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Fifty percent of a hundred

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Fifty percent of a hundred is how I feel sometimes.
I wish to be part of a hundred percent. Whole.
I often wonder when it will happen. If it will happen. How it will happen.
About seventy percent of myself is what i feel most days.
Being part of a whole one hundred percent would make that feel better I'm sure.
I feel that sometimes people don't appreciate how lucky they are to have the wholeness.
They seem to moan a lot. A. Lot.
It's never good enough for them. Give it up then. Pah.
One day it will be my turn. And i will not moan when I have it. Because I appreciate things.
I've known what it's like to be part of a wholeness of one hundred and yet be totally and utterly broken in the depths of despair as a human being can possibly be.
I know what it's like not to be part of a one hundred and be alone for a long long while. Solitude. Loneliness. Yet, freedom. Appreciative. New life. Starting again. Learning to grow as a person again.
That's how I know I'll appreciate it when life decides to smile at me and takes a turn and decides it's time for me to become an important part of a one hundred.
Wholeness. Completeness. Me. You. Us. We. One.

Angela x



  1. I'm sorry to hear you feel like half a person. When I wake up in the morning, I'm a 100 percent who I am. When I shower, eat, or engage with others even, I'm nothing less than completely myself. No one is interested in being with half a person. I think. I hope you feel whole soon, then maybe then, maybe, you'll find your compliment. :-)

  2. Ive been where you are. I found my happy ever after. I hope you do too.


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