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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dear Readers

For what I am about to write... I apologise in advance. Please don't take offence if you recognise yourself. There are a few things I just NEED to write about.

I am awaiting deliveries in the post of things I 'need'! (read: want!) Delivery 21 days it said. It's now been 3 weeks - is that technically 21 days? or is it 21 working days? It didn't say 21 'working' days though when I ordered it. Well anyway I'm waiting on that being delivered. I'm also waiting on the TP Therapy roller kit. But i've only just ordered that so I'll allow them a weeks grace. Now this i hope will save my life (ok so that's a bit dramatic but if it makes even half the difference i think it might then i will sing about it from the high heavens for all to hear/see).

I'm also waiting on people emailing back but I'll allow that too as I know folks are busy.

This week (so far) has been a stinker. Things happen and people say stuff that at the time kinda punches you on the arm like the playful kind of punch you used to get at school from a boy pal. But then, on reflection, you realise that not only has what this person said punched you in the arm, it's also smacked you over the head and stabbed you in heart with a dirty butter knife that has yesterday's breakfast crumbs still stuck to it (not literally but you get the drift...). Now on saying the said comment/off the cuff remark, the person probably wasn't even thinking of you... cos they're too wrapped up in their own world, but I think that's the point. We're all guilty of saying things and not thinking. But said person said the thing like it was a bad thing. Like it was the worst thing in the world ever! Saying it with such horror that, heaven forbid, 5 years down the line said person would be in the same boat as you.

I know I shouldn't take things to heart (it wasn't really aimed at me), and people tell you to not let things bother you, but it's hard. It's so hard that you end up feeling all upset and bullish and heck even a bit rebellious!

You see, for someone like me who is very deep of thought, extremely shy of talking to folk and not very great at expressing themselves except on a blog or email or even a text ('the great tool avoidance') then this stuff does kinda bother me. People say things without realising that yes it might actually hurt the person I'm saying this stuff too or discussing it with. Especially when they know your circumstance. And how i cope? I bottle it up inside cos i don't want to offend and it festers away cos i think too much.

I once was told to vent on this blog and so far I think I have resisted. There may be a few obscure postings about various random snippets of knowledge that only a few are party to, but venting has been resisted. Until now... This is my attempt at venting. And I'd really like to think of some funny story and write about it in an obscure way so as not to reveal the identity(ies) of the person/people/situations I'm venting about but honestly... I can't be bothered. I just won't reveal the details of what I'm actually venting about. Except to say that yes this thing was said one day late last week and it kinda bothered me all weekend and has unfortunately leaked into this week too. That, together with various occurrences at work of people being non-cooperative and non-communicative has led to me having a bad start to the week and really wanting a holiday... or at least a wee day off!

So here's my advice, just be aware that everyone has their own set of circumstances and lives and not everyone has to follow the social 'norms' (?)

Like... so what if I still live at home with my mum and dad and I'm the wrong side of 30? Stuff happens in life (mostly when you're young and impressionable and not very street-wise) that takes you on journeys that you might not entirely be comfortable with but you go along with it cos you think it's what you want. Next thing you know it's 7 years down the line, you're a shadow of your former self who has been sapped of the littlest bit of confidence you ever had and twisted and drained to within an inch of your life and you're finally mustering the courage from somewhere deep within to stick up for what you truly want and get the hell out of that place. Aye...we all have our crosses to bear.

Like... so what if I love my job and care that much about the place that I clean up other peoples sh*t cos they think it's beneath them? (not actual sh*t but messiness in general). Normally I would just sit there and say nothing (or rant at poor Linda and Brigitte) but the other day, I'd had enough and finally gave in to my true thoughts and did something about it. It felt good!

Like... so what if I don't get drunk of a weekend, in fact so what if I don't and have never touched a drop of alcohol ever? This has never bothered my true friends one bit. You can drink away 'til your hearts content but I just won't be. No big deal... but to some it is. 'Oh I need a drink to feel confident' - really?! I'm certainly NOT overflowing with confidence (in fact quite the opposite) but I don't think I'd find any at the bottom of a wine glass or pint glass or alcopop bottle!! Each to their own.

Like... well there's another so what, but I'm not brave enough to write it here. I'll tell you if you ask though. But so what eh!?! The world would be a dull place if we were all the same. I've always been different, a kind of odd ball who's not a sheep but a lion!! (That's a good one eh, i read it the other day on t'internet, ha ha). Seriously though I like it that way. At least its me that's decided this. I am now free to make my own choices in life and I wouldn't have it any other way. There was a time when I didn't go to certain places, didn't wear certain things in fact I mostly wore baggy jumpers and jeans just because someone was heavily influencing me in a bad way. Now... well I wear the brightest tops, buy skirts & dresses (that i don't wear often but they are in my wardrobe!), i go wherever i want whenever i want and am doing things now that a few years ago i never thought possible and that's where i'm at just now.

I may not be a typical 30 something with their own place, I don't have a husband or 2.4 kids, i didn't go to University and don't earn a fortune but I am free and living my life the way i want to. Sure there are a few things I'd like in life, as would we all, and I'm trying not to let social pressures get to me but when someone makes remarks about things that are close to the bone then yeah... it kinda hurts.

I'm not some flighty confident social butterfly who always needs to be doing something or out somewhere with people but the few close circle of friends I have are always there with little snippets of wise words and supporting texts or emails. And generally they're right - 'don't let it bother you'. I just need to take that advice more often really (easier said than done).

Wow! That was a bit heavy and probably more than I wanted to say but hey it's my blog and I'll write what I want to! :o)

On another note. Tonight I went to yoga! This was good and i'll tell you I can feel it in my legs. I'm already looking forward to next week. I've also booked a spin bike class for Monday night and can't wait for that too. I just hope my TP Therapy rollers get delivered soon. I want to feel the difference it makes to my non-flexible body. That with the yoga will hopefully work a treat to finally get rid of that god-damn knee pain.

Next... i need a plan. Or not a plan but a challenge... a goal... a something. Ideas, Suggestions, Help??

That's enough venting on the blog, it will never happen again. It was but a minor blip. Over and out...

Ange xx


Monday, 28 September 2009

So here's where I'm at just now in terms of... well in terms of still trying to get rid of this, quite honestly, sh*tty knee pain I get whenever I run or worse, when I go walking.

Readers from way back when will know I did attend a physio and paid a fortune for that! - nice guy but didn't really improve the pain and the massages were very sore. He referred me to the hospital.

I was given orthotic half insoles/wedges for my trainers 2 days before departing for Nepal. Again I can't honestly say they make a difference. In fact I know they don't as I did run and still got the stabbing pain after about 10 minutes. I ran solid, I did interval running I tried everything. Gave up on that for now as the pain once it appears takes a few days before it's fully gone.

At the same time I was waiting months on my NHS physio appointment and eventually got one in June (6 months later) - they'd lost my referral sheet!!! Anyway I've been about 3 times now usually once a month and no massage has ever taken place. I was in for 10 minutes the last time. He basically told me that i need to do lots of stretching and strengthening of some muscle groups. This is fine as he's quite positive that the pain will go.

Now me being me I have spent days and days researching on the web for other solutions to this problem - which on reading seems to be much more common than I thought! So how come I feel that when I mention it people look at me blankly or say something smart like it's me making it up and trying to get out of doing different activities. Believe me I'd much rather be running a marathon or up and down hills than being scared to attempt anything cos I know the consequences and pain I will go through for 2-3 days afterwards. It's no fun!

Anyway, in the mean time I've been foam rollering my quads, IT bands and sitting on a tennis ball to release the glutes a wee bit as well as going to the gym and performing several different stretches and exercises from new Mr Physio.

On my journey to find a 'cure' or at least a solution I stumbled upon a site called TP Therapy - via the Crossfit Endurance website. There were pictures at the bottom and these wee stripey roller things looked funky so I clicked on a read more. Triggerpoint Therapy!!... this rang a bell as the first physio was always going on about trigger points and pressing them and giving me bruises... and so I read on...

From all the information provided on the TP Therapy website I have finally found somewhere that gives comprehensive explanations and shows the relationships between where I get pain that is not in my knee. It's all connected! Anyway the upshot is that I am definitely going to order a kit of their rollers and massage balls to try out this method and from what I have read (and from what people have said) it seems to be really effective - kinda like the next step up from the foam rollering that I've been doing. Yes!!!! Hurrah!!! Fingers crossed eh.

I also found them on Twitter and asked about stockists. A guy who runs TP Therapy Australia Kristian Manietta, very kindly replied and gave me the Runners Edge website here in the UK. I will be ordering forthwith! I've also checked out the video's he's got on YouTube which show you how to do the rollers and stretches. All looks good and I'm positive about it and can't wait to start doing it. Here's hoping that I will soon be able to run (perhaps) or walk up a hill without the worry of the descent and poping pain killers at the summit so that they kick in on the way down.

It's funny (weird) cos I was getting a back massage last week and she said I was slightly 'raised' on the right hand side! and out of alignment. This can be caused by anything from slouching, to sitting in the car with your knee flayling to the side, to standing the wrong way. This week too i'm starting a yoga class which will hopefully also help with my posture, stretching and general all round zen-ness, ha ha!

So that's where i'm at just now... Where are you at?

Ange xx

My First... Part 1

Thursday, 24 September 2009

I've been wondering what direction to take this blog recently since I don't have the trek to write about now and my mountain jaunting has been pretty much at a stand still for about 2 months. So I decided to go with what PTC* spoke in post 100 and create a series about.. “Firsts” - this may also inlcude Bests and Worsts! They will be logged as My First... Part 1, 2 etc.

Firsts are great. First day at school, first day at work and first time you set your eyes on that shiny new toy sitting beneath the brightly lit twinkly tree in the coal-fire heated living room on a snowy Christmas morning! Yes... firsts are marvellous!

I contacted a few folk to ask about their firsts. To follow are a few stories that these folks have been kind enough to let me have to record on this blog series called My First... They relate to mountain firsts and range from My First Munro to My First 8000m peak! I'll give a short intro to each story and then let the authors recall their 'firsts'. Hope you enjoy!!

To kick off the whole series there is an account from Sandy off of
BigBananaMountains. I'll let him tell the story of his 'firsts'...

First Munro(s)
When I was just an apprentice I decided to do a charity walk for with a couple of the guy's at work. It was my first Munro that I can remember doing as a Munro. I did do a lot of walking and hiking before this with the scouts but I doubt we went up to munro summits. I remember we got the the company we worked for to spring for the hire of a minibus and we went up to stay at a bunkhouse somewhere in Killin. The owners gave us a lift up to the visitor centre where we set off up Beinn Ghlas then continueing around the ridge ticking off 5 munro's. Beinn Ghlas, Ben Lawers, An Stuc, Meall Greigh and Meall Garbh, not bad for a first attempt! I remember the descent down An Stuc was pretty 'interesting' it was so steep we had to frequently turn around and face into the hill to down climb it. At one point I remember taking my pack of and throwing it downhill then sliding down on my bum to the bottom of the hill! I seem to rember some joke about renaming it "Am Stuck" We finished the walk at the Lawers hotel where we had a few celebratory pints before the bunkhouse owner picked us up again!

A fantastic day out, despite the cold weather and poor visibility and me only wearing shorts (I must've been made of tougher stuff back then!) I was hooked. I wanted to keep up the hillwalking/moutaineering thing. I left it alone though for a while as the whole "never walking alone" kept nagging at me. Eventually though I discovered Outdoorsmagic and have never looked back!

First Wildcamp
After discovering the wealth of advice at Outdoorsmagic and gaining the confidence to head off into the mountains on my own I eventually decided that I wanted the freedom that wildcamping brings. My first attemt at a wild camp didn't go so well. I wanted to go somewhere I'd been before and with a good choice of escape routes incase it didnt go well and I had to abandon. I was heading for Coire an Lochain at the foot of Sgurr Eilde Mor I had recently been up that Munro on a fine day in near perfect conditions. I left my car parked at Mamore lodge and all I had to do to bail out was drop to the landrover track and follow it out.

I had been planning it for over a week but as it got nearer the weather forecast got worse and worse. I was determined though, and me now being a rough, tough mountain going type meant I could deal with anything the weather or mountains threw at me...or so I thought. I parked up and went to the Lodge to pay the lady for parking there. She looked at me as if I was mental when I cheerfully told her I was camping so I'd pay for two days. I set off in the driving rain, you could see it rolling allong in sheets as it was swept along by some seriously strong winds. Still I wasn't worried but excited instead. About half way up the ascent I got to the wee stream I'd hopped across about a month earlier, now it was in a spate. A raging white torrent that was too wide and wild for me to risk jumping. I put a foot in it and was nearly swept away! I'd have to look for somewhere else to cross. I followed it down hill across some pretty rough heather and eventually got right to the foot of the hill at the landrover track again where I could cross at the bridge. Cross i did and started making my way back up the hill on the other side of the water. I was getting tired now and time was marching on.

I decided on a straight up ascent of the hill instead of countouring round like before. The weather wasn't letting up any and my jacket was leaking at neck of the hood and accross my shoulders and arms and front. My back was just wet from sweat. This is also where my love affair with Rab jackets and eVent started to go sour. I was fit though and making good progress up the steep relentless slope and couldnt wait to get the tent up and get out of the rain which was so hard now I could feel the individual drops hitting me really hard through the jacket! As I neared the top of the slope where I would arrive in the Coire I could see the big towering dark cloud hiding between Sgurr Eilde Mor and Sgurr Eilde Beag. The air took on a decidedly greasy feel and when I took a swig of water from my hydration bladder I spat it out. Eurgh, disgusting! I was inspecting the bite valve for a wee bit of crud that I mustve picked up when the cloud right in front of me suddenly seemed to bulge and flashed furiously as if lit up from the inside with a short burst from a strobe lamp! Then almost immediately I fet my chest cavity being squeezed (think of standing in front of the big speakers at a rock concert!) as I heard the loudest and most violent rumble of thunder I've ever heard. It seemed to roll off down the hill into the glen for ages. I didnt think or even panic. I simply turned 180 degrees on the spot and legged it as fast I could downhill with out losing control and becoming a spinning mass of arms and legs. I dont even remember half the descent just that I was determined to lose height as fast as I could.

It really was just a matter of minutes and I was back on the landrover track wondering what to do as I caught my breath. Should I find a low level pitch and wait it out? I took stock and quickly came to the descicion to go home. I'd had enough, I was burst as they say. I walked out as fast as I could to the car still worrying about the storm I could hear behind me, the sky was still flashing and my bottle had gone. I got back to the car and stripped off my wet clothes into a dry set from the boot. Everything was soaked right through under my water proofs, even my boxers were damp! I got i the car and drove off home. By the time I got to Tyndrum my eyes were closing involutarily and I was doing the nodding head thing. I pulled off at the green well stop and parked as far back froom the road as I could. I crawled into the back seat and slept for a few hours under my sleeping bag. I got home very late at night and afte a small dinner of leftovers and a beer I found in the fridge I went to bed, beaten but determined I'd be back for round two!!

Thank you BBF for the great story. It's a pity there's no photies of the wildcamp!!


Next up is a short piece from Alan Arnette. Not so much a 'first' story but great all the same. Alan is a campaigner for Alzheimer's Association and you can find out more by clicking the links below. Also his website is a great source of information and for 'watching' people attempt summits of the worlds highest peaks including Mt Everest.

Climbing is not only an adventure but also my passion. I started serious climbing in my late 30’s with Colorado’s Longs Peak at 14,256’ being my “first”. But while living in Geneva, the seductive sounds from the nearby Alps called to me and I summited Mont Blanc three times, twice solo. After a trek to Nepal in 1998, the seduction was complete and soon I was above 8000m for the first time on Cho Oyu. And as they say, the rest is history and today look forward making more memories.

Climb On!


With the
Alzheimer’s Association
Guided by International Mountain Guides

As a result of seeing the impact of Alzheimer's on his mother, Alan came up with Memories are Everything: The 7 Summits, an attempt of the 7 Summits (the highest mountain on each continent) and includes Everest which was launched in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association. Their goal is to raise $1 million dollars as people follow the climbs through Web sites as well as through the events hosted at major cities around the world during the climbs. Check out the links above for more information.

I hope you enjoyed the first couple of stories in the "My First..." series. More stories will follow in the next couple of days. And remember if you wish to let us all hear about a mountain "first" of yours, get in touch. We'd all love to read about it.

Ange xx

My First - The Series

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Following on from post number 100 and PTC* talking about mountain 'firsts', I thought i'd ask a few people about their 'firsts' and get their stories to record here. I've asked a variety of people and am still awaiting details from a few stragglers - Martin!! ha ha, and so the 'My First... Series' has been born and will be logged and updated right here on this blog for you all to read and enjoy.

There's a couple of My First Munro's and My First Wildcamp's - but not mine cos I've not been on one yet! There's a few other great stories about climbing too.

To everyone who has sent me their stories thank you all so very much and I hope you are pleased with what I do here...

If anyone else has a 'My First' story they want to contribute get in touch and I'll add it to this ongoing series, we'd all like to hear about it.

Part One will be loaded imminently...

Ange xx

First, a hunner then, a thousand!

Friday, 18 September 2009

A few weeks ago I reached my 100th blog post and now today I have reached my 1000th blog viewing since I installed the stats counter!! Not bad eh. It was a visitor from Basildon in Essex. They drop by every now and again so Hi to you and all other regulars whoever you may be but can I ask? leave a wee comment every now and again. :o)

I enjoy writing on my blog as well as reading other folks blogs. And I like to think the folks reading here are doing so because they enjoy what I write about, granted not much has been of mountains lately but I'm working on that soon. Besides.. new kit will arrive within the next week or two... and it's green!!!!! so it is a must that it gets tested out before the snow falls - yikes!!

Also to come is a post (or series of posts - I've not decided yet) about 'Firsts' (mountain related of course!). I've received quite a few accounts of different peoples mountain 'Firsts' and I thank them very much for their stories and photies. Don't worry I haven't forgotten I'm waiting on a few stragglers getting back to me.

Wednesday night I went to see Coldplay at Hampden Park in Glasgow. It was amazing!! Jay-Z was the 'support' act and he was fab too. I'm now listening to an hour of the gig on Jo Whiley's show on Radio 1. Sounds good. I got great photies and videos too. That was my 5th time of seeing Coldplay and I still love them. One of my favourite songs of theirs being The Scientist from the Rush of Blood to the Head album. It's a song (and album) that came out at a time in my life when I was kinda lost. It is still played in this household at least 3 times a week!...

Anyway - I'm off on a long weekend this weekend, still trying to use up holidays! I may get out somewhere on Saturday/Sunday or even Monday but tonight... I'm going to see this seasons first 'snow'! honest... Let me explain. At work, University of Stirling, this is Fresher's Week and tonight will mark the end of Fresher's Week and the start of serious studying from all those good students! (aye right!) but anyway tonight is an event called RailJam (run by the Students Union) where 20 ton of 'real' snow will be brought in to make a ski jump with snowboarders, skiers and folk fighting it out for prizes. Music, stalls and it's all free so I'm taking The Boy along. Why not drop in if you're in the area?? 7-10pm. Car park near the main entrance.

Ange xx

nearly forgot,
Musical Update:
Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap - great sing turn it up loud!
Coldplay - anything really!
She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult - loved this for years and years and years, since it was in a lucozade advert years ago!!
Kings of Leon Only by the Night album - still fab nearly a year on.

Must Read

Friday, 11 September 2009

Dear everyone that reads this blog, I'd like to take this oppportunity to direct you to another great blog that i follow regularly. It can be found in the 'Blogs I Like' list to the right hand side of this page but perhaps you haven't taken a few minutes to click on it because it doesn't mention anything about mountains, tents, sleeping bags or shiny new gear....

Well it is a great read for anyone that has been blessed with children in their lives through one way or another... It is Pacing the Panic Room. It is amazing. I found it a few months ago and there is a series on there about Cole's pregnancy (Cole being the wife of the author, the author being Ryan). The pictures are a-maz-ing!!! There's also the ongoing story of LB - the Littlest Buddy, he is really cute and his new sister, Tessa Tangerine. Anyway I won't spoil the story or the posts but Ryan really does write great posts. In the way that PTC* writes great posts, has great photies and stories about the great outdoors, Ryan writes the same way about his new family. You will love it people. I'm hooked. Beware though, you may need to keep the tissue box handy every now and again...

Ange xx

The Wean Inside Needs To Get Oot!

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Sometimes the wean inside you just needs to get out and none more so than today. Today, when i finally bought that pack of Black Jack chews that have been sitting tantalisingly on a shelf of 'old skool' sweeties from mine's and probably your childhoods over at the shop in work. The result is a flashback to much simpler times through the aniseed infused taste, the jaw ache from chewing and who can forget that most funnest part of all... the black stained tongue. Oh aye!!..

Ok at this point I was going to show you a photie of the aforementioned black tongue but it just looks wrong(!) so here instead is a photie of the new jazzed up version of a packet (by the way i'm sure i used to buy mine's loose? like in a 10 pence mixture poke. Oh how our ice cream van man hates it when kids ask for a mixture, ha ha!)...

Among other sweeties on offer on the shelf of childhood memories are Wham bars, Fruit Salads, Sherbert Fountains (in a new plastic tube instead of the old paper tube!), Big Giant Flumps and Mojo's which by the way aren't what I used to remember as Mojo's. I remember them being the wee chews that came in Strawberry, Banana and Mint flavour. These 'new' Mojo's are packets with gums in them! And I'm no having that!...

So as I slurp, gurgle and make strange noises whilst drinking the last dregs of my can of Cola through a straw, I hope you've enjoyed this wee trip down memory lane.

Now.. what other sweeties can you remember from childhood??... I remember that every summer when we used to go to my Pappy's house in Law (near Carluke) for a week or two's holiday we used to stop at the chippie in the Main Street in Newmains and get a Texan Bar and a packet of Tudor Gammon flavoured crisps - it was great!

Ange xx

A Day Oot with The Boy

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sometimes it's just nice to spend the day with people that make you belly laugh, make you smile and ultimately make you glad that they're in your life. This weekend has been pretty tense for a number of reasons so today i decided a day out was needed and took me and The Boy off for our first trip to Glasgow together. Days out with him are stuff of legend. When he's with his mummy he runs riot but with me he's good as gold. The drive through was filled with "oohs", "aahs" and "wows" at the dump trucks, diggers and cranes that are littering the A80 roadworks just now. It was surprisingly quiet today - must've been the crappy weather. Anyway by the time we'd passed Mollinsburn all was quiet in the back!! I keeked in the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of himself in the car seat head back mouth wide to the world purring....

Now he's taken the same trait from his mummy and granny in that when i tried to wake him up at the Buchanan Galleries car park i had to nudge him, blow in his face and bribe him to get out of the car with the promise of a drink of Irn Bru and chips! After some cadjoling we were heading into the Buchanan Galleries shopping centre along the passageway that passes over the top of Queen Street train station. We stopped for a look at the trains and then carried on, only for him to shout out "Oh look Angie, that sign says Burger King!". Further up there was indeed a huge sign saying Burger King on level 3 was open. ?This inevitably means that Burger King have got their logo/branding working right when a 3 year old who can't read can tell it from 100 metres away!! Don't worry though, i never took him. He doesn't get junk food from me - only some sweeties and the occasional drink of Irn Bru.

We wandered about in the small smirry rain down Buchanan Street into Tiso as I need (or rather would like) a new pair of trousers. In we went. He stopped dead and said "no Angie, i don't like this shop, you don't need trousers". Of course he was right, i don't but then he eventually gave in and we went upstairs for a look. The women were all over him, he can act very cute when he wants to. Then he continued to dirty the full length mirror whilst staring at himself. It was funny. We left there empty handed - I couldn't see any trousers i liked. Then headed back up to John Lewis for a cookie and a cuppa tea. I got a toffee pancake, he got a cookie. We were happy.

A quick stop at a toilet for himself and we were back inthe car heading homewards. All the way home we were singing "nee-naw nee-naw Fireman Sam, Fireman Sam". I could see us getting funny looks but we didn't care.

Aye it was a fun day indeed. Sometimes you just need these days in your life when you can act like a kid with the kid.

Ange xx

Shopping... Aye, i'm good at that!

Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm still here! Drowning under a sea of work and other things just now. (work! pah did you get the sarcasm there!). Not much to report in terms of outdoorsyness except to say that yes i've been outdoors and I've seen hills... from afar though. My mind is a buzzing with things to do, things to get, things to see, things, things, things... I'm also working on something else for this blog too. It's coming soon!

What else I've been working on is my shopping list!! Now this is what I'm good at - shopping! First thing from the shopping list to be bought have arrived...

Down Booties!! Yeah they are... really. When PTC* mentioned them on my last post a light went on in my head and i remembered Linda had got a pair for Christmas. She'd got them off eBay so rather than spend a fortune on a pair which have been manufactured for the outdoors industry I got the link from her and bought these. They arrived today and let me tell you they are warm!

After selling off a few bits i had for the trek I put aside a little fund for new gear. It's not been touched yet. I'm waiting... patiently. But over the past month or so i have been picking up some bits and bobs. These include a long sleeve base layer which i got in a sale. Feels pretty good on but not had it on outside yet.

Then there's a new pair of socks. I've always been a fan of Bridgedale socks as they fit my wee feet perfectly but whilst browsing a shop on Sunday i picked up a pair of
these which seemed pretty neat too. Tried them on when i got home and they fit perfectly too but we'll see how they fare in action.

During the summer i bought another Icebreaker Amazon scoop neck base layer, this time in neptune blue. I wore it last week whilst out walking and it was ok. I hate the colour though. It's kinda a teal blue colour - more blue though (alhtough the photie below looks better than it is in real life-honest). The scoop neck is no use for me either. Too gaping for my liking. And apart from that when i got in i was soaking! I had my waterproof jacket on - it was raining, but it was really clammy too. Now i'm not sure but i seem to be getting wet on the inside of my jacket. Obviously from sweating but it's too much. The jacket has pit zipped vents but honestly they are quite stiff and when you undo them they get caught every now and again on the rucksack straps. Anyway yeah i noticed i was wetter on the inside than the outside and couldn't wait to get home to get it off. Here's what it looked like...

Also purchased have been the shorts that were never worn in the summer and which now hang on my wardrobe door like the lonely kid that sits in the corner of the classroom cos they've got nae pals!, as well as a new pair of
undies... but I'm not showing pictures of those. All I'll say is i've tried them on, they are very comfy boyshorts style, navy in colour and the sizing is pretty generous. I got the small.

New kit with wheels arrived last weekend too and a special delivery is expected tomorrow although I'm not so sure it will come then. We'll see...

Ange xx

PS muscial update
Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head album - Fab!