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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

April, and possibly March, have been slow months here on the blog. It's not that nothing has been happening. It's just that the stuff that's happening isn't really for sharing. Not here on this blog, not at this time.

May will bring the new though. I've a plan. Well, a rough outline of a plan. Once I finalise it there'll hopefully be more posts here, with regular features.

For now, this is the holding page.

Have a nice day.


Be happy.

Make someone else smile.

A stranger preferably, it's more effective then.

Big love.

Angela x


The one with the Zara top blooper

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

You'll remember the post from a few weeks ago about the dresses I was going to buy for a friends wedding in September? Well the red dress, although very lovely, just didn't suit me and I opted for the amazing yellow dress from Zara. Secretly I was pleased, this was my first choice anyway. I should just learn to trust and accept my gut feelings on these things. On everything really... but that's for another post.
yellow dress Zara
As soon as I got a refund for the red dress from Topshop, I ordered the yellow Zara dress. With it being £45.99 I only needed to spend another £4 to get free delivery. So I had a browse and found a cool little summer tank vest top in the TRF 'new in' section for £9.99. Cool.

They both arrived and i was chuffed. The dress is ace (and I cannot wait to wear it) and the vest top was ace too. Until I spotted this... Can you see it?...

Nope? Okay let me point out the OBVIOUS spelling mistake. Now the design is nice and whimsy and summery and appealed to my romantic side. Look. A mermaid and a fish with little love hearts above them. Then the slogan. Just take the plunge... No, wait! 'Just take the pluge'. What?! 'the pluge'. WTF is a pluge. I googled it. I checked my dictionary and thesaurus apps and i could not find the word plug (that could be used in this context). So a bona fide spelling mistake on a top.
just take the pluge. WTF Zara?
Question is. Is is deliberate? If so, why?! If not, then how could Zara let this mistake go by. I promptly searched their website again for the vest top. I couldn't find it! It couldn't have sold out that quickly having previously just been in their 'new in' section. It puzzled me for a day. Why would they put a deliberate mistake on a top? It's such a shame as it's a great fitting, quality vest top. Other than that blaring blooper.

My dilemma is do i get a refund or just keep it? I emailed them asking for an explanation. I explained that they appeared to have pulled it from the website. 3 days later i got a rambling reply saying thanks for pointing it out and it would now be removed from the website. Dudes! It's already gone. What I want to know is are you gonna let me keep this top from your store with a spelling mistake on it.

So far it's still in my drawer with the tags on. I really like the fit and the material is nice. I figured that I could get away with it in summer, on a beach, if i were ever to get there. Plus my romantic side is saying keep it. Look at those lil hearts. My sensible side is saying take it back for a full refund and if they had any sense they'd let you keep it for nothing!

What do you think?

Ah but look at this yellow dress...

Angela x


My beloved Converse slippers

Sunday, 7 April 2013

These are what I like to affectionately call my slippers.

My (nearly) two years old Red Converse. I LOVE these trainers. No exaggeration. They have been on my feet for probably 70% of those (nearly) two years.

I was hoovering my room, as you do, and was lifting them off the floor and actually had a look at the soles. They're wearing down. Fast. And that is unusual for me. I tend not to wear shoes out. In fact, I still have some Nike Air Jordan's (now vintage) that money can't buy, in my cupboard. Gosh, they must be about 15 years old and they still aren't anywhere near worn out. Too good to throw out really. I might get them out and wear them during this summer!

Back to the Converse...

Despite buying some wedge trainers recently, and wearing my trusty black heeled Topshop boots A LOT, I always come back to wearing my Converse. But I'd like a new pair. I've had white ones, purple ones, pink plaid ones and these red ones. But i'd like a new pair for the summer. I don't want to go all out summer and get a pale yellow pair. Can you imagine the state of those come winter time!? I tried on a black pair and they just weren't me. Plus black... it's not really my colour. I prefer a bright shoe, to go with my bright trousers.
What colour do y'all wear?

I've seen "new" ones. I say "new' in quotes because they're actually worn out looking ones and so yes, they're called the Well Worn Collection. A bit of designer scuffing on the rubber. A bit of designer dirt marks on the canvas upper but the colour of the pink is really beautiful. Not pastel, no way. Bright and bold and non Barbie but still quite girly. Let's call it Tomboy Pink. Yes. It's a Tomboy Pink colour, and there's also a nice turquoise too. But... do I really want to pay that wee bit extra for a pair of 'dirty' looking gutties. (Btw, gutties is our word for sneakers, that aren't trainers, like gym trainers) Got that.

So who knows, i may just stick with my trusty red (that seems to go with any colour) Converse to see me through this summer too.

What's on your feet? #onmyfeet

Angela x


You watch something new every day: Game of Thrones

Friday, 5 April 2013

I'm totally new to this Game of Thrones party that's been on around me for a couple of years now. I'd never bothered with it before due to the fact that I didn't have access to watch it since its broadcast on Sky. And only having council telly means no Sky. Until I got the Sky Go app (from my sister) on my iPad. AMAZING!

The technicalities are that Sky customers can use the Sky Go app on two devices for free. It gives you access to the basic Sky channels and some that you are subscribed to. You can 'watch now' or watch 'on demand'. You can also download.

It's been a great addition to me. It means that I can watch in my bed without having to wear my glasses. Which is a great thing for wearers of glasses i;m sure you'll agree. I set my iPad on my bedside unit close enough so that i can see and off we go.

I've taken to watching the Australian Open tennis in January, the F1 races LIVE!, cycling on Eurosport and lots of new series' that I always felt I was missing due the volume of tweets about such programmes.

So, back to Game of Thrones.

I'm not really a fantasy book/show fan. If I'm honest I only dip in and out of Dr Who. I hate Star Wars and the likes and i never imagined I'd like Game of Thrones. The new series (3) began this week with a great deal of publicity and a nod that the first two series' were going to be available on Sky Go 'on demand'. I decided I'd try it out.

OMG. I watched the full first series in a day and a half. Which isn't too bad since there's only ten episodes. But it really was good. Great even. I think I'd recommend watching them all in one go like that, or at least in quick succession otherwise the plot and story-lines a plenty may be a little difficult to follow. Here's some blurb on it...

Summers span decades. Winters can last a lifetime. And the struggle for the Iron Throne has begun.

It will stretch from the south, where heat breeds plots, lusts and intrigues; to the vast and savage eastern lands; all the way to the frozen north, where an 800-foot wall of ice protects the kingdom from the dark forces that lie beyond. King and queens, knights and renegades, liars, lords and honest men... all will play the Game of Thrones.

By far my favourite has to be little Arya Stark. Ser Eddard (Ned) Stark's tomboy daughter. She's a sword wielding little champion. By far the least favourite is Joffrey. Little weasel Joffrey. Oh man, never have i wanted to punch someone so much. I hope he gets his comeuppance. The characters are quite and I've noticed the cast is like a who's who of Scottish actors. Some probably relatively unknown outside of our borders. Still the stories and characters intertwine in some way. I'm glad they don't shy away from killing off main characters too. Oh and heads up, if you're at all squeamish it may not be the best viewing for you.

I'm currently on season 2, episode 7. (I would have been further on but my broadband has been going really S L O W L Y in the evenings and so my viewing has been cut short). With there only being 10 episodes per season do think that seasons 1 and 2 were so close in time they could've run 2 straight after 1. Maybe they did. I'm new to all this remember.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying something I never thought I would. Brilliant.

Game of Thrones, Sky Atlantic. Go.

Angela x


For now is my future

Monday, 1 April 2013

Things happen in life that make you take a step back and wonder. It could be a little thing. It could be a 'slap in the face' thing, but they happen.

I sometimes wonder how my life will pan out, what the future holds for me. Is my future now? Is this it? Should I give it all up and go help people more in need than me? Is my future just around the corner and i just need to open my eyes to it?

Be open to anything. Take more risks. Be less afraid. Be more bold (HA!)? These are all questions (or mantras that I wish myself to grasp with great gusto) or thoughts that run through my head each and every day.

I had another birthday a few weeks ago. Funny that eh. It's only been a year since my last one. Birthdays make you think, especially as those years seem to be passing all too quickly the older you get.

So I sit, and wander, and wonder, and think. I'm always thinking, me. Probably over thinking. I often muse that I'd been born less of a thinker and more of a do-er. But then that wouldn't be me really, would it? Or would it?

Somethings got to change though. Soon. Now. In my future. In my present. Now. For now is my future. Let's take it...

Angela x