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Friday, 28 December 2012

Lately i've had nothing to say here. Peaks and troughs is what its been like. Barren.

You'll maybe have noticed. I have. I want to say things but I'm not sure it's what people want to read. It's my blog, I should post what I want, shouldn't I?

One thing I decided was this. I'll not be doing a post whereby I recap the year gone and set lists for the year to come. I say this now, wait for a few weeks and a list will likely appear. The last list I wrote was my 35 things in my 35th year. That was back in March. we're still in my 35th year though but the list has long been forgotten. Maybe i set my list items to high. Am I aiming too high? Am I not aiming high enough? All I know is that most things on that list haven't yet been achieved. And that's not something you want hanging over you is it. See, aiming too high?

Saying that, there are still 3 months left of my 35th year and i'm sure if i really put my mind to it I could start crossing off some things on that list. Couldn't I? Let's see shall we...

hashtag #35InMy35th

  1. a road trip north, south, east and west
  2. wear pink lips - done! light pink MAC Angel and Dior Lucky!
  3. a sunshine holiday
  4. show off my iPhonography - it's pretty cool - done. Instagram. that works for me.
  5. go out dancing, in heels! - YES, the Christmas night out at work. Once in a year. Lame ;)
  6. ride my bike to work 2 days per week (disclaimer: in summer!) - oy, big fat fail.
  7. bake more cakes - does sticky toffee pudding count. Yes!
  8. have a dinner party
  9. be 8 stone, consistently - how about 8 stone something? Yes!!
  10. see a movie at the IMAX - hello Batman! - DONE, TDKR. It was good. Not sure IMAX is worth it though.
  11. meet new people that like me just the way I am
  12. wear a skirt to work regularly - Once or twice is enough isn't it?
  13. eat less sweets and chocolate - FAIL FAIL FAIL...
  14. Alton Towers day trip! - 2013 for sure!
  15. try not to bother what anyone else thinks about me. I'm awesome. - i can't help this...
  16. get full series of a tv programme and watch them all (LoveFilm) what do you suggest? - still looking for suggestions?!!
  17. get some cools photos of me done
  18. say "yes" to a social outing when I want to say "no"
  19. make some of the things from my Crafty board on Pinterest - snowflakes for Christmas!
  20. collaborate with someone on a project
  21. keep my skin healthy - my skin is dry, i have to face that. It'll never be flawless. But i'm keeping it as best i can.
  22. finish reading the book on my bedside table - Fail, but i have read more books this year!
  23. get an international check in on Foursquare - OH MY. Failed. 
  24. tweet a picture from somewhere AMAZING -
  25. have more faith in my gut instincts. They're usually right. - I did trust my gut this year. I am right. I WIN AT THIS.
  26. get this blog sorted. If anyone wants to help me please shout! - still looking for some help?
  27. see a real life Banksy (this has been on most of my lists) - 2013, for sure, it can't be that hard to find.
  28. don't keep new clothes in the cupboard 'for a special occasion', wear them now! - or throw them out. Done a few charity bag drops this year.
  29. blog more, and for others - not sure about this one now.
  30. catch a sunrise and sunset in the summer - in dream land...
  31. meet some of my favourite Twitter people whom I've not yet met - 2013 FOR SURE. I'm looking at you Jonny Rose @98Rosjon
  32. step outside my comfort zone at least once a fortnight (I know, it's me we're talking about though!)
  33. stop buying stuff and things. Stuff does not define me. - oh dear! Must try harder...
  34. write a letter and send it every month - FAILED. I did write some letters though. And cards.
  35. laugh, smile and be thankful - I have certainly done this.
Oh and just as i said i wouldn't be doing lists again, look at one of my fab Christmas presents. My Listography book. It's brilliant. Thanks Ms Nicola!!

Angela x


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