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Isabel Marant pour H&M

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Two weeks ago saw the launch of the hotly anticipated Isabel Marant Pour HandM collection in Paris. I've not really bothered much with the HandM collaborations in the past (the Versace one being too gold for my liking), but this one I've been looking forward to since it was announced earlier in the year and even more so since the look book hit the internet in September. I've been saving some extra pennies in my November budget for the day itself, Thursday 14 November. I cannot wait.

I think I'd like something from each of the sections; women's, men's and kids. They're so nice and laid back. Chunky knit cardigans, sweatshirts and kids slip on sneakers, which I'm sure will turn out to be a HUGE must have item. As always with these collaborations the prices are much higher than normal for H&M but I'm hoping the quality will justify this. Actually, £80 for a long line chunky knit cardigan isn't too bad.

Here are some on my favourite pieces.

Kids cardigan, £39.99

Long chunky knit wool hooded cardigan, £79.99

Black and white loopy wool jumper, £69.99

1) Sequinned Trousers, £149.99; 2) Slip on sneakers, £29.99; 3) Silk skirt, £39.99

I would've given anything to have been able to attend the launch party and have a browse inside this pop up shop. Hurry up 14 November!
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Angela x

Sweet Treats

Monday, 4 November 2013

Sunday was spent watching Formula One and then at another family gathering saying goodbye to my cousin who leaves for a six month sabbatical to Australia on Wednesday. But before all that I'd cooked up a batch of raspberry cream sweets.

Why? Because we're organising a Christmas fayre / cake sale / Christmas jumper day at work on Friday 13 December for Save The Children. It's their annual Christmas Jumper Day where you wear your best (or worst) Christmas jumper, pay £1 to take part and donate the money to Save The Children. We thought we'd go one better and sell cakes as well as have raffles. So far so successful. Thanks to Linda we've had around 35 prizes donated from various local businesses and crafty businesses on Facebook. It's really amazing. One prize includes a 4 night stay in a holiday cottage in Aviemore. The voucher is valid for 18 months too! Quite remarkable isn't it.

Anyway, the cakes. So I'll do my usual Mars Bar cake, coconut balls and i thought I'd try peppermint creams too. Put them in nice wee Christmas bags, sell em for a pound maybe.

I decided that as well as peppermint creams, I'd try strawberry creams. Couldn't find frozen strawberries on their own so opted for raspberries. I boiled and simmered them until they'd broken up and were a thick luscious sauce. Strained them through a sieve (a muslin cloth would've been for easier and less time consuming).
Boiling and straining
To my cream paste I added a few teaspoons of the raspberry sauce and mixed it again. I then rolled out the paste and used little cutters to make the star and heart shapes.  I chilled the shapes for a little while then melted some chocolate i had laying around and dipped ht shapes in.

So i didn't have a lot of chocolate left over. The ones i sell won't look so messy. Still taste great though
Pretty easy really. Pretty messy too. They taste pretty good but I'll add more of the sauce next time, whichever flavour I decide on. They'll keep for a few weeks on an airtight container but I'll make my batch for selling in the week of the fayre.

So if you're free on Friday 13 December and are in the area, come along, buy cakes, have a cups, win raffle prizes. Go on.

Angela x