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Friday, 11 September 2009

Dear everyone that reads this blog, I'd like to take this oppportunity to direct you to another great blog that i follow regularly. It can be found in the 'Blogs I Like' list to the right hand side of this page but perhaps you haven't taken a few minutes to click on it because it doesn't mention anything about mountains, tents, sleeping bags or shiny new gear....

Well it is a great read for anyone that has been blessed with children in their lives through one way or another... It is Pacing the Panic Room. It is amazing. I found it a few months ago and there is a series on there about Cole's pregnancy (Cole being the wife of the author, the author being Ryan). The pictures are a-maz-ing!!! There's also the ongoing story of LB - the Littlest Buddy, he is really cute and his new sister, Tessa Tangerine. Anyway I won't spoil the story or the posts but Ryan really does write great posts. In the way that PTC* writes great posts, has great photies and stories about the great outdoors, Ryan writes the same way about his new family. You will love it people. I'm hooked. Beware though, you may need to keep the tissue box handy every now and again...

Ange xx

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