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Glencoe! ... and training update

Monday, 14 July 2008

Hey everyone
well ... now walked/slogged/trudged up in Glencoe (Bidean nam bian + 2 more) courtesy of DASS again!! Man that was a hard days slog, harder than anything I've done before. Those little niggling doubts started to creep in again but were soon washed away when (again) i turned around and seen what i had just done. I'll never forget the carpark that was always in my sights but just never seemed to get any closer. Here's a few snapshots:

Now for a training update: well been to the gym a few times, and a couple of walks. Went to a new physio tonight and he is confident I'll be trekking with a non-dodgy left knee which is good news. He's got me on a rehab programme with a few stretching exercises using a tennis ball! (don't ask!) and a big elastic band thing. I'm so glad that finally this problem has been taken seriously and someone can help!!

Next step - another jaunt up Dumyat tomorrow evening with Sharon. Looking forward to it.

Take care

Ange x

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