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Friday, 9 May 2014

Celine CL 41335 glasses

Buying new glasses is always a stressful time I find. You can never properly try them on in the opticians because they have those giant security tags on them making the glasses sit wonky on your face. Well, they sit wonky on me!

It's been over 2 years since I got a new pair of glasses. My current ones are the Ray-Ban 5228's. Comfy, but starting to get loose and slip down my nose. I decided it was time to get a new pair. I wanted to go for a different colour but being so expensive I didn't want to risk it. And plus, buying online, you cant't try them on. Yes, I always buy my glasses online now, for the simple reason that they are cheaper online than from an optician and you get a better choice.

I typed a few names into Google that I'd seen and liked the look of and decided to get these Celine pair (above). They're bolder and larger frames so I wasn't sure how they'd suit me but I figured, go big or go home. Ha.

I ordered them on Friday night from and they arrived on Wednesday. I love them. They are bigger than normal so will take a bit of getting used to but i'm sure i'll be fine. Btw, there's still a 15% off offer on their website just now. I think it may run out soon!

How do you choose your new glasses? Do you find online a better option?

Angela x

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  1. I try my glasses on in store, write down the style and then check online as they're soooooo much cheaper! Got my current pair for just over half the price I would have been at the optician x


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