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Tooth Brace: check up 4

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Check up 4 and 7 months into my orthodontic treatment. I can't believe how time has flown. This was pretty much another bog standard check up. Nothing much to report except we're still trying to get my left hand upper teeth to move further over to the left I to the space where I had a tooth removed. This will mean she can then move my two front teeth around so that they're centred. Phew, what a mouthful that was.

It was pretty much a "nope, we've still got about 4mm to move" so she changed the e-wire stuff and tightened it a little so that it pulled on my upper incisors. Not much pain, only if I chew on those teeth. Otherwise she's happy the way they are going. It'll take another few months apparently, but they never said this was going to be a quick process. I'm fine with that. I can wait for a (near) perfect smile.

Talking of which, I just can't seem to stop smiling now. I'm not ashamed of brace wearing in my 30's. In fact, I think I would kind of miss it if it were taken off tomorrow. That seems weird saying that but I do feel like that.

I read a really good interview with a guy called Chris Millington over on Garçon Jon's blog, go over and have a read, fabulous photos too! Anyway, Chris is kind of recognisable now for his AMAZING beard. I mean he's not exactly unhandsome but with the beard, well it's like it's what makes him even more recognisable. I've always thought mine was my curly hair. But now I think it's the brace and the curly hair, oh and the big glasses. I'm a picture, me ;) Anyway, Chris says in the interview that his beard has given him incredible confidence, which I can identify with. Although replace his beard with my brace. You get my drift.

I feel like I can smile more and I want to smile more which is amazing for me. I'm not bothered if people stare at my mouth now. Whereas before I would always kind of hide my mouth and shy away if talking to someone new. I was always conscious of my squint front tooth, my crooked smile, my sticky out teeth. Now? Now I love them with the brace and I'm sure I will absolutely double love them without the brace. Is this making sense? It is to me.

Keep smiling,

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