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Five things on a Friday #17

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I know. It's Thursday already but I struggled to find five things last week. But he goes...

1) I had a lovely catch up and dinner with a fabulous friend I met through Twitter. @missakis she's one of the most honest, caring and funny people I know. Originally from Hungary, she now lives in London but visits Glasgow or Edinburgh regularly with work. We met I Glasgow last Thursday and had a nice meal and good old chit chat at Paperino's. The food was nice the place was nice too and what a bonus we got a 2 for 1 deal too. Result. Can't wait til our next catch up.

2) a great blog I found about two months ago. It's the tale of a thirty something divorced man and his dates since his marriage break up/divorce. It's funny and honest and the writer seems to have a knack for cliff hanger endings with each post. Go and read it from the start if you can.

3) Connor, my 2 year old nephew's sense of humour. Honestly he's the funniest little person I know. He's so quick witted and a fat little talker too. "you been at the gym Angie?" "no, it's closed" "aw I can go and open it for you" "can you?" "aye"..... Said with a dead straight face. Cute.

4) Home and Away. Yes the australian soap that now resides on channel 5. I think I must be one of the few people I know who still watches it. It's soooo good though.

5) cheap ass fake tan. Of course I use it, on occasion. Having decided that Fake Bake is far too expensive now I decided to give the cheapo stuff from Bodycare a go. £2.99 and it does the job just as good. And I'll tell you one thing. It actually makes my skin feel smoother and there's less of a honky smell from it the next day. Oh it's the St Moritz one. Obviously a St Tropez copy. Anyway, it's pretty good.

That's all folks!

Angela x

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