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Reaching a target...

Monday, 29 September 2008

Well i have nearly reached a milestone with my fundraising, i now have £998 - only another £2252 to go. I have to admit it is taking longer and is much more harder to raise funds than i thought but it's all part of the challenge i suppose eh! I do have a large family and some have still to sponsor me so I'll be looking forward to that.

I was going to organise some sort of 'event' to raise funds but there's so much legalities to take care of before then so I'm not sure about that idea now. I'd need to be convinced of it. If anyone has any ideas to get my finds going in the upwards direction then let me know. (Although I'm still not sure anyone is actually reading this blog - if you are show yourselves!!!).

Anyway have to rush off as got an appointment with the physio - ouch!, still not a marked improvement with me not being able to run but hopefully it will subside soon.
word of the day - Frustrated
catch you later
Ange xx

Training, Life, Andy Murray and ... Lance Armstrong

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Hey everyone
Not written for a little while, although I'm not quite sure who I'm writing to as I don't even know if anyone actually reads this blog. (If you do, leave me a comment please!).

So the gym is going well. I'm getting back into the 'habit' of it but it's been quite hard and my legs were soooo tired this week but onwards and upwards. The gym for me is a place of strange occurrences. Let me explain. Where else would you see the sight of a young girl who has her designer velour tracksuit, full face make-up and 3 inch long, dangling diamante earrings!! Yeah i know, and there's me with my t-shirt and trackie bottoms on trying to look composed on the cross trainer, sweat running down my brow, iPod full-blast in ears suddenly catching myself and realising the guy on machine next to me may be hearing me breathing away heavily like i don't know what! I look around, take a swig of Highland Spring and try to maintain my breathing at a reasonable rate. Bad move since i have had blocked sinuses for a week. On the other hand you get the body builder types (as i like to call them) too. They waddle in with their pyjama style jogging bottoms on, the obligatory tattoo, tan and, more often than not, shaved (bald) head. Anyway, yeah the gym is a strange place.

But as my week started i was excited about the fact that Andy Murray was in the US Open final against Roger Federer and he even had a chance of winning!! Hey we seem to think we're unbeatable when we get to a final eh. Anyway i settled in with Radio 5 live on Monday night listening to the first set - oh dear! I'd forgotten how good Roger was since his form had ever so slightly dipped in the past few months. There was a bit of a fight back but alas after a good effort Murray never won.

But.... half way through there came BREAKING NEWS: Lance Armstrong has reinstated himself in a dope testing programme and will come out of retirement to race in the 2009 Tour de France. WOO and indeed HOO - big style!! One of my all time heroes will race again - fantastic news! This brightened up my week no end. Can't wait and since one of my regrets was not actually getting to see Le Tour 'live' when he raced before, here is my second opportunity. Those don't come along very often and i think i mentioned in an earlier blog posting I'm taking all opportunities that come my way. So anyone who's interested I'll be making my way by plane, train or automobile to Paris, France in July 2009 - wanna join me??

As ever, be safe
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Ange xxoo