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Thursday, 3 September 2009

I'm still here! Drowning under a sea of work and other things just now. (work! pah did you get the sarcasm there!). Not much to report in terms of outdoorsyness except to say that yes i've been outdoors and I've seen hills... from afar though. My mind is a buzzing with things to do, things to get, things to see, things, things, things... I'm also working on something else for this blog too. It's coming soon!

What else I've been working on is my shopping list!! Now this is what I'm good at - shopping! First thing from the shopping list to be bought have arrived...

Down Booties!! Yeah they are... really. When PTC* mentioned them on my last post a light went on in my head and i remembered Linda had got a pair for Christmas. She'd got them off eBay so rather than spend a fortune on a pair which have been manufactured for the outdoors industry I got the link from her and bought these. They arrived today and let me tell you they are warm!

After selling off a few bits i had for the trek I put aside a little fund for new gear. It's not been touched yet. I'm waiting... patiently. But over the past month or so i have been picking up some bits and bobs. These include a long sleeve base layer which i got in a sale. Feels pretty good on but not had it on outside yet.

Then there's a new pair of socks. I've always been a fan of Bridgedale socks as they fit my wee feet perfectly but whilst browsing a shop on Sunday i picked up a pair of
these which seemed pretty neat too. Tried them on when i got home and they fit perfectly too but we'll see how they fare in action.

During the summer i bought another Icebreaker Amazon scoop neck base layer, this time in neptune blue. I wore it last week whilst out walking and it was ok. I hate the colour though. It's kinda a teal blue colour - more blue though (alhtough the photie below looks better than it is in real life-honest). The scoop neck is no use for me either. Too gaping for my liking. And apart from that when i got in i was soaking! I had my waterproof jacket on - it was raining, but it was really clammy too. Now i'm not sure but i seem to be getting wet on the inside of my jacket. Obviously from sweating but it's too much. The jacket has pit zipped vents but honestly they are quite stiff and when you undo them they get caught every now and again on the rucksack straps. Anyway yeah i noticed i was wetter on the inside than the outside and couldn't wait to get home to get it off. Here's what it looked like...

Also purchased have been the shorts that were never worn in the summer and which now hang on my wardrobe door like the lonely kid that sits in the corner of the classroom cos they've got nae pals!, as well as a new pair of
undies... but I'm not showing pictures of those. All I'll say is i've tried them on, they are very comfy boyshorts style, navy in colour and the sizing is pretty generous. I got the small.

New kit with wheels arrived last weekend too and a special delivery is expected tomorrow although I'm not so sure it will come then. We'll see...

Ange xx

PS muscial update
Coldplay - A Rush of Blood to the Head album - Fab!

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