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My beloved Converse slippers

Sunday, 7 April 2013

These are what I like to affectionately call my slippers.

My (nearly) two years old Red Converse. I LOVE these trainers. No exaggeration. They have been on my feet for probably 70% of those (nearly) two years.

I was hoovering my room, as you do, and was lifting them off the floor and actually had a look at the soles. They're wearing down. Fast. And that is unusual for me. I tend not to wear shoes out. In fact, I still have some Nike Air Jordan's (now vintage) that money can't buy, in my cupboard. Gosh, they must be about 15 years old and they still aren't anywhere near worn out. Too good to throw out really. I might get them out and wear them during this summer!

Back to the Converse...

Despite buying some wedge trainers recently, and wearing my trusty black heeled Topshop boots A LOT, I always come back to wearing my Converse. But I'd like a new pair. I've had white ones, purple ones, pink plaid ones and these red ones. But i'd like a new pair for the summer. I don't want to go all out summer and get a pale yellow pair. Can you imagine the state of those come winter time!? I tried on a black pair and they just weren't me. Plus black... it's not really my colour. I prefer a bright shoe, to go with my bright trousers.
What colour do y'all wear?

I've seen "new" ones. I say "new' in quotes because they're actually worn out looking ones and so yes, they're called the Well Worn Collection. A bit of designer scuffing on the rubber. A bit of designer dirt marks on the canvas upper but the colour of the pink is really beautiful. Not pastel, no way. Bright and bold and non Barbie but still quite girly. Let's call it Tomboy Pink. Yes. It's a Tomboy Pink colour, and there's also a nice turquoise too. But... do I really want to pay that wee bit extra for a pair of 'dirty' looking gutties. (Btw, gutties is our word for sneakers, that aren't trainers, like gym trainers) Got that.

So who knows, i may just stick with my trusty red (that seems to go with any colour) Converse to see me through this summer too.

What's on your feet? #onmyfeet

Angela x


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