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Sunday, 28 December 2008

Hey all

Hope you have all survived the festive season so far! It's been really busy once again and thankfully it's been quiet today. Santa has been good to me again this year. He left me a Rab down jacket; Kings of Leon cd; a Munro book and map so that I can log things (I'm not a munro-bagger mind!); the usual perfume, jammies, slippers, etc; The Dark Knight & Mamma Mia dvd's and Prison Break season 3 dvd set which is fanstastic. I'm half-way through it already and it's just as good as I remember it to be, if not better!! If you haven't seen it check it out - great! I also got a Moleskine diary to record my year, this will be in addition to the Moleskine notebook i got myself to record my trip. I'm hoping to get people, friends, family to write in it before I go away. Think that will be comforting when the pain hits me! haha.

Anyway I also got some vouchers for an outdoors shop that I get a quite nice 15% discount at so I treated myself to a Suunto Core watch that's meant to be all singing all dancing with altimeter, compass etc on it. Sounds great but when I switched it on it was all in German and had to turn on the laptop and bring up MSN translator to help me out a bit! Managed to get it working now and it's fab. Still to figure out the compass settings and altimeter but plenty of time for that. If anyone knows, drop me a line?

So I'm going now but I'll leave you with a few pictures from Christmas day at the Higgins/Anderson/Preston/McEwan household..... yes there were really 14 of us for both Christmas and Boxing Days! Don't know how we do it but that's the way it should be isn't it??

bye for now, take care

Ange xx

1st pic: Brian, Ryan and Kelly Anne playing the DS
2nd pic: Ryan with his new tool box and JCB digger!
3rd pic: Ryan and his new bike, Granda sorting the peddles
4th pic: Ryan after Boxing Day dinner with his drum sticks!!

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