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Five things on a Friday #20

Friday, 18 May 2012

Number twenty. So that means we've been doing this for twenty weeks? Cool. I say we, in that way I hope you're joining in on this!

1) a video of Arthur Boorman, a war veteran in America who wears a back brace and legs callipers. Told he'd never walk properly again. Never give up were his thoughts. The rest.... Well you'll have to watch this video.


2) I finally saw The Avengers!! I really enjoyed it. If I had one minor criticism it would be that the fight scene in the middle was about ten. Invites too long, but other than that I loved it. All the characters in one movie. Ace. Robert Downey Jr always steals the scenes he's in doesn't he. He has that x factor. I loved Scarlett Johanson in it too. In fact no, they were all good. Really good. You have to go see it if you haven't already.

3) Prometheus. I saw the trailer again and for someone who has never been into Alien films, this is really exciting me. I can't wait to see. I tweeted that I hadn't seen Guy Pearce (a love of mine since his days as Mike in a Neighbours) in a trailer yet. A few people tweeted me back to say check out The TED video. I YouTube'd it on my return home and WOWSERS, it's such a great idea. No spoilers here but do go and check it out! Rally really good.


4) as I type this I'm watching the results of the American Idol final. I hope Phillip Phillips wins! You may remember him from a few Friday Five posts ago. I want to say how much i like Jennifer Lopez on this show too. She seems really down to earth. And of course she's stunning too.

5) my nephews Ryan and Connor. They really do bring joy to my life. A joy I couldn't possible find elsewhere. I stopped in on my way home from spin class to be told Ryan has chicken pox. I've never had it! Connors face was Brit red too, but that was due to him running riot, chatting the hind legs off a donkey and generally being hyper. He'll calm down soon...I hope. If only you could all meet them. I know they'd bring you joy too. The joy that only two cute little ginger brothers can bring. Awesome little people.

Angela x



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