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Fundraising event #1 - cake sale!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Event 1 down - loads more to go!

In the end I raised £91 from the sale of cakes! Good effort indeed i thought. Thanks to Linda, Susan and Brigid for contributing their tasty treats, time and effort - cheers guys.

Sold to colleagues from work were 'Rocky Road to Base Camp' Mars bar cakes, Coconut 'Khumbu Glaciers and Boulders', 'Khumbu Cough' chocolate drops, Iced 'Everest' cakes - that turned out a bit disastrous so were sold at cut price - bargains! hee hee. (Are you guessing the theme I was going for??) There were also banana muffins, marshmallow and jam tarts, white choc & almond cookies, home made tablet and more!!! It went down well with those sweet-toothed colleagues we have. Thanks to all who bought, contributed and donated far more than they ate.

So Event 2 will be starting to get planned soon. Please let me know if you have any ideas, i need to et that total going up, i'm at 12% so far and am quite pleased with that as i only started just over a month ago. Anyway, let me know of any good fundraising event ideas!!!!!!

As ever, stay safe

best wishes
Ange x

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