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Thursday Three

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Welcome to the first Thursday Three on here for 2011! For those who don't know Thursday Three posts are posts where we list three things about a subject chosen by the people and post them on a Thursday, simple. See previous Thursday Three posts for further details. For example, there have been Three ideal dream holidays, Three things you want to do before the end of 2010. This weeks Thursday Three subject is... Three things you are looking forward to in 2011. So lets begin...

I'm looking forward to taking a holiday this year. Maybe not a big fancy two week thing in an exotic land but a nice change of scenery away from the norm. I calculated it has been nearly 6 years since i even had a long weekend away, barring the trek to Nepal of course but, although a wonderful and fantastic time, that was no holiday I can assure you. So yes, a holiday. Its been a very very long time since i felt the warmth of the sun on my face and the breeze of a foreign wind tickle my skin. I need this. Where would you recommend I take my little mini holiday to?

This might seem like a boring one but I'm really looking forward to getting some savings in the bank. I don't make resolutions at the tun of a new year but I've decided  I'm going to make a budget and stick to it. I keep a spreadsheet with all my monthly spendings on it each and so I've planned all the way up to June. It looks pretty healthy, well for me anyway, so I can't wait to get on that road and sticking to it. Hopefully by doing this then my holiday above will be good.

I think I'm just really looking forward and excited for the next 11 months of this year. I hope they will be filled with fun, laughter, good times, sunshine, bikes, snow, friends old and new, meeting new people, meeting old people, nephews, work, outdoors, hills, runs in the car, a beach walk, a gorgeous sunrise, a bungee jump!, a Chinese lantern, writing in my diary, lots more blogging, making people smile and being a good friend to the people who have shown me kindness and confidence and understanding and friendship. I hope you all want to join me on the journey of this year, my year, our year, 2011.

Angela xx

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