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Summer of Kicking the Bucket List

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

What a rubbish day at work, but! I've been to the gym for the first time in a few months (recently i've only been doing two to three spin bike classes each week) and I feel better already. So now that I've got that first one out of the way I'm writing up a schedule on a monthly calendar and it'll hang on my ever growing to-do list wall as a reminder.

Another thing on this wall is my 'bucket list' you might remember from a few post months ago. If not it's here...

I've decided to have a summer bucket list. These are things that WILL be done this summer. Oh yes!
  • I want to see a real life piece of Banksy art, if you know where there's one please shout out now! Even better, come with me, YO!
  • I want to go to Alton Towers. I've not been to the funfair for years and I want a blow-out I'll be scared and scream but I want to go! Go go go go go.......
  • I still ache to walk along a Scottish beach, be it sunny or windy or rainy or whatever. I will do it.
  • Another trip to Londontown. I like it so and it will help when doing the first thing on this list. Won't it?
  • Climb more hills. Well at least one. Which will be one more than last year. Yes it's been that long.
  • Seeing lots more new films. I've not been to the cinema for a couple of few but that will be rectified this weekend with a cinema fest.
  • go to Edinburgh festival to see a friend perform. Can't wait for that. My first time at the festival!
Is it technically summer yet? The calendar says yes, the weather has other ideas. I'm going with the calendar and will hope that the weather will comply in time, by the end of the week according to the weatherman. I hope he's right, I've a list to start ticking off.

Sleepy Horizon
21 June 2010 - Stirlingshire (my 'hood)

Angela x



  1. Great post and as you already know I liked the idea so much I have written my own 'Bucket & spade list' for the summer.

    So far I have:

    1. Explore the west coast of Scotland, especially the beaches
    2.Go to the islands especially Tiree & Skye for surf.
    3.Go to a theme park to ride crazy new fangled rides.
    4.Attend more than 2 shows at the Edinburgh festival
    5.Take a holiday/time off during the summer months
    6.Go on an actual date *scared face*
    7. run the 10km charity race that work have signed me up for in September. I mean actually RUN it!!

    That is as far as I got and can probably add more as the summer progresses. Thanks again for the inspiration and theme park idea. Look forward to ticking things off soon.


  2. Hey! cool list. I've never been to any of the islands either. Isn't that bad, never venturing there where there is so much beauty.
    Ans yes you must take a holiday. Everyone needs one even if you don't feel it at the time.
    Run a 10K! that was on my list for this year but its sorta fell by the wayside. I'm scared to risk the dodgy knees with a long run.

    So i'll check in and make sure you've ticked something off this list soon!! no pressure.



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