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Thursday Three... pt5

Friday, 29 October 2010

This weeks Thursday Three topic was chosen by @Woody_ben and it is this...
Three top holiday destinations. I asked for clarification and can confirm it can be places you've been or want to go to. So here are mine.


I love that city. I visited twice in 2005 with my sister and we still never seen it all. It is an architect geeks dream. I loved the buildings and wandering the streets and seeing the sights and climbing the stairs up a spire at the Sagrada Familia. I loved the escalators they had to take up to the Olympic Stadium (lazy!). I loved to see the Olympic Stadium and travelling on their metro system. I loved the atmosphere in the city centre when Barca had just beaten Real Madrid 3-0 in one of the football seasons hotly anticipated games. I especially loved the tour of Gaudi's Casa Battlo, where everything inside was a cruve. No straight edges anywhere (see inside pic above).  I love it all and I can't wait to go back and see the new as well as revisit the already seen.

San Francisco.

I've never been but i so want to. I've been thinking that i really NEED a holiday. And not just a mini break, a proper kick-ass full on holiday. I know someone who was flying to San Francisco last weekend to visit family and she's off for three weeks. I am envious. My friend Andrew cycled all through California a few years ago and took in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Monterey, basically the pacific coast highway and ended up climbing in Yosemite national park. I want to do this, well maybe not the climbing but I want to cycle across the Golden Gate bridge on a bike. To walk down the very steep and bendy Lombard Street. To take a ferry to Alcatraz and to sample the atmosphere of a foggy San Francisco Bay.

Hawaii / Australian Gold Coast

These are pure luxurious holiday destinations. If you know me you'll know that I'm not someone who is happy to go to all the usual haunts - Tenerife, Benidorm, Valarakee (i know thats not how you spell it!!), Blackpool ;-)  In fact those would be my worst nightmare holidays - seriously. But I've always wanted to go on a nice relaxing beach holiday, and where better than the Gold Coast of Australia or Hawaii (anywhere). In saying that, I think if I spent anymore than a couple of days on a beahc i'd be bored so these luxurious hoiday destinations need to have places I can wonder to, activities, guaranteed great weather and plenty of sunshine. In short, were I to win the Lottery on Saturday night I'd be booking a holiday to these straight away.

Ange x

The Great Gatsby

Friday, 22 October 2010

Quotes. I'm a sucker for a good quote. 

F. Scott Fitzgerald said it best in The Great Gatsby. This kinda relates to one of the things I wanna do before the end of 2010 ...

"Daisy tumbled short of his dreams, not through her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion... No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart. "

Ange x


Thursday Three... pt4

Ooh this is a difficult one for me, Three things you want to do before the end of 2010. There are things I want to do but i'm not quite ready to give you that much insight into the inner workings of my head nor my heart right at this moment. Argh and I so want to... But I can't...I just can't...So here's three other (slightly less embarrassing) things I want to do before the end of 2010. Enjoy.

One thing I would really like to do os be more organised. I always like to think of myself as organised and at work i'm really well organised but at home, another story. I mean if there's an even to be organised I will but as far as organising stuff out then not so much. My bedroom for example. It is filled with stuff i have accumulated over the years and I really need to downsize and rethink what of this stuff that I actually need. I'm a born hoarder you see. My Dad is too, as was my Pappy. But i think it's one trait I need to sort out and cleanse myself of all unecessary goods. I'm sure it'll feel good. Will it?

Another thing I want to do before the end of 2010 is wear a dress! No big deal you might think but I never wear dresses. Ever. I've got a little black dress in my wardrobe that i wore at a wedding in 2008. It's timeless and would suit any occasion. I've alos got a yellow dress that's more suited to a summers day so we'll leave that one for now. But generally I'd never wear a dress on an ordinary day. So who knows of any special occasion where my black dress can be revived and brought out of the cupboard? Perhaps a nice Christmas night out.

The last thing I can think of just now is before the end of 2010 I want to be able to run a few miles without any knee pain. Long term readers will know that I have IT band trouble and get terrible knee pain whenever i run (hence the reason i go to so many spin bike classes - no pain). Well I've decided that now is the time to try to blast this knee pain for good and hit it where it hurts. I want to at least be abel to do a 5K run for next year I plan on a few 10K runs. So there. Now for seasoned runners 5L or 10K may be a doddle but to me its not. Not yet anyway. But soon, soon it will be.

Next weeks Thursday Three subject will be announced soon @Woodyben is choosing.

Ange x


Thursday Three... pt4 Guest post: Martin Keane of OneKind

Thursday, 21 October 2010

I put out a war-cry via Twitter last week asking if anyone wanted to join in the Thursday Three posts for this week. Martin Keane, Movement Builder at charity OneKind replied. Here are his Three things he wants to do before the end of 2010. Mine will appear later...

When Angela put out a shout on Twitter asking for guest bloggers to talk about three things they would like to do by the end of this year, I was keen to share my plans with you all. I have had a pretty exciting year thus far, I graduated with First Class Honours, then joined OneKind. I have always been a keen supporter of animal welfare and it seemed like the perfect fit. Anyway, enough of my waffle, read on for my three:

·  We recently launched as OneKind, following many years as Advocates for Animals, a large part of that was “They’re Here.” The film is different to other animal welfare productions, as it focuses on the positive aspect of our relationships with animals. I feel it can inspire a strong and dedicated movement. I would like it to achieve over 30,000 views by the end of December. Will it? I’m not certain, we all know how difficult it is to gauge the possibility of video going viral. What I can be certain of, is that I will be giving it an almighty push to help it get even close to that total. I truly believe that everybody should see it. Watch it here

They're Here from OneKind on Vimeo.

·  I would like to be a better husband. I think as it stands, I am a pretty good one already. However, I am constantly working and beavering away on something. My wife is my absolute priority, she is a constant source of strength and is the most beautiful person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I cannot wait to move house with her in November, as it will give us a little more time to focus on us. After all, that is what is truly important.

·   It is a great ambition of mine to try to make a few swede movies. I would love to fit this in before the end of the year, as it looks like good fun. If anybody else shares this ambition, do get in touch!


Big Thanks to Martin for being the only one to respond. You too can join in. Let me know
Ange x


What I Digg in 2010

Sunday, 17 October 2010

I read a blog the other day about things a guy was liking in 2010. His was mostly iPhone apps and Google calendars etc and so I thought i'd do my own post about Things I Digg in 2010.

My iPhone. Ok so I got it late 2009 but that's a year I've had it now and I'm sorry to the Apple-phobes but i just could not live without it. It's a constant companion to me holding a compendium of info and apps and music and podcasts and photos.  Love it.

Hipstamatic, Camerabag, and lots of other photography/camera apps for the iPhone. I love taking photos, of anything. I've got a pretty decent digital camera (Panasonic Lumix) but for convenience and time-saving I use these apps.

Spin class at The Peak sports village, Stirling. I love it. It keeps me sane. I get a buzz when I'm done and if I haven't been feeling that great I always come out feeling much better about things. It's the combination of the loud music, the pushing yourself to the limits and the nice folk there. Andy is a brilliant instructor and motivator.

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam keeps my curly hair in check. And the delicious coconut scent makes sure my hair smells lovely. A spritz of water in the morning brings it back to life. Curly hair rocks.

My lovely CUBE Access SL mountain bike!! It's the best and biggest purchase i've made in a while. It looks great and does exactly what i need it to.

The shop All Saints. Yes it's a bit expensive but i've ordered a few things online and each time I'm thrilled with the service and free delivery. I get an email when the items were dispatched, a text with a hour long time slot of when the items will be dleivered and they are always beatifully packaged. My deliveries have always been bang on in the middle of the texted time slot. Plus in their end of summer sale I got 4 pairs of shoes for £110!! Bargain considering that one pair alone should have been £145.

Sending wee parcels of goodies to friends. I've sent a few of these this year to a small number of lucky people and they've been well received. So look out, you might get one in the post. A surprise mind, so i'm not telling you.

That's a few of the things i Digg in 2010.  I might update this post with more but since 2010 is nearly over and as 2011 approcahes at a pace so fast i'm slightly uneasy, then perhaps I'll wait until then to post on this subject.

Ange x


Thursday Three... pt3

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Three ideal days or nights out.
 (By the way these are always in no particular order).

Number One

A walk along a remote Scottish Beach

I've been longing to do this for a while. Gather a few of my favourite people and go driving and searching for a remote (and also very lovely and clean) Scottish beach. I asked around and there seems to be a few more than I expected. I have a few ideas but they'd take at least an overnighter stay somewhere to get there. But yeah that's what i'd like to do one weekend. Drive to a remote Scottish beach. Walk along it. Maybe even sit on it. Taking it all in. Taking fabulous photos. Have someone take fabulous photos of me. Then afterwards some nice eatables and chat. So if you know anywhere like the picture below that's not too far away, pleaselet me know. Additionally if you wanna join me on this trip, comment me up.

Number Two

Museums, Dinner, Cinema

I'd love to have a nice day out visiting museums and galleries, then head for dinner, then on to the cinema to catch a film. Simple really. I'm a simple girl with modest tastes really. If you fancy sharing this day someday let me know.

Number Three

Adventures in the Countryside

Spending the day hill walking and cycling around some of our beautiful countryside. Finished off with a stop-off in a country pub for a hearty meal. Sun-blushed, rosey-cheeked, knackered and happy. It's been too long since I've stood atop a hill. Slightly less time since i've had a good blast on the bike. Morning bike rides round the village don't cut it any more.

So that's it. Nothing fancy. Simple pleasures in life are where's its at.
LET'S DO IT!! Let's make number one happen soon?!!!

Ange x

PS Next weeks Thursday Three is Three things you want to do before the end of 2010! Get thinking peoples.

Here is a fantastic Three Ideal Days/Nights Out From @Woodyben It's brilliant, hop on over and take a read!!


The Social Network

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Here goes. My review of The Social Network.

Just got in from the cinema where I went to see this much talked about movie. First off if you think you're gonna hear that wonderful Scala version of Radiohead's Creep you're not. Not that I heard anyways. First off the casting is excellent. Jesse Eisenbergs's awkward (slightly autistic?) Adidas flip flop wearing genius Zuckerberg is brilliant. I think he plays a lost soul, a social misfit but ultimately I was left with the impression that he's a decent guy with a big heart for whom money is not the real motivation. All he wants is the girl to accept his friend request (Don't we all?)

Justin Timerblake's Sean Parker of Napster fame is perfect. I didn't really know that whole back-story... you know the 'what happened after Napster' story. But Justin gets the somewhat dodgy character of 'Sean' down to a tee. Andrew Garfield plays the CFO Eduardo Saverin. The money man behind The Facebook.The wronged best friend. And Rooney Mara plays Erica. The girl Mark wants to be his friend on Facebook. Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss are great characters. I have to say in real life these are people I like to see fall on their faces. People who think they have influence just because they have money (old money?), or rather the parents have. Vile.

The script is sharp and has some great lines. But some of the best bits come during the opening exchange between Mark and Erika in a Boston bar. It gets a bit complicated but i think this sets us up with an understanding of what's going on inside the head of Mark Zuckerberg. I noted a few lines down during the movie... "A guy who's built a chair doesn't owe money to everyone who's ever built a chair", "The ability to make money doesn't impress anyone around here" and one of my faves "The internet's not written in pencil Mark. It's written in ink".

David Fincher's direction is fab. It's funny I watched Fight Club again not so long ago and this is just as good. For a film centred around a computer geek, that is! And I like that the geek has been made a baddie, easily led, a genius, but mostly at heart a good person. I mean he refused to monetise the site early on when Eduardo was pushing for it. I've heard reports of the movie portraying Zuckerberg badly but I didn't think so. Did I miss the point? I actually felt a bit sorry for him. He seemed a bit socially awkward (I can relate to that!) and a is bit quirky looking (ditto!). I liked that he wanted to get the attention of the Harvard clubs but never really wanted to join them. The film jumps from past to present (well as much as you can jump from past to present in the space of 6 years), from Harvard to lawyers offices, to Facebook offices in San Francisco. There is a scene in particular where the Winkelvoss' lawyer asks Mark if he has his full attention... then replies. I liked that one a lot.

But I don't want to say too much and I'll let you be the judge of the movie yourselves but overall i liked it. It made you think about the whole phenomenon that is the internet and social site such as The Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and the rest. Sometimes we think they just appear and pop up and you log on and you dabble or you get hooked, for a little while at least and you tend to forget that these are passions of people (perhaps geeks), they spend months taking snippets of ideas and turning them into something... well massive!! And it wasn't even that long ago, 2004. This world is changing fast and it's all down to guys like Zuckerberg. Ask yourself where would we be without sites such as Facebook or even Twitter. *shudder* I can't even bear that thought.

In summary Jesse Eisneberg definitely steals the show with his genius Zuckerberg. But i think Facebook will be a winner too. Say what you want, I bet there are millions around the world who wished they'd thought of that idea. I know I would! One day...  Go along to see this film. I liked it a lot x 500 million!

One last line that I loved... "I'm an entrepreneur" "A what?" "An entrepreneur" " you're unemployed". 
Now, go on and tell me...  What's on your mind?

Ange x

PS Dear Mark Zuckerberg, I'll accept your friend request. The End.

Thursday Three... pt2

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Three songs that have personal meanings to you.

Number One

The Slim Shady LP

Ok so it's not one song but an album. An album I stumbled across when visiting Florida in 2000. I got it on tape and listened to it all holiday on my walkman. Yes you heard that right... a Walkman! Anyway it was like nothing I had heard before and I bought the subesequent albums until he went into that dodgy phase. I think lyrically he's genius. The songs mostly told the story of his struggles with his mum, about his love for his daughter and the on-off relationship with his wife Kim. Explicit and violent at times but with jovial tunes, mostly. I just liked it instantly and then the second hotly anticipated The Marshall Mathers LP came out. Blew me away too. Eminem is polarising. Love him or hate him, he was different.

Number Two

Coldplay - Yellow

The song in which I found my love for Coldplay. A song that came out at a transition period in my life. A simple song about a colour, Yellow. Or is it. But I just simply love it. How could you not like the line "Look at the stars, look how they shine for you". I know some of the cool kids think Coldplay are rubbish but I really don't care. I've seen the four times live and to date they are one of the best live bands i've seen. Granted Chris Martin gets a but carried away and the vocals are a but dodgy at times but the band, Will, Johnny and Guy, even Chris are excellent musicians. So there, Yellow, one of my favourite songs.

Number Three

I'm gonna cheat a bit here and list a few songs that i have grown in recent years to love for various reasons but if nothing else they can move me to stop in my tracks and just listen to them and i think that's as gooda reason as any. So here they are:

The Sacrifice - Lisa Gerard

One day like this - Elbow

Vladimir's Blues - Max Richter

Oops sorry how could i nearly forget this little masterpiece by the brilliant Hans Zimmer....

You're So Cool (as used in the True Romance soundtrack)

So these aren't my only favourite songs but songs or albums that meant something to me at the time. But if you know me you'll know i like lots of songs and can't really call any one song my favourite. I have lots. So tell me your Thursday Three...

Ange x

Tweet, though your heart is aching

Monday, 4 October 2010

N ow you know how much I love Twitter, don't you? Well I've been collecting this blog post and swirling it around in my head for quite a while now but thought it was about time it came out.

To me the whole point of Twitter is to connect with people you otherwise most certainly definitely would not have connected with had it not been for Twitter. You can gain valuable information about things that you never even thought you were interested in until you read it via a link posted on Twitter. Friends are made and borders mean nothing. You can post anything you want such as shamelessly plugging your blog posts, telling everyone how much you love a song and even through the power of FourSquare and other such location apps, you can tell everyone where you are at an exact time so that they can one-stalk you, two-come and meet up with you or three-ignore you, and you know what? that's all fine to me. There are no limits to what you can or can't say on Twitter. Although I'd never be rude to someone mind. In saying that some people have no problem with being down right rude back to you or to other people and quite frankly there's just no need. For example... people seem to have a hang up about losing followers, they criticise and even mention the person by Twitter ID when they  unfollow them. That is just rude. It just means (wait for this revelation!!!) that to them you are no longer interesting - get over yourself please. People are free to follow or unfollow who they want. Simple. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. (Funny eh, someone tweeted that once and I thought it was good!).

I've never ever been a subscriber to thought that you HAD to follow people back if they follow you! I mean really do you? Nope! Sherlock. I'm under no illusion and know that at least a third of my followers are businesses, or bots, or brands trying to sell me something. And that's fine if they find what i tweet about interesting (or not because there's no-one actually there, or is there?!). It's like I get that I follow Lance Armstrong and Russell Brand and Steven Fry and they probably ain't ever gonna @ reply me but I like following them because I'm interested in what they're doing in their lives. Newsflash... they're mostly like you an me except they have become 'famous'. I like following some brands too (only some mind) because sometimes they aren't all about posting shite every hour.

About 2 months ago i started following a girl. I followed her because I saw her name on a tweet from someone i already follow about buying furniture from Homebase. Pretty mundane you might think but I offered some info that Homebase was basically Argos furniture and we have got some and it's stood the test of time. A wee snippet of boring info but the girl found it useful and helpful and thanked me. We tweeted back and forth and then she tweeted one day that she felt she had nothing interesting to say that any one would want to listen to. I got straight back onto her and said tweet whatever and whenever you like. There are no rules and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. If she wanted to tweet about her dinner - that's fine, if she wants to tweet about being the greatest at something - that too is fine.  And this is something I strongly believe. There are no Twitter Police who can tell people what they can and cannot say on a public place such as Twitter. She said she felt sometimes she didn't want to tweet and that too is fine. I just wanted to make sure that she didn't in some way feel like she couldn't tweet about something because she felt 'it wasn't interesting' to some people. I tweet about all sorts and to some it may be interesting and a great source of amusement whilst to others it may be the most boring thing ever - WHO CARES! It's all about the communication, the sharing, the banter, the joy when someone has a great achievement, the sadness if their day isn't going well. It's all about a wonderful Community. At least that's what I hope it still is...

In all honesty I think there are times when people can't deal with you if you might be having an off day. They can only deal in the happy happy clappy fun times but I'm afraid in real life there are bad days just as there are many good days and so people may want to say they're feeling rubbish or how shit is the weather or just that they don't feel too well. Someone else on Twitter told me that they were feeling a bit down after something quite unexpected happened to them relating to their job. I would have been floored by their news if it had happened to me. But what the person said at the time was that "people don't want to hear about my bad luck so I've stayed off Twitter". Why should said person have had to feel like that? I'd have liked to have helped them at that point when they might've needed it. Granted some people may not want to share details but heck if they put out a call saying they were feeling a bit rubbish then I'd like to think they wouldn't be met with blankness and no @ replies because everything's meant to be happy all the time in Twitterland!

I suppose what I'm trying to say through all my waffling is that we shouldn't berate people for what they tweet about. A Tweeter should never stop what they tweet about for fear of being shunned or ignored. If I want to say I'm having a bad day I will, if i want to telly you I'm drying my hair i will, heck I don't moan when all I read in my timeline is another goddamn tweet about hangovers or SM stats or people who would argue black is white that in no way shape or form are they social media experts or gurus when that is what they are... Embrace it guys...  :o)

Tweet though your heart is aching
Tweet even though it's breaking
When there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by
If you tweet through your fear and sorrow
Tweet and maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun come shining through for you

Play nice now people.

Ange x