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The Non Edited Gym Routine

Sunday, 4 May 2014

The edited versions of our lives we show on social media and blogs and stuff really can play tricks on a person. All we see are the good parts, the glossy parts, the perfect outfits, the well made up faces, the celebrations and all that jazz. People don't tend to show their comfies, their unmade-up faces (except recently the no-makeup selfie has taken off...). You never see someone right after their gym workout or 5k run sweating like I seem to do. They just seem to glow. Instead you get the flat layout perfectly lit instagram picture of their Nike Free trainers and lycra outfit (or should that be their free Nike trainers!), with their Beats headphones off to the side, and usually a bunch of colour matched flowers or a burning candle in bokeh effect in the background. Edited.

I was coming out of spin class the other day and I decided to take a picture of my pure pink, red-marked face. Yes, red marked because despite what Beyonce tells us, we aren't all flawless. We all have our flaws and that's what makes us us. We're authentic and beautiful in our own sweet ways. But then I had a second thought. Should I post this? And for a split second I hated myself for even thinking that. Because I believe in being genuine. Pink faced post gym selfies are the new no make-up selfies. Let's shout that loud!

So as is my usual routine, I had a thought in the shower. Showering is when I get some real inspiration you know. Anyhow, here's what i thought...

This is the reality of my gym routine.

My hair is too long to leave down (and for health and safety reasons) it's best to tie it in a bobble. So I scrape my curls up, tie it and i'm set. Trouble is, when I start to sweat my hair inevitably gets wet and those little fine hairs around my face turn into tight baby curls and i end up looking like i'm 12 years old! Not that bad of a problem to have admittedly. 

Let's talk about sweat. We all do it. Some more so than others. (Deodorant, people!). I wear a pair of capri length tight trousers, a quick drying t-shirt and my trainers. Currently all Nike but that can change. Nike trousers seem to fit me best and the Miler t-shirts are comfortable. Anyway, you're there in your class. You've worn your new salmon pink coloured Nike Miler t-shirt, you start to sweat and the dreaded patches appear. You know the ones. Patches right on your breast bone, on your back, heck even on that little bit of belly paunch the t-shirt clings to! Dang, sweat patches. No no likes them, everyone gets them. And if you don't, you're definitely not working hard enough. 

Now let's talk about trouser sweat. Yes, I'm going there. Because I dunno about you but when i go to spin or metafit or weights or shock-fit I sweat and I get a sweaty bum. C'mon, don't dare recoil and say you don't, because if you don't...*then you're not working hard enough*. Heck since I got my new car i've had to take an extra towel with me to put on the seat because of SweatyB syndrome. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just a little bit icky.

There you have it. The unedited version of what really happens (to me) when I exercise.

Angela x

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