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Hump day plus one

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Technically it's still hump day. Nine minutes left and counting...
Who the hell decided to call Wednesday hump day anyway? I used to wonder what hump day was and then I had it explained that it was midweek, the hump of the week, the downhill to the weekend. And it all made sense.

Yes, you caught me, sitting in bed in the dark with a nondescript DVD on in the background as I rustle up this little blog post. It may be little. It may be long, essay style, who knows.

The past few days I've been consumed, wholeheartedly consumed in a whirlwind world of words, passion, romance, intrigue, smiles, flushes, danger and.... Ha not my world, silly. The world of Ana and Christian. The two people I now know like the back of hand with each page turned. Two books read in five days. An actual world record by me. I'm not a huge book reader, and I hate people who scoff when I mention that I don't read much. They're judging me for not being well read. Frankly, I if can't find a book to grab my attention within the first few pages I will not read any further.

I've downloaded the final book in this trilogy but I daren't start it, because I know on finishing that I'll be left wanting more and I can't really bear that thought just now. I'll give it a few days and settle into part three.

00:00 reads the clock at the top of the iPad. I'd better go. Was just checking in here for.... Well not really sure why. I've not blogged for a while. Gee there are so many things I have written about but hitting publish appears to be the single most difficult thing to do (aside from telling that person you like them). Isn't it always the way...

Happy hump day plus one.

Angela x

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Five things on a Friday #21

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

...on a Tuesday. Late. Again...

1) the weather. Lovely, hot, stuffy sunshine. Clear blue skies. No clouds. It's turned today though (Tuesday, not Friday). The weekend was ace though.

2) Excitement at the thought of a Starbucks Frappuccino. Utter, utter disappointment when i actually got one. A caramel and cream one. It was more like a milke slushy with whipped cream and the faintest little sliver of caramel sauce you could imagine on top. Half of it went in the bin. I should've maybe gone for the strawberries and cream one. I'll know next time.

3) I read a whole book in two days. TWO DAYS! Totally unthinkable. I was enthralled, whisked up in the story, taken to another place in those two days. It left me wanting more. So I was ecstatic when i discovered it was part of a trology. I almost exploded with delight. And of course hit the Buy Now button on the iTunes bookstore. Oh, yes, i read it on the iPad/iPhone. My first proper go at reading a book on there. Inneresting... So I'm now over 200 pages into book two of three and yes, i am once again enveloped in this story so much. It is amazing.

4) Friday night spin class. It was hot. It was perfect. It only had 10 of us there. It was much needed. I gave it hell. It set me up for my weekend nicely. I sweated. Lots. I showered afterwards and i had a lovely meal too. Perfect.

5) And i lost 4 pounds too. Wahey!



Swinging doors and empty corridors

Monday, 21 May 2012

Wandering along the corridors at work at this time of year usually means they're quiet, and the only person you'll meet is an invigilator or a student who's ducked out of their exam early or they've needed a wee wee. (Yes, I've said wee wee. No, you shut up!). Anyhow.

I was walking down the corridor on Friday afternoon. My destination was the exams office. My purpose was to collect exam scripts. Completed ones. Very important. As I walked I heard footsteps behind me. And so began the cat and mouse game. You know the one. "As I pass do I give him the crotch or the ass" (OK so that was a quote from Fight Club I've been dying to use!). But anyway, the game. The one where you hold the first set of doors open because they're quite close behind, but not so close that they're almost on top of you. Close so the you're left standing there holding the door for quite a few seconds longer than ideal.

You smile. "thanks" they say. Nice. Good dead done for the day. But then you happen upon the second set of doors. Their footsteps are closer behind you than before. Do you hold the door again? Of course you do because you can't let it slam in their face. But you realise you got approx ten sets of doors to go through in this corridor. By the time we get to the end we'll end up best pals!

But you hold it open, smile, thanks they say, again. This time their footsteps quicken or is it just that you're now holding back, playing with your phone, slowing down so that they can overtake you, go ahead and swing on through the door to get this whole (by now, awkward) door holding situation over and done with. Except they slow down too. You're now almost side by side. He could even be reading your phone as you walk...

Another set of doors. This time you open it, don't look back, and keep going. Steady paced. You've done the smile and "thanks" routine twice. No need for any more pleasantries.

Up ahead you see it. Praise the universe... an electric door. All you need to do is press the button. There'll be no more awkwardness. No more standing holding that door, waiting on him walking up behind you getting all awkward with himself, doing a quick step so that she isn't holding you back. Which of course he is, because you're having to stand there with the door open. But this electric door. Wowsers. Yes!

You hit that button, the door opens and the two of you can mosey on through without a second look or thought for the other person.

And there you have it. You've had a brief connection in an otherwise quiet empty corridor with a person you've never seen before. You've exchanged pleasantries and you both go on about your business.

And yes, that was a post all about doors and strangers in empty corridors, or was it?... ;)

Angela x


Five things on a Friday #20

Friday, 18 May 2012

Number twenty. So that means we've been doing this for twenty weeks? Cool. I say we, in that way I hope you're joining in on this!

1) a video of Arthur Boorman, a war veteran in America who wears a back brace and legs callipers. Told he'd never walk properly again. Never give up were his thoughts. The rest.... Well you'll have to watch this video.


2) I finally saw The Avengers!! I really enjoyed it. If I had one minor criticism it would be that the fight scene in the middle was about ten. Invites too long, but other than that I loved it. All the characters in one movie. Ace. Robert Downey Jr always steals the scenes he's in doesn't he. He has that x factor. I loved Scarlett Johanson in it too. In fact no, they were all good. Really good. You have to go see it if you haven't already.

3) Prometheus. I saw the trailer again and for someone who has never been into Alien films, this is really exciting me. I can't wait to see. I tweeted that I hadn't seen Guy Pearce (a love of mine since his days as Mike in a Neighbours) in a trailer yet. A few people tweeted me back to say check out The TED video. I YouTube'd it on my return home and WOWSERS, it's such a great idea. No spoilers here but do go and check it out! Rally really good.


4) as I type this I'm watching the results of the American Idol final. I hope Phillip Phillips wins! You may remember him from a few Friday Five posts ago. I want to say how much i like Jennifer Lopez on this show too. She seems really down to earth. And of course she's stunning too.

5) my nephews Ryan and Connor. They really do bring joy to my life. A joy I couldn't possible find elsewhere. I stopped in on my way home from spin class to be told Ryan has chicken pox. I've never had it! Connors face was Brit red too, but that was due to him running riot, chatting the hind legs off a donkey and generally being hyper. He'll calm down soon...I hope. If only you could all meet them. I know they'd bring you joy too. The joy that only two cute little ginger brothers can bring. Awesome little people.

Angela x



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May Haul - stuff what I bought

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Recent purchases that I like!

Red blazer - H&M £24.99
White scarf/snood with hearts - Primark £4.00

White stripey dress - Primark £8.00

Caudalie beauty elixir spray - Feelunique £9.00

Star Quality cremesheen lipgloss - MAC £16.00

Purple iPad case - JCrew £9.00
Red blazer - H&M £24.99
White scarf/snood with hearts - Primark £4.00
White stripey dress - Primark £8.00
Caudalie beauty elixir spray - Feelunique £9.00
Star Quality cremesheen lipgloss (bright orange coral colour) - MAC £16.50
Purple iPad case - JCrew £9.00

Filling the white space here... Have a nice day!

Angela x

Five things on a Friday #19

Saturday, 12 May 2012

A very quick short sharp five things post. Not on a Friday, but a Saturday.

1) Galaxy Flutes. Little crispy wafer tubes filled with a soft galaxy chocolate and covered in smooth chocolate. And at only. 112 calories a pack they're quickly becoming a rival to the finger of Cadbury's Fudge as a taste tastic chocolate fix.

2) Caudalie beauty elixir spray for the face. Love this product. Got it this weeks no it smells lovely and keeps your face hydrated. More soon on this.

3) summer knits. I've got a few little jumpers lately because as we know it's not quite summer yet. Maybe June will bring us all some sunshine? But until then I'll continue to wear a few bright colourful summer knits. Talking of which...

4) fabulous customer service from J Crew online team. I ordered a gorgeous little knitted jumper from J Crew's website. I saw it on a video from one of the girls I watch on YouTube (thegridmonster). I wanted it immediately because it looked so nice on and it was an unusual colour - seafoam green with navy stripes. I ordered it, along with a case for the iPad. Both items were on sale and so excellent bargains (almost 70% of the jumper). Anyway both items arrived on Thursday, less than a week delivery from USA, pretty good. I tried on the jumper and it was too big. Sad face. I ordered the medium as the size chart seemed to indicate that's what I'd need. Wrong. Anyway, I emailed customer services to request an RMA to send the item back for a refund. I reordered the jumper in a small. I didn't want to go through an exchange process as what if the jumper sold out in the size small! Not more than an hour later I got an email to say that I should keep the jumper and will also get a refund. What?! I emailed back to say are they sure?, and what a generous offer that was. They replied to say, yes, it would cost too much to send the jumper back and since the jumper was in a sale then the postage would cost more than the refund. I suppose that makes sense but it's not often you'd get those options from a company. So there you have it. A great first shopping experience with J Crew online. They're currently shipping international orders free through the month of May. I'd recommend you have a look. Beware, it is pretty expensive but the sale section can offer some goodies.

5) I competed 4 spin bike classes this week. I'm back in my stride. It feels good.

Ange x

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If you're in, you're in. No time wasters please.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just checking in with a quick post. I was talking to my fellow regulars at spin class last night. They were talking about going on holiday. Kerry mentioned she was off to Lanzarote in June and Jim and Margaret are off the in a few weeks too. We were chatting away and Kerry asked if I was going on holiday this year. I said no but I'd love to. "what's stopping you?" she said. "I'm not sure" I replied.

I did know of course. I just didn't want to say it out loud. Because then it becomes real. I have no one to go on a holiday with. There, I said it. This is what happens when the little circle (or semi circle) of friends you have get their lives all sorted in the way that society expects us to conform to. When there's someone (like me) who doesn't quite fit that mould then you feel you're the odd one out. Heck maybe you are. Maybe I am. Or maybe I'm the lucky one. Not having ties to anything or anyone except my nearest and dearest.

Admittedly it would be nice to share my time with people. But those people have to deserve my time. There'll be no more room for time wasters in my life. If you're in, you're in. Don't just come and go. I won't allow it any more. Oh and hugs, I like to give hugs, and receive them. Got any spares...

Angelaaaaaaa x

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New York, and the one where I tick number 23 off the list

Monday, 7 May 2012

Recently I've been finding lots of new people to follow on YouTube. Quite by accident. It started off with one and then they tagged their friends and i went and had a look and now in my YouTube subscriptions are a bunch of people who blog and vlog (video blog) about their lives, and mostly about beauty things. Anyways, this little group of people (3 from England and 3 from USA) met up in New York and vlogged their way around that city. I got so addicted to watching these vlogs to capture some of the atmosphere and sites of this place that is so mystical to me. It's a place that probably everyone should visit at least once in their lives, shouldn't they?

There were vlogs from the stairs of the Met, top of the Rock, Central Park, hotel rooms, countless restaurants and plenty of shops! I got excited watching them. Of course it helps that this little group of friends seem like such lovely people and such fun. They made the most of their trip and I wanted a piece of that.

Unbeknown to me, turns out this group are pretty popular on YouTube from their beauty channels. Their trip to New york coincided with the IMATS show (international make up artists show) and they decided to do a meet up there for their followers. Lots of young (mostly) girls turned out to meet them and they seemed really overwhelmed and grateful for the showing. I couldn't help but think what a great bunch of role models this group are for their followers. And they say only bad things happen from the internet. This goes to show it's not all shadyness. In fact the complete opposite. I smiled when I wandered through New York with them via their vlogs.

Soooooo......I've already planned my trip in my head. Me, wandering through Soho...grabbing a cupcake at Magnolia...running (or riding a bike) in central park...seeing views from the top of the world (almost) Square...the Guggenheim...the M&M shop (and I don't even like them!)...walking the Brooklyn Bridge...a boat ride to the statue of liberty...St Patrick's Cathedral...breakfasting on pancakes...riding the subway...a show on international check in on FourSquare (yippee!)...and lots and lots of photos.

So thanks to Tanya, Fleur, Ingrid, Nikki, Jim and Alison for the inspiration, number 23 on The List is being planned. So if you have any hints or tips for great hotels or places to eat or if you want to come or...anything!, let me know. And watch this space.

Angela x

Links to the YouTube channels
Tanya -
Fleur -
Ingrid -
Nikki -
Jim -
Alison -

NOTD Essie mint candy apple

Sunday, 6 May 2012

This here is a post about my nails and how I paint them on occasion. I've done a couple of posts like these because I quite like painting my nails now, after years of never having anything more than the palest of pink nail polishes.

Thursday night I gave into the hype that surrounds Essie mint candy apple polish and bought it from Boots, who now stock Essie polishes. Before I'd have gotten them from my favourite shop on eBay. So here it is.
Ok so it looks more green here, but in real life for me it is blue-er
First off it's £7.99 from Boots which is a bit middle of the road (price wise) for nail polish. Some cost £3.99 and others can go as high as £16. Depends on the brand really. So although not really cheap, it was cheap enough for me to be interested enough to buy this colour that everyone and their granny raves about. Second of all, there's new brushes. A wider brush is the order of the day here. Well done Essie!! no more of those skinny minny brushes please. The wider brushes make applying nail polish a heck of a lot easier. I really love the Rimmel brushes for this fact. Anyway it applied okay. I used two coats for the picture. But honestly I can't ever be bothered to do three coats of polish. Too much time waiting for it to dry. I used a Seche Vite base coat too. The colour was a bit streaky but ended up fine.

In the bottle I'd say mint candy apple was leaning more darker than I expected. On my nails I think it leaned more blue than green, and if I'm really honest I don't think it suits my skin tone. I liked it, but only a tiny bit. I'm not sure I'll wear it again. I mean I will wear it but maybe not that often.

Essie As gold as it gets from the Luxe Effects range

I did end up trying a few glitters over the top and that was a much better way to wear it. I used the Essie luxeffects As Gold as it Gets shimmer polish and it made the mint candy apple a much more pleasing mint, leaning towards green. This was more like it. The gold shimmer brought it to life. This will be the way I wear it again. I also tried some OPI Rainbow Collection multi glitter over the top just as I was about to take it off. It rocked and I'd wear it this way too.

Essie mint candy apple

Overall a good enough formula, good wide brush and a nice colour. But it just doesn't suit me. Or does it, what do you think?

Angela x

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Five Things on a Friday #18

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hooray! I'm actually doing this post on a Friday. Yippee!!
Now, here goes...
1) The lovely weather this week. Sorry people South of the border but we've bnot had heavy rain for a while and as a bonus we've had sunshine and quite warm temperatures. Chilly today though. Last night I was even so warm i walked about the city centre with no jacket on. Wowsers.
2) This video that appeared on one of the blogs i read very day (or at least every time the author posts). it's pretty good. Have a watch and also, hop on over to Life as an Artispreneur blog. I just love it.

3)I have recently discovered another Scandinavian thriller series on BBC4. The Bridge. Set in Copenhagen and Sweden, across the bridge, there's been a murdurrrr. But why...find out when you watch it. I just love all of these thrillers. Much better than some of the dross that comes from our very own back yard. Well, not Spooks. I loved Spooks.

4) Bejewelled. The only game I play religiously on my iPhone. I've played a never ending game ever since I had my 3GS phone but had to start another one. I'm currently on 7.5 million points in the zen game. WOWSERS. I've never gotten into Angry Birds. I just don't understand and can't play it, so bejewelled suits me fine. Along with Words With Friends. Three games going at the moment. Hardly ever win. Boo. My vocabulary can't be any good! Yikes.

5) four spin classes this week. Getting into my stride again after a lil and skipping some Monday night ones. I'll be there from now on though. You betcha!

Angela x

Five things on a Friday #17

Thursday, 3 May 2012

I know. It's Thursday already but I struggled to find five things last week. But he goes...

1) I had a lovely catch up and dinner with a fabulous friend I met through Twitter. @missakis she's one of the most honest, caring and funny people I know. Originally from Hungary, she now lives in London but visits Glasgow or Edinburgh regularly with work. We met I Glasgow last Thursday and had a nice meal and good old chit chat at Paperino's. The food was nice the place was nice too and what a bonus we got a 2 for 1 deal too. Result. Can't wait til our next catch up.

2) a great blog I found about two months ago. It's the tale of a thirty something divorced man and his dates since his marriage break up/divorce. It's funny and honest and the writer seems to have a knack for cliff hanger endings with each post. Go and read it from the start if you can.

3) Connor, my 2 year old nephew's sense of humour. Honestly he's the funniest little person I know. He's so quick witted and a fat little talker too. "you been at the gym Angie?" "no, it's closed" "aw I can go and open it for you" "can you?" "aye"..... Said with a dead straight face. Cute.

4) Home and Away. Yes the australian soap that now resides on channel 5. I think I must be one of the few people I know who still watches it. It's soooo good though.

5) cheap ass fake tan. Of course I use it, on occasion. Having decided that Fake Bake is far too expensive now I decided to give the cheapo stuff from Bodycare a go. £2.99 and it does the job just as good. And I'll tell you one thing. It actually makes my skin feel smoother and there's less of a honky smell from it the next day. Oh it's the St Moritz one. Obviously a St Tropez copy. Anyway, it's pretty good.

That's all folks!

Angela x

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Someone For Everyone

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Is there someone out there for everyone. True or false? That was a tweet I sent out late last night. Mostly it produced the answers I thought it would, or secretly hoped for. Mostly from girls I might add. The boys were a bit more sceptical. The answers ranged from "hopefully there is" and "I'd like to think so" to "there's more than one someone for everyone" and "False. It's a free for all and much less romanticised...". I found that one a bit sad. Don't you?

I like to think that somewhere out there is the other fifty percent to my mine. The person who will wipe the dribble off my bottom lip when I'm thirty five and eating an orange. The person who I will share lots of little in jokes with that no one else knows about. The person whom I would run to Tesco at midnight to buy food for just because he's feeling peckish. You know the one. No? No, neither do I because I haven't met him yet. But I have hope, because without hope there's nothing.

in celebration of Valentine's Day

Yes, that may be such an idealistic romantical view of this person but hey, I'm a Pisces, I'm allowed. I am hopelessly romantic. Sorry (not really). Sure, we've all been hurt by love, sometimes dragged through the bad side of 'love', but I think you can only learn from that. I certainly have. You can learn that you should be your own person. You learn what you don't want from a relationship and for me that is very important. You can spot the warning signs if something is a bit off. But most of all you can go into it with your fresh eyes and experience that fluttery-bellied excitement that only a new person can bring. Do boys think about these things? Where are all the romantic boys?

How fantastical!

Now, where do I find such a person?...

Angela x


Relisted: 35 in 35th

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I thought I'd check back my 35 things in my 35th year list post and see if I've actually accomplished or am on my way to ticking things off the list. In case you don't know what I'm talking about you can go check the post out HERE.

It's a pretty decent list. Some may find it so-so, with things such as number 23 get an international check in on Foursquare or number 32 step outside of my comfort zone but I like this list. It's not exhaustive, i may even add to it during the year. But first of all I thought I'd ask for some help in completing and ticking off those little numbers that sit there in that list, teasing me like the non-existent storyline in Homeland! Okay, it's not non-existent but it's just taken a full series to get anywhere and what was Clare Danes' 'manic' episode all about last night?! Anyway, I digress, back to the list...

I'm going to deconstruct the items numbered on the list. For example, let's begin with number 1 a road trip north, south, east and west. This of course doesn't have to happen in one day. That would be some road trip! I am thinking of a drive north up the A82 toward Glencoe. I love that drive. I love the ever changing scenery. I love that you can't get a phone signal on some parts and I love that there are plenty of awesome picture taking opportunities. Here are some previous vistas I've captured. Noice.

Glencoe 022
bidean nam bian, Glencoe

The road trip south was a tricky thought but a lovely friend visited a place at the weekend. It's just south of the border and she had a great time and took some amazing pictures. It looked like a magical adventure wonderland and not a neon light or loud music in sight! It's a National Trust site and includes a house, some woodland, lakes and little bits of magicalness. I believe there's a coffee shop too and no doubt a gift shop. I think it would take about 2 hours drive to get there so not too far at all. I'm not going to tell you that exact place yet, you'll just have to come along and see... :)

So... does anyone fancy a road trip north or south? :)

Angela x