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Training update and TRAIL magazine

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sorry, I've not been updating this recently, truth is I've been told not to go walking until my leg is better (by the physio). So I've been given 14 different exercises to do and a tennis ball! to try to loosen the IT band. Sounds complicated i know.

Anyway got a text last night and it was Linda. She'd sent me a picture message asking 'Who is this'! and here it was............ me Trail magazine!!!! aaaaahhhhh. Now granted, it isn't the full article - that;s out next month, but it's a teaser page near the back of the mag giving details of what's in the next exciting issue of Trail.

Well you never seen anything like me!! I quickly made dinner (whilst the rain absolutely bucketed down and the thunder cracked overhead) and thought of a plan to go and buy my copy. I set off to Tesco and excitedly drove into the car park only to be met by two fire engines and a guy saying 'we're shut'! So i about turned and drove along the road to Sainsbury's. Guess what.... yep, signs on the door saying they were shut too!!! What's going on? Then i heard a guy telling someone else they had flooded - must have been that heavy rain shower and thunder storm. So I'll go to Morrison's, drove down, parked the car and headed to the magazine section. What!!!??? No Trail magazine!!!!! They've got Caravanning mags, lads mags, kiddies mags, auto trader, Radio Times and several trashy gossip mags (that we all read) ... but ... NO TRAIL MAGAZINE. There was only one thing for it. Yep i drove all the way to Alloa 24hr Tesco to get my very own copy of Trail. There i was standing in the isle, looking around to see if anyone was looking, flicking through the pages and there i was! 4 pages from the end and you can't even see my face! ha ha thank goodness. So if you're reading this set the date 26th August 2008 aside and go out and buy Trail magazine October issue. I told them I'd try to get sales boosted for that month ha ha.

Catch you all later
take care
Ange xxx

PS big thanks to folks ho have sponsored me since the last time. 18% of my target met already - thank you!!! x

Glencoe! ... and training update

Monday, 14 July 2008

Hey everyone
well ... now walked/slogged/trudged up in Glencoe (Bidean nam bian + 2 more) courtesy of DASS again!! Man that was a hard days slog, harder than anything I've done before. Those little niggling doubts started to creep in again but were soon washed away when (again) i turned around and seen what i had just done. I'll never forget the carpark that was always in my sights but just never seemed to get any closer. Here's a few snapshots:

Now for a training update: well been to the gym a few times, and a couple of walks. Went to a new physio tonight and he is confident I'll be trekking with a non-dodgy left knee which is good news. He's got me on a rehab programme with a few stretching exercises using a tennis ball! (don't ask!) and a big elastic band thing. I'm so glad that finally this problem has been taken seriously and someone can help!!

Next step - another jaunt up Dumyat tomorrow evening with Sharon. Looking forward to it.

Take care

Ange x

Fundraising event #1 - cake sale!

Thursday, 3 July 2008

Event 1 down - loads more to go!

In the end I raised £91 from the sale of cakes! Good effort indeed i thought. Thanks to Linda, Susan and Brigid for contributing their tasty treats, time and effort - cheers guys.

Sold to colleagues from work were 'Rocky Road to Base Camp' Mars bar cakes, Coconut 'Khumbu Glaciers and Boulders', 'Khumbu Cough' chocolate drops, Iced 'Everest' cakes - that turned out a bit disastrous so were sold at cut price - bargains! hee hee. (Are you guessing the theme I was going for??) There were also banana muffins, marshmallow and jam tarts, white choc & almond cookies, home made tablet and more!!! It went down well with those sweet-toothed colleagues we have. Thanks to all who bought, contributed and donated far more than they ate.

So Event 2 will be starting to get planned soon. Please let me know if you have any ideas, i need to et that total going up, i'm at 12% so far and am quite pleased with that as i only started just over a month ago. Anyway, let me know of any good fundraising event ideas!!!!!!

As ever, stay safe

best wishes
Ange x