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A Day Oot with The Boy

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sometimes it's just nice to spend the day with people that make you belly laugh, make you smile and ultimately make you glad that they're in your life. This weekend has been pretty tense for a number of reasons so today i decided a day out was needed and took me and The Boy off for our first trip to Glasgow together. Days out with him are stuff of legend. When he's with his mummy he runs riot but with me he's good as gold. The drive through was filled with "oohs", "aahs" and "wows" at the dump trucks, diggers and cranes that are littering the A80 roadworks just now. It was surprisingly quiet today - must've been the crappy weather. Anyway by the time we'd passed Mollinsburn all was quiet in the back!! I keeked in the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of himself in the car seat head back mouth wide to the world purring....

Now he's taken the same trait from his mummy and granny in that when i tried to wake him up at the Buchanan Galleries car park i had to nudge him, blow in his face and bribe him to get out of the car with the promise of a drink of Irn Bru and chips! After some cadjoling we were heading into the Buchanan Galleries shopping centre along the passageway that passes over the top of Queen Street train station. We stopped for a look at the trains and then carried on, only for him to shout out "Oh look Angie, that sign says Burger King!". Further up there was indeed a huge sign saying Burger King on level 3 was open. ?This inevitably means that Burger King have got their logo/branding working right when a 3 year old who can't read can tell it from 100 metres away!! Don't worry though, i never took him. He doesn't get junk food from me - only some sweeties and the occasional drink of Irn Bru.

We wandered about in the small smirry rain down Buchanan Street into Tiso as I need (or rather would like) a new pair of trousers. In we went. He stopped dead and said "no Angie, i don't like this shop, you don't need trousers". Of course he was right, i don't but then he eventually gave in and we went upstairs for a look. The women were all over him, he can act very cute when he wants to. Then he continued to dirty the full length mirror whilst staring at himself. It was funny. We left there empty handed - I couldn't see any trousers i liked. Then headed back up to John Lewis for a cookie and a cuppa tea. I got a toffee pancake, he got a cookie. We were happy.

A quick stop at a toilet for himself and we were back inthe car heading homewards. All the way home we were singing "nee-naw nee-naw Fireman Sam, Fireman Sam". I could see us getting funny looks but we didn't care.

Aye it was a fun day indeed. Sometimes you just need these days in your life when you can act like a kid with the kid.

Ange xx

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