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Hump day plus one

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Technically it's still hump day. Nine minutes left and counting...
Who the hell decided to call Wednesday hump day anyway? I used to wonder what hump day was and then I had it explained that it was midweek, the hump of the week, the downhill to the weekend. And it all made sense.

Yes, you caught me, sitting in bed in the dark with a nondescript DVD on in the background as I rustle up this little blog post. It may be little. It may be long, essay style, who knows.

The past few days I've been consumed, wholeheartedly consumed in a whirlwind world of words, passion, romance, intrigue, smiles, flushes, danger and.... Ha not my world, silly. The world of Ana and Christian. The two people I now know like the back of hand with each page turned. Two books read in five days. An actual world record by me. I'm not a huge book reader, and I hate people who scoff when I mention that I don't read much. They're judging me for not being well read. Frankly, I if can't find a book to grab my attention within the first few pages I will not read any further.

I've downloaded the final book in this trilogy but I daren't start it, because I know on finishing that I'll be left wanting more and I can't really bear that thought just now. I'll give it a few days and settle into part three.

00:00 reads the clock at the top of the iPad. I'd better go. Was just checking in here for.... Well not really sure why. I've not blogged for a while. Gee there are so many things I have written about but hitting publish appears to be the single most difficult thing to do (aside from telling that person you like them). Isn't it always the way...

Happy hump day plus one.

Angela x

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