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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just checking in with a quick post. I was talking to my fellow regulars at spin class last night. They were talking about going on holiday. Kerry mentioned she was off to Lanzarote in June and Jim and Margaret are off the in a few weeks too. We were chatting away and Kerry asked if I was going on holiday this year. I said no but I'd love to. "what's stopping you?" she said. "I'm not sure" I replied.

I did know of course. I just didn't want to say it out loud. Because then it becomes real. I have no one to go on a holiday with. There, I said it. This is what happens when the little circle (or semi circle) of friends you have get their lives all sorted in the way that society expects us to conform to. When there's someone (like me) who doesn't quite fit that mould then you feel you're the odd one out. Heck maybe you are. Maybe I am. Or maybe I'm the lucky one. Not having ties to anything or anyone except my nearest and dearest.

Admittedly it would be nice to share my time with people. But those people have to deserve my time. There'll be no more room for time wasters in my life. If you're in, you're in. Don't just come and go. I won't allow it any more. Oh and hugs, I like to give hugs, and receive them. Got any spares...

Angelaaaaaaa x

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  1. You can come camp in our back garden if you like. We're about an hour from London (it's about £25-30 to get to London for the day), my work is on the way to the train station so I can drop you off at the station or you can walk from my work or I could take the time off and we can explore together :)

    We're about an hour on the bus from Cambridge and about 30-45 minutes from Milton Keynes - plenty to explore :D

    You wouldn't be on your own - then again you'd be with me who's virtually a complete stranger so that would be kind of strange lol.

    1. Camping is because we don't have a spare room (well unless you're okay with sleeping on the sofa in the living room!) rather than because we don't want you sleeping in the house lol.


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