes from when i arrived until i was out the door with my double dozen freshly baked Krispy Kreme's. Yum.

Once the queue reached the building door you could see the doughnuts being produced, glazed and boxed. Pretty cool.

Most people were buying dozen boxes. Some were buying double dozens and there were a few even buying four boxes. Gold mine! I bought 12 of my own selection and 12 glazed for £15.95. Good deal. In my own selection i chose strawberry gloss, chocolate iced, chocolate kreme, chocolate sprinkles and millionaire's shortbread flavours.
strawberry gloss; choc kreme, sprinkles, iced - yum
They weren't all for me! This 2 dozen was to be split between my sis and the boys too. I headed home and distributed the doughnuts. The boys lapped them up as did the parents. My sister was left with the glazed ones as they'd eaten the chocolate sprinkles and kreme ones. They're really quite tasty and not very stodgy like supermarket doughnuts I've tried before. The glaze is just the right sweetness and they were so soft I could even manage to bite them with my brace on. Result.
Connor certainly enjoyed his chocolate sprinkles!
I've saw people bemoaning the queues and wondering why people would queue for a doughnut. Well all I can say was my time was worth the queue and my belly thanked me for it.

Angela x


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