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Summer of Kicking the Bucket List

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What a rubbish day at work, but! I've been to the gym for the first time in a few months (recently i've only been doing two to three spin bike classes each week) and I feel better already. So now that I've got that first one out of the way I'm writing up a schedule on a monthly calendar and it'll hang on my ever growing to-do list wall as a reminder.

Another thing on this wall is my 'bucket list' you might remember from a few post months ago. If not it's here...

I've decided to have a summer bucket list. These are things that WILL be done this summer. Oh yes!
  • I want to see a real life piece of Banksy art, if you know where there's one please shout out now! Even better, come with me, YO!
  • I want to go to Alton Towers. I've not been to the funfair for years and I want a blow-out I'll be scared and scream but I want to go! Go go go go go.......
  • I still ache to walk along a Scottish beach, be it sunny or windy or rainy or whatever. I will do it.
  • Another trip to Londontown. I like it so and it will help when doing the first thing on this list. Won't it?
  • Climb more hills. Well at least one. Which will be one more than last year. Yes it's been that long.
  • Seeing lots more new films. I've not been to the cinema for a couple of few but that will be rectified this weekend with a cinema fest.
  • go to Edinburgh festival to see a friend perform. Can't wait for that. My first time at the festival!
Is it technically summer yet? The calendar says yes, the weather has other ideas. I'm going with the calendar and will hope that the weather will comply in time, by the end of the week according to the weatherman. I hope he's right, I've a list to start ticking off.

Sleepy Horizon
21 June 2010 - Stirlingshire (my 'hood)

Angela x


Strawberry Cupcakes with Glitter on Top

Monday, 30 May 2011

It's amazing what a new day can bring. To say I was feeling a little fragile over the weekend would be a mega understatement, hence yesterday's blog post. I still feel a little down but thanks to a few specials I feel a little less lonely.

You see random acts of kindness can make a person smile. And for me, all the more wider smile when you are the giver of such random acts. Me, well I just see it as doing a friend a favour and if I say I will, then I will. So to receive an email from a new blogger friend with a thousand thanks (nearly!) for my random act of kindness has certainly brought a smile back to my face. Add to that a rock solid person who has been at the other end of the internets for a while now and you start to feel you're worth it again. Last but not least, added to the mix, an email from a friend who's noticed you've not been around and sprinkle in a few good hearty laughs with your ever present work friend and you are grateful for these special few people. You have yourself a strawberry cupcake with glitter on top.

Thank you people, for making me smile again.

Angela x



Sunday, 29 May 2011

There's no denying, i ain't no social butterfly. You won't find me trawling bars or being the centre of attention at anything. One of the only time i can remember I was the centre of attention (when I had a surprise leaving do at work before going to Nepal) i actually burst into tears. True. So for me making new friends is not easy. Nor it seems, is keeping old friends. Back in school I managed to find a good solid group of friends. We did lots together, mostly going to under 18's discos, going for long walks on a Friday night and ice skating on a Saturday and Sunday night. But as you turn 18 things change. People start to go out and i did for a while. But not being a drinker and only being 18 (and still at high school) I found hanging out in bars a bit intimidating. I would pass on some invites. Then you meet a boy and your friends start to drift off and still go out and the invites get few and far between until they eventually stop. And before you know it, it's been seven years, you've split with the idiot boy and you have no friends. Yes, no friends that you hang out with. No friends to share your pain and anger at yourself. No friends to tell you you're strong and will pull through.

Time moves on and you start to sort your self esteem out. You come out from a two year hibernation period, get a new job and meet a new friend. Someone you can share a few things with and she invites you out for nights out. But again the being a non-drinker you find yourself in awkward situations. Situations you don't really like when you're low in confidence and have been out of touch socially for a good few years. This friend is great though. She brings you out of your shell, gives you a smidgen of confidence, says it'll be a good idea to get highlights in your hair and all this in your mid to late 20's.

But time moves on again and so do you, to a new job. By now you've gained a little bit of confidence. Even the 150 or so rejection letters you keep filed in a box file has not dented it too much. You're battery is sitting at about 45%. In this new job you feel like you've found what you've been looking for. You soon learn the ropes in no time at all and you get promoted.

You're still not going on nights out, nor have you been invited anywhere for a long long time. So socially you're no further forward than when you began. You so want to be out there. But you can't go yourself. You have no way of getting in touch with your old school friends whom you miss. You miss so much. You recall with a sepia fondness all your little in jokes and laughs and sadness and you ache. Then one day you get back in touch. I can't remember how this happened. It's been nearly ten years. You're all older and wiser and some have kids and some have not. But you're glad to be in their company again. Because of what you've been through you're never going to be that confident in a well established group because now they all have their in jokes and laughs and you try to join in but it'll take time. What a relief though. Friends, some.

So time passes by and you're now approaching 30. You spend your thirtieth birthday at home with your family and kids running about your living room. Not what you dreamt of back in the day but not horrific. At least these are people who love you and probably if they're honest, pity you. Darn. You should be in the prime of your life. You're not feeling that at all. And you feel ashamed. Ashamed that you can't even make new friends, or blag a night out.

You decide enough is enough and start a blog. You're thirty and you're going to do something with your life before it's all over and you've achieved nothing. You decide on a trek to Everest base camp, plan, fund raise and have good times doing that with the never ending help from a work friend. We have fun making Christmas cards to sell, baking cakes to sell, it's all good but still you've hardly had a night out or an invite and you couldn't possibly invite yourself along with people. It's not your style. Gradually people start to comment on your blog and you make virtual friends. (virtual friends?). You meet up with a couple and they're great but have their own lives to lead but you're thankful and grateful and happy you've found some people who share interests and who don't just want to go out drinking all the time. You mostly climb hills with them. Good practice for trekking!

Then you find Twitter and you make more virtual friends. And you're invited to a tweet up. For charity. You think to yourself that you can't be that ghastly if you've gotten this invite. Wahey! It's a bit awkward at first because this is your first social outing in about two years (that isn't a work do). When you come home you judge it a success as the people were lovely. Then there are more tweet ups and you go along and meet more new people. You're not doing too bad now Ange, you reassure yourself. These people are OK. But then it starts to go pear shaped. You question what price they have put on your friendship because it seems to have dried up and you decide that no longer will you be used. You will not be used to RT links, you will not be used for votes in competitions, no sirree. No way!! You realise you were naive, but you like to see the best in people. Perhaps it was your lack of awareness of the bigger picture, after all you're not as socially savvy as some of these networkers. You genuinely thought it was a tweet up and not a place to go hawking your wares like a market trader. But that's fine so you decide that scene isn't for you.

But you do meet lovely virtual people and distance doesn't seem to mean anything since you're invited to a party. You love it. They're a good bunch in real life and you kick yourself that they are so far away as you'd like nothing more than to meet for coffee's, go to the cinema or chit chat over fish finger sandwiches with the telly on in the background. You find friends from other continents and you share some laughs (isn't the internets amazing!).

Back in your own back yard (not literally), you get some tweets to say let's meet up. Coffee, cinema, whatever but it never happens. You wonder why? and you're a bit confused. I mean you'd never ask someone to meet you with no intention of ever meeting them. You know that people have their own lives going on but my word is my bond on most things. And my friendship, well that's priceless and if you've got it then you'll most likely have it for life, unless you do me wrong. Then it's lost forever I'm afraid. I will not let it be used any more. I will not be used any more.

Back in the real world, your friends seem to have moved on without you. You're resigned to this fact and feel that it shouldn't have to be you to do all of the running all of the time. You begin to wonder, maybe you're being selfish, maybe you shouldn't expect too much but Friendship is a two way thing. Isn't it? So why do you feel let down. So if you ever suggest to me to meet up, please mean it, because in my mind I've probably already pencilled in a day in my diary and thought of what we could do to have some fun and it'll be great!

If you're truly honest with yourself you've never had a best friend for years, if you ever had one in the first place. Sure there were really close friends but you couldn't pick one over the other. You'd like to be part of a duo, or a group to do the fun stuff with. You're not a ghastly person after all. In fact you're actually a truly awesome person and have so much to give, to the right people. To people who respect it and people who appreciate it and accept it without any conditions being placed on your friendship. People who don't wish to put a price on your friendship. And that's what you'd like. Are you asking too much? You don't think so.

Right now your best friend is probably your four year old nephew, but he can't really help you make life changing decisions, nor can he give you boy advice but wow, he makes you laugh and smile with his whole being, and what more can you ask of a friend when you're feeling a little bit down with the world.

I wondered if I should publish this post. I wondered if it was too close to the bone. I wondered what people would think of it. Then I read a truly heartfelt brave post earlier today on another subject and was inspired. I decided that I didn't care as I needed to day this. I needed to put it out there. People need to know that you can't walk over certain people just because they aren't as socially confident as you. I have feelings. And while outwardly I may smile and chat and appear to be okay, inside I ache that there's an emptiness that may never go away, and I question, are you really my friend? I hope that some of you are, oh how I hope it's true. Because I've got a lot of friending to give you.

I'm off to play football in the park with my friend. Ryan.

Angela x

London Day 3

Friday, 27 May 2011

I woke up feeling a little tired after my wanderings the previous day. But today I was meeting Laura and we were heading down the Southbank for the day. We exchanged a few texts about meeting times and places then i headed down for my first breakfast in the hotel. It wasn't busy which is just the way i like it. I perused the menu and ordered boiled eggs and soldiers and a pot of tea. Yum. They were brought out by a nice girl waitress and the eggs were just the way I like them, runny.
Eggs and soldiers, fuzzy iPhone picture

Whilst sitting at the table I took part in my second favourite sport, people watching. There were a couple who came and sat at the booth next to me. Papers in hand they never uttered a word to each other. I didn't notice at first but after a little while it was strange. Both heads were down engrossed in the papers. Not even when their bacon baps were delivered did the take their heads out of the paper and focus on each other. Obviously married! I did wonder if that's the way couples behave, is it? There was another older couple who appeared and they seemed to be talking to each other. Perhaps the first pair had a row!...

It was nearly time for me to leave so i went back to the room picked up my belongings and headed on out into another glorious sunshine day. I totally lucked out with the weather, by the way. I was to meet Laura at Baker Street and as usual i arrived a little bit early. Turns out I only waited for a little bit as she arrived a short while later. We headed across the street to a photography exhibition that was on. I would never have found out about this but I liked it. Some of the pictures were tough but others were lovely. Different styles.

Sunny Southbank

Next up we headed back on the tube to the South Bank. It was lively. Well it was a bank holiday after all. There were painted beach huts, a sandy beach area with lots of children digging, water fountains with loads of soaking wet happy children running through them, bunting, tourists, locals, cameras and skateboards. I like this bit. I saw it on my last visit. It's quite dark and sort of underneath, there's graffiti everywhere and the sound of skateboards and BMX's whizzing past you. They were having a rare old time.

Love here. Could stand and watch the skaters and graffiti artists all day
We stopped for a much needed drink, some shade and a chat. I could get used to this I thought to myself. We wandered some more and taking pictures and chatting as we went and soon it was time for food. We found one of the less busy pubs and had a nice late lunch. Or was it late. Maybe it wasn't that late but anyway we ate. After our food we wandered some more passing Tower Bridge and City Hall. I hadn't been this far along before. It was quite impressive. Eventually we arrived at our destination, the Design Museum.

There was an exhibition on about Dutch designer Wim Crouwel called A Graphic Odyssey. Heaven for me! I loved it. It showed you lots and lots of his design work. You probably haven;t heard of him but a few of his famous logos hung up on the huge back wall; a famous one being Macro and one for the cyclists among you, Rabobank. Even graphic notepads with workings on how he produced new fonts. All the angles so intricately worked out to make the letter look its best. Wonderful. I really did enjoy it. We headed upstairs into another room, this time filled with gadgets and artworks and even a black plastic coffin. This was the Brit Insurance design awards 2011. There was furniture, fashion, cars, iPad apps, interactive and a Barclays bike. I think my favourite though was the Homemade is best cookery book for Ikea by Forsman and Bodenfors. I loved the pictures of recipes laid out in design, so much so in fact that I bought some postcards of them. Here they are...
What is this recipe? I wonder.

I really enjoyed my walk along Southbank with Laura. I was so pleased she made the effort to come from Luton to spend most of the day with me. But it was nearly 5pm and our feet were killing  us, the sun had sapped some of my energy and so it was time to head to the tube. Unfortunately I directed us to the wrong one and we walked for another 10 minutes. It was time for goodbyes after a thoroughly lovely day out with a great new friend.

I landed back at the hotel, opened the windows and plopped onto the bed. Knackered. Since it was Good Friday there was a Disney film on, Enchantment. I love that film. Amy Adams is perfect in the role. I watched it until it was time to get ready for dinner. Another twitter friend was coming to meet me at the hotel for some eats. We met just before 8 and ate in the grill. It was nice to finally meet John after months of chats Twitter chats. We had a nice meal and chat.

My big city living was starting to catch up with me and a little after 9pm I was back in my room, feet up having a cup of tea.

Angela x


PhoCha30 - Day 4

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Day 4 - A photo from a high angle

Wow this challenge was made for some of the photos I already have. Okay so technically i'm probably supposed to take new photos each day for this challenge but considering i'm only about 20 metres up then that won't work. Here's a photo from a high angle. Enjoy.

Namche Bazaar, Khumbu Region, Himalayas 3,450m

Angela x


PhoCha30 - Day 3

Day 3 - a photo of your favourite place to be.

Hmm tricksy one. But right now, this is one of my favourite places and I wish I was there to discover more things i still haven't found on my previous trips. Tall, vast, cool, empty yet full. Getting lost in a world of weird and wonderful art. Yes.

Turbine hall, Tate Modern

Angela x



Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Are you not going on any more adventures? climbing any more mountains?...

The question I get asked quite a lot from people who don't really know me. And occasionally from people who do know me. When I get asked it my insides tumble and I ache to be back on a mountainside. Or on an adventure. That's the thing when you do something like that, you get loads of questions and they're great and stuff and it's great that people are interested but, looking back, I was broken on my return from Nepal. Both physically and mentally and it was only in the months that followed I realised just how much. You see that adventure was in the planning for 2 years and I put my everything into it. The fundraising, the making of Christmas cards to sell at a Christmas fare, the baking of cakes to sell at coffee mornings and the walking those mountainsides in the every changing Himalayan conditions. For you see, I did put my all into it. It was tough. Real tough. There was a point we might not even have gotten as far as we did so erratic were the weather conditions from Kathmandu to Lukla. It was the first time I'd travelled so far. It was the first time I'd met my companions on the trek. It was the first time I felt scared, so scared that I was wondering what people would say about me back home when I didn't return. This was an adventure, of a lifetime, of my lifetime. Well so far anyway. I wrote in my Moleskine and tried to put into words what each day meant to me but I don't think I can convey how my heart broke when I realised I couldn't actually live out this dream. I couldn't go to Everest Base Camp. I was too sick. No matter how much I wanted to go on I just wasn't physically able to. And do you know how that feels? To have your dream taken from you. Being so close to your dream then *KAPOW* it's gone in a flash. If you've read my story you might get an idea of my thoughts and feelings and fears then. But now, when I get asked that question... well I still get the tummy tumble, the ache in my gut that says you never made it. I know on the whole it was a fantastic achievement and to this day I always say it was the single greatest thing I've done in my life so far, but it hurts. Like no other hurt. It just does.

Who knows what the future holds? I may return (I would bite your hand off at the chance if I had the funds). But for now I'm satisfied with the fact that at least I tried.

What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything.

Angela x


PhoCha30 - Day 2

Day 2 - A photo of what you wore today.

Well technically this is what i wore on Sunday, because you wouldn't want to see what I wear to work. It's pretty boring.

Angela x


PhoCha30 - Day 1

Monday, 23 May 2011

Day 1 - A photo of yourself (me)

Here I am. You must know me by now.

Taken at Laura and James' party Feb 2011

If you're wondering what this is about read the previous post about the 30 day photo challenge.


Angela x


Photo Challenge, 30 Days, Lets Go!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

I'm a huge huge fan of Pinterest and you can follow my pins HERE!!. In case you don't know what it is, it's a site where you can keep pictures of anything that inspires you, that you like, clothes you want, graphic design, favourite places all on different virtual pin boards that you create. What's even better is that you can follow other peoples boards and repin their pins onto your own boards. Alternatively you can just 'like' their pin and post comments. I totally love it and it's one of the bet websites i've found in the past few months. I've seen lots and lots of inspirational stuff on there from buildings to quotes to shoes to delicious foods and fantastic photography.

Which takes me nicely on to this. My 30 Day Photography challenge from Superbarbs Tumblr that was pinned here. I can't seem to link the photo so it shows here but clicks on either of those links and you'll see what it is. Anyway, the long and the short of it is this... A girl gave her boy got a new Canon DSLR camera for his birthday and she set him a 30 day photo challenge so he could get used to using it (i think). I thought it was a brilliant idea and so decided I'd do it too! :)

aah managed to grab the link, to visit this site click the Tumblr blog link above :)
I'll post in a new post each day whatever the photo for that day is. Understand that? no, me neither. Basically each new day will have a new post. Phew, I took a long road for a shortcut there. I'm quite looking forward to it.

Angela x

PS I will be referring to this Photo Challenge as PhoCha30. Easier.  Shorter. Simples

Tweet in Pictures

Thursday, 19 May 2011

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm tweeting today (perhaps longer) in pictures only. Gets a bit tricksy when you want to reply to someone but i think i've put my drawing skills to good use. Here's a few of the pictures i've used so far (all over on my Twitpic stream). I've been numbering them all too so if you get a tweet from me and it has a weird number in it like, say, 1.6, then it's for my reference and means nothing except its picture number 1.6. Okay? good!

Angela x


London day 2

Monday, 16 May 2011

I woke up was a bit sad that i wasn't able to go and meet some friends for the picnic but I decided that I'd go to oneof my favourite places, Tate Modern. I ate my banana and drunk my orange juice from my little brown bag and made my way to Old Street tube station (taking note of the exit as i ended up at the other side of a massive roundabout the previous night). I hopped on the tube and got off a few stops south then made my way through Borough market area to the south bank (with a little help from the maps on my iPhone). I meandered through tight winding streets just before I reached the river, drenched in sunshine. I swithered whether to stop for a more substantial breakfast but decided against that and kept walking and looking and listening and all this with the sun beating down on my whole being. This was a good time to be me.

I wondered further and came upon the Globe theatre. The area was mobbed. School groups and tourists alike. I took a few snaps and carried on to Tate Modern. I was pleased to when i arrived because my plan was just to wander and see whatever i could see but it just so happened there was a Miro exhibition on so i jumped at the chance to see it. I love Joan Miro art, well most of it. Ever since me and Karen went to Barcelona and bought a Barca poster by Miro we've liked his stuff.
Miro and Tate

Ai Weiwei seeds, vast area

Anyway first of all I wanted to see the sunflower seeds. I headed to the Turbine hall where they are and looked. As far as you can see to a set of large doors at the back of a vast space they're there. Grey hand painted seeds. I wanted to take one but of course you're not allowed. Admittedly i don't get it. I liked what I saw. I imagined the patience and effort it must've taken to do it and place them all there but i didn't get it. What does it represent? I'm sure you're going to say there was information up about it but i didn't have a chance to read it as i had to make my way to the 4th floor to catch the 11am Miro exhibition. I'm not sure why there was a timeslot but it was 11.20am when i bought the ticket, the ticket had '11am showing' on it and you had to be there within half and hour of the time on the ticket. Explain?

Anyway I made my way up to the 4th floor and wanted to get an audio description of the galleries but it was an extra £4 and i'd just gave the girl £15 for the exhibition (she kind of looked at me with disdain when i handed her a Scottish £10 and £5 note, took it though). Yes, I'm a cheapskate. I wondered slowly through the various rooms where there were about 5 to 6 pieces of art, size dependant of course. Some of it went straight over my head but most art does. What I like is colour and lines and shapes and there was an abundance on show. The little notes beside the pictures i find strange. Do they tell you what the artist thought when he painted them or do they tell you how you are supposed to feel when you look at them?
Miro self portrait, revised edition
 Anyway after i'd seen everything and digested as much as I could, I left - via the gift shop! and got a cup of tea. By this time it was after 12 and I was starting to feel hungry. Too late for breakfast, too early for lunch. I made my way to the main gift shop on the basement level and bought a few postcards and other bits n bobs for the boys then headed out into the boiling sunshine and across the bridge towards St Pauls.

Lunchtime steps
 The area was swarming with people in shirts and ties and skirts and smart blouses as well as tourists. From my trip to London i learned that large tourist groups stay together as someone at the front get the unfortunate job of holding a mini flag of their country aloft so they can follow it, poor thing!

I walked and walked passing each food establishment with my usual silent voice saying no, it's too early to eat keep going. I eventually made my way to Bank tube and decided I'd head to the bright lights of Oxford Street area. I wouldn't shop though. Not at this time. I arrived and made my way down regent street which was adorned with union jack flags as bunting. I hadn't seen this much bunting and crowds since Cowie gala day circa 1987!
Bunting and flags, Royal Wedding prep

I wandered along Regent Street taking in the Apple Store as I went. Just for a look mind you and to use the chargers. A conversation I overheard in there went something like this...
Customer: so you don't have any iPad 2's in stock?
Apple person: No but you can order online and it'll be here within 2 weeks.
C: No, I just want to walk in somewhere and buy it. Now!
A: Sorry but there's been a shortage.
C: Well I bet if I go to Curry's I'll be able to walk in and get one. That's what i'll do. *harrumph*
And with that he took himself and his entourage to Curry's, somewhere, I wonder if he got his iPad2.

Apple store crowds
 After my phone was suitably charged with some more juice I headed out once again into the sunshine. It really was hot and by the time my stomach thought my throat had been cut. I was starving! I noticed a Slug and Lettuce off a side street so popped in there and ordered a HUGE burger, fries, a Coke and a much needed cup of tea. It wasn't too busy which was surprising as it was what i would say lunch time (about 1.30-2pm). Anyway my food was delivered pronto and I waded in. The burger was so huge I had to cut it in half to be able to eat it was a smidgen of dignity. Why are portion sizes so big?! Also, another thing I don't really like/get. I get that serving burgers and salad may look good on a wooden bread board type thing but to eat... it's not very practical. One, they're usually too small and half the salad almost always ends up on the table or on you and two, hygiene! Can you really scrub one of those boards as clean as a plate? I mean, really?!! eek. As I devoured this burger those thoughts weren't in my head though. Slugging down my cola and savouring my cup of tea for a little while longer I decided I'd have a little wander around some more and then head back to the hotel. And that's what I did. It was nearly time for my hair appointment.

After my hair was done it was back to the hotel for a quick change and out to a London meet140. I thought it would be good as I hadn't seen Mark for a while. The area was hoaching with people and I managed to find the venue no problem. I met a couple of nice people who spoke to me but to be honest others were not as keen and as I stood at the bar for nearly half an hour trying not to look like a saddo whilst pretending to be busy on my phone (I was on a tweeting DM mission to a friend), I decided that this was definitely not my scene. The people I'd spoken to earlier were gone. The people left were all into their own conversations. I'm not a good approacher. However I was sort of saved for about 10 minutes when a girl came to the bar for a drink and invited me to sit with them. I'm grateful to her. By this time it was near 10pm and i couldn't wait to get out of there. Mark has disappeared earlier without a goodbye and i just wanted to be gone. So i did. That was interesting, and one i'll put down to experience(!)...

When I came out into the balmy night air it just so happened to be at the same time as many shows were finishing so people were pouring out of the theatres from a hundred different exits. I headed to Piccadilly circus tube which wasn't too far away and lo and behold i found a Boots that was opened until Midnight! yes, Midnight! (now London people, this may not seem strange to you but to me who's shops close at 5, wow this was a revelation, and you just know there are things I'd forgotten to bring with me so i stocked up while i had the chance). Back at the hotel was lively again. I sat at the bank of iMacs and wrote a short blog post and tweeted for a bit then it was time for my tired little self to go to bed. I was kinda hungry by now. Too late for room service (or a huge meal) so I bought a can of Coke and a Twix from reception for a £1. Yes, £1 for both. Another reason The Hoxton was a good hotel. No hefty prices.

I settled in to bed and dreamt about what tomorrow would bring. Until then...

Angela x

Oh, I nearly forgot. I saw one of the people I follow and chat to on Twitter at Old Street tube station and I was so taken aback that I didn't have the guts to say hello to him. You know who you are. I'm sorry x


Fifty percent of a hundred

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Fifty percent of a hundred is how I feel sometimes.
I wish to be part of a hundred percent. Whole.
I often wonder when it will happen. If it will happen. How it will happen.
About seventy percent of myself is what i feel most days.
Being part of a whole one hundred percent would make that feel better I'm sure.
I feel that sometimes people don't appreciate how lucky they are to have the wholeness.
They seem to moan a lot. A. Lot.
It's never good enough for them. Give it up then. Pah.
One day it will be my turn. And i will not moan when I have it. Because I appreciate things.
I've known what it's like to be part of a wholeness of one hundred and yet be totally and utterly broken in the depths of despair as a human being can possibly be.
I know what it's like not to be part of a one hundred and be alone for a long long while. Solitude. Loneliness. Yet, freedom. Appreciative. New life. Starting again. Learning to grow as a person again.
That's how I know I'll appreciate it when life decides to smile at me and takes a turn and decides it's time for me to become an important part of a one hundred.
Wholeness. Completeness. Me. You. Us. We. One.

Angela x



Monday, 2 May 2011

I've decided it's time to pimp my blog out to more people so I've joined Blog Lovin'.
Click the link below or check out my new fancy widget on the right hand side there >>> just there, see? >>>
Follow my blog with bloglovin

Angela x


London Day 1

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Two weeks ago i headed to London. It was a trip i'd booked back in February but had been planning for a few months. There were things I wanted to do that i didn't get a chance to the last time I visited. I'd tried to get one of the £1 rooms in the Hoxton hotel sale in February but almost as soon as the sale begins the rooms sell out. Gutted. However, I follow the Hoxton on Twitter and I think they realised there were a lot of technical difficulties with the website hanging (due to the large volume of people trying to buy £1 rooms) so they had a competition and I was a lucky winner. I won the chance to book a £1 room any time. So I did. My 3 night stay at The Hoxton cost me less than £200. Not too shabby. I had a few email conversations about the rates and availability then i called to book the rooms. All a very smooth process.

I got the train from Stirling direct to Kings Cross and arrived at the hotel a little after 4pm on a hot Wednesday afternoon. I was impressed when I arrived. It was pretty cool inside both in temperature and decor. The reception was off to the left hand side with the grill and bar over to the right. There were sofas in the window and a fireplace where the fire was lit! I checked in and made my way to the fourth floor. I was in room 421. I was hoping that it would be nice because you see, i'm a bit of a fuss pot to where I lay my head and (sorry to be a snob) but anything less than 4 star just won't do me. I walked into the room and although not huge there was more than enough room for me. I opened the windows as i was roasting and saw a few tall buildings in front of me including the Shard building. (Supposedly going to be the tallest building in London). I tried to check my little tourist map to find out what the others were and i think (think!) one might have been the Barbican centre.

I found my way around the room no probs. The bathroom was exquisite and clean. Not a trace of anything nasty (thank goodness as it would have ruined my trip). The decor was simple but stylish and the bed was comfy. There were London landmarks etched into the wall somehow (I think it was in the actual plaster) and gorgeous paper scissor stone cushions on the bed. It was time for me to head off for my consultation about my hair.

Once back at the hotel it was about 7:40 and me being alone meant i didn't want to venture out on my own at this time plus being tired from the travel I watched a bit of telly, phoned home and ordered room service. My food was delivered in about 20 minutes or sooner and it was nice. I explored more in the room. There was a safe and mini fridge hidden in the wardrobe space which had a full length mirror on the door. Inside the mini fridge were two bottles of water and a small carton of milk for tea; all free. In a drawer on the desk were teabags and coffee bags and sugar. On the desk were a kettle, two wine glasses and two hi ball glasses as well as two substantial mugs and spoons. Cool. The tv was internet enabled but i didn't try it. There were pay movies and stuff too but again i never used them. In the bathroom was a box of pears soap that you got to keep with a couple of tiny bottled of shower gel and shampoo. Free toiletries don't bother me much as i tend to use my own anyway. The towels were huge, fluffy and more importantly clean.

An hour later I hit my bed after trying to decide what I'd be doing the next day. It was supposed to be a picnic with Carly, Laura and that gang but having to be back for my 5pm haircut meant i couldn't go....

Oh and how could I forget. A nice touch at The Hoxton is the free breakfast treat you get. A little brown bag that you hang on a hook outside your room door. You just tick how many people (1 or 2) and what time you would like it delivered (6, 7, 8, 9 or 10am). Inside you get a bottle of orange juice, a banana and a yoghurt pot. A nice touch. 

Angela x