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Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Hey all
I nearly forgot to write about what a great weekend I had! - (including the prize bingo of course).

Went to Glasgow on Saturday night with my sister to see Coldplay - one of my favourite-est bands in the whole wide world ... ever!! FACT. It was a fantastic gig but I couldn't help thinking I should have been in the section at front of the stage with the passes......hhhmmm I wonder how you get in there?

They played a great mix of new and old songs including one of my old favourites, Green Eyes from the Rush of Blood to the Head album. The warm up band were ok, Eugene Frances Jr and the Juniors. A couple of songs were quite catchy. Then on came a guy with what looked like a laptop and a giant screen displaying these subliminal cartoon type characters that just kept getting repeated for nearly 40 minutes!! All very bizarre. It was a like a poor man's Moby without the stand-out recognisable tunes.

Coldplay didn't actually appear until about 9.15pm but it was well worth the wait. The new album is really good and I dare anyone to listen to Strawberry Swing whenthe sun is aout to rise or to set and not feel a flutter of hope in our heart. That is such a cheesy line. Oh well i just think it's a good feel-good song. They played a few dancey versions of Talk and God Put a Smile On your Face - pretty good, maybe they should release them? then they done a little acoustic set away on the far corner of the venue - Green Eyes and another little ditty song that Will sung. Then it was back on stage for Lovers in Japan, Death and All his Friends and a few others. Brilliant. That was my third time at a Coldplay gig but yet my favourite one was at the Palau St Jordi in Barcelona, November 2005. That was ace. Great gig, great city, great view just brilliant. They were on fire that night.

I've seen a few live bands in recent months and they rank amongst the top. Loved the Snow Patrol gig the other week in Edinburgh as I was so close and it was a really intimate venue. Going to see them live again in February at the SECC so I'm looking forward to that too. Gary Loghtbody's goofy style and banter set the heart all of a flutter...... aaahhhh.....

Whilst at the SECC there was a scrolling screen thing that was showing who were playing and what was sold out. There's still some tickets left for Daniel O'Donnell by the way! ha ha. The Killers is sold out which is a real shame as I think they would be an amazing live act. Kings of Leon were playing on Sunday night and of course that was sold out. I quite like them too. The X Factor Live tickets are on sale - I might give that one a miss....

This all got me thinking, what is my favourite song in the whole world? Who are my favourite band? What would the line-up be at my make-believe music festival? If you can answer these questions let me know, I'm curious. Oh also, give me some recommendations for songs for my trekking play list...... what would they be..... something inspirational, something cheesy, something easy listening, rocking out?????? questions, questions. Ok I've an idea, you each have to name me 3 songs to include on my Official Trekking Playlist-volume 1.

To finish i'll leave you with some nice lyrics from 2 fab songs....
I was just guessing at numbers and figures,
Pulling your puzzles apart.
Questions of science, science and progress,
Do not speak as loud as my heart.

What have I done it's too late for that?
What have I become? Truth is nothing yet.
A simple mistake starts the hardest time.
I promise i'll do anything you ask...this time.

Bye for now, take care

Ange xx

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