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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

So, if you're visiting this here blog via some banter at tonight's Shockfit class, welcome. Hello RYAN! Don't go back and read my deepest darkest thoughts, and if you do then don't ever mention them to me. Okay? Good.

Right. I thought i'd do a little update on my fitness routine since it's been a few months and some things have changed. There's no more Grit classes. Boo. But there's a strength training programme of weights in the gym. Yay. I don't know why I say yay because i've only ever ran through it once. It's really good too but I'm not really comfortable being in the gym lifting weights on my own when there's a few bods around. What I need is a gym buddy 1) for moral support and 2) for when the weights fall on me and I need someone to lift them off! I'd hate to be awkwardly stuck horizontal on a weight bench unable to get up whilst the life drains from me under a 40kg weight bar. Dramatic!

Anyway, if you're free one day a week, come be my gym buddy?

Here's how my week is supposed to look, training wise...

Monday - was Metafit, now Insanity (cardio)
Tuesday - Shockfit circuit (strength)
Wednesday - Spin class (cardio)
Thursday - free day or could be weight session in the gym
Friday - Spin class (cardio)
Saturday - Insanity and weight session in the gym (if not done on a Thursday). (cardio/strength)
Sunday - NO TRAINING ON A SUNDAY! my rule.

Ideally I'd do this every week and perhaps mix it up a bit but i definitely need to get these weights sessions going. It's only a few months until summer and it would be good to feel like I've finally reached a target. HELP!

What's your weekly fitness routine like? Is cardio your favourite or do weights fit you better?

I'm off for some chocolate, ha.

Angela x

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