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New York, and the one where I tick number 23 off the list

Monday, 7 May 2012

Recently I've been finding lots of new people to follow on YouTube. Quite by accident. It started off with one and then they tagged their friends and i went and had a look and now in my YouTube subscriptions are a bunch of people who blog and vlog (video blog) about their lives, and mostly about beauty things. Anyways, this little group of people (3 from England and 3 from USA) met up in New York and vlogged their way around that city. I got so addicted to watching these vlogs to capture some of the atmosphere and sites of this place that is so mystical to me. It's a place that probably everyone should visit at least once in their lives, shouldn't they?

There were vlogs from the stairs of the Met, top of the Rock, Central Park, hotel rooms, countless restaurants and plenty of shops! I got excited watching them. Of course it helps that this little group of friends seem like such lovely people and such fun. They made the most of their trip and I wanted a piece of that.

Unbeknown to me, turns out this group are pretty popular on YouTube from their beauty channels. Their trip to New york coincided with the IMATS show (international make up artists show) and they decided to do a meet up there for their followers. Lots of young (mostly) girls turned out to meet them and they seemed really overwhelmed and grateful for the showing. I couldn't help but think what a great bunch of role models this group are for their followers. And they say only bad things happen from the internet. This goes to show it's not all shadyness. In fact the complete opposite. I smiled when I wandered through New York with them via their vlogs.

Soooooo......I've already planned my trip in my head. Me, wandering through Soho...grabbing a cupcake at Magnolia...running (or riding a bike) in central park...seeing views from the top of the world (almost) Square...the Guggenheim...the M&M shop (and I don't even like them!)...walking the Brooklyn Bridge...a boat ride to the statue of liberty...St Patrick's Cathedral...breakfasting on pancakes...riding the subway...a show on international check in on FourSquare (yippee!)...and lots and lots of photos.

So thanks to Tanya, Fleur, Ingrid, Nikki, Jim and Alison for the inspiration, number 23 on The List is being planned. So if you have any hints or tips for great hotels or places to eat or if you want to come or...anything!, let me know. And watch this space.

Angela x

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