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Reaching a goal

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Reaching a goal can be hard. So hard. do you set your goals to high? Or is the motivation to get there, not there? I set myself a goal way way back a the start of the year. I never told anyone about it really. It hangs on the side of my media unit in the form of a little speech bubble post it note. It's silly if you think about it but not to me.


Anyway, i tried. Tried to reach that goal over the first 7 months of this year. It just wasn't happening. Not for the lack of trying. Plenty of things were getting in the way of this goal which should be simple to do but for me wasn't.

And then over the past 4 weeks things just fell into place. They literally fell off me. The weight that is. For that is what my goal was. To lose 1 stone this year. I like many other women, never seem to lose weight. I'd even decided spin classes were bulking my legs up and making me put on weight. But it was none of that. It was simply eating the wrong things and my sweet tooth.

But circumstances have dictated that for the past 4 or 5 weeks i've gone off sweet things. Or, even better, i've been able to stop eating until I feel sick. That and the stress and fuzzy tummy you get when you meet someone new have all contributed to my weight loss and I like it. Mum has already commented that i'm too thin, but you know what parents are like. They'd feed you till you burst. Me i'd say ideally i'd like another 6lbs off.

Why are we never happy with our weight ladies? Ah yes that's right, because the 'perfect' woman is blasted at us from all angles of the magazine pages. I don't know why I'm saying that because in all honesty i've not bought a woman's / fashion magazine for over a year, and the last one i did buy i observed that over half of it was adverts and stupid promotional stories. No real content.

So in short, i've kinda nearly reached my goal. I'm 8st 12lb and before the year (month) is out i intend to be around 8st 5lb. Oh and to help things along I started running again! 3km on Monday I ran! Big news for me. No knee trouble (touch wood), things are looking up.

Now, what shall i challenge myself to next?...

Angela x


Can you cheat at FourSquare?

Monday, 26 September 2011

Well can you? I think you can. FourSquare in case you didn't know is an app for iPhone and Android? that you can use to 'check-in' to places. Might seem like nothing but if you're following a few people then it turns into a game, sort of. I say sort of because i honestly believe it's not utilised properly here in the UK just now. You hardly hear of nor see any offers for people 'checking-in'. Here's what FourSquare say:...
Foursquare is a location-based mobile platform that makes cities easier to use and more interesting to explore. By “checking in” via a smartphone app or SMS, users share their location with friends while collecting points and virtual badges. Foursquare guides real-world experiences by allowing users to bookmark information about venues that they want to visit and surfacing relevant suggestions about nearby venues.

There are pros and cons of being a FourSquare user. One of the biggest cons (drawbacks) being that people know exactly where you are at any given time. Well they do if you check into every single place you go and you broadcast it via a social network, Twitter, Facebook etc. I for one don't share my every move publicly, only to people I am 'friends' with on FourSquare, most of whom I've got to know over a period of time and therefore have passed the 'not a stalker' test with flying colours.

Anyway once you get over that quite big con the pros are pretty good. People check in to all manner of places and can leave tips, recommend food, heck they can even tell you the price of petrol at a petrol station (although you might not want to take it as word, the tip could be months old!). You check in, accumulate points, you can even earn nifty little badges and beat your friends that way. But there doesn't seem to be an end to this game nor a prize! Is there? Has anyone gotten a prize for being highest on their weekly leaderboard? You can become Mayor of places. Mayor of a pub, a cinema, a restaurant, your toilet! Some venues have prizes in the form of offers for the Mayor. That's pretty nifty i suppose.

I digress. Back to the point of this post. The question in the title. Can you cheat at FourSquare? I think you can and here's how. I've recently become 'friends' with a few more people on FourSquare and there are people who check in, earn points and rise up the board. All very normal. But there are people who don't appear to be checking in but yet are still rising up the board. I call these the sneaky undercover checker-inners. You see you can check in 'off the grid' which I think means you can check in, earn points and still climb up the leader board without anyone knowing where you are. Which for me kinda takes the whole point away from it. Doesn't it? I mean that's fine every now and again if you really don't want anyone to know where you are but still play the game. So, there are one or two sneaky peeps on my game that never appear to check in but rise up that leader board like am autumnal spider climbing up the curtains. But that's ok. I'm not competitive. No way. No siree... *plots revenge!* :)

Another way you can 'cheat' is (and i'd never really thought of doing this) is that you can almost just pass by the front door of a venue, not actually go in, and check in. I know! Crayzee eh! I hadn't thought of that. I don't think I would. No, I definitely wouldn't. This is where it may get a bit tricksy for a business giving FourSquare deals or offers for Mayors. You could in effect check into your local cafe, earn the Mayorship and get free coffee for life without ever having entered the establishment. I'm sure none the 'friends' i so carefully vetted on FourSqaure would ever think of doing that, would you? WOULD YOU?...

So the point of this post? nothing really. I just wanted to say a few things about FourSquare. It's funny, about a year ago people were totally against it. Totally knocking it. Hating on it something rotten. Hating the tweets that are pushed when you check in. And now these people are on it! Go figure. They probably hate the new Facebook. Me? I love it. I can't get enough of social networks. I love the connections made. The real friends i've made.  The ones I talk to a lot more than my friends i've known since i was a kid. I love the tweets, status updates, new Instagram pictures, check ins, Mayorships gained and lost, being added to peoples Circles and the funky new timeline that easily shows me i joined Facebook in July 2007! Phew.

In summary, Internet, I loVe yOu!

yours, The Mayor of The Peak,
Angela x


What an awesome week!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

What a week! Feels like I've been on a whirlwind merry-go-round that i never want to get off but i have. And what i've been left with is a stuffy nose, a dry cough and a throat so tight it's taking all my effort to drink my tea. This week has been filled with fun, excitement, nerves, aching-gut worry, cinema, music, birthday, lunches, dinners, baby and the most excellent friends a girl can have. And mostly all thanks to Twitter, and me of course.

Tuesday saw a long overdue lunch and window shopping in Glasgow with gorgeous wonderful friend Nicola (@Lilacswizzle). I really have to thank her for the much need confidence boost and wise words I would never have thought of under the circumstances. I have so much to thank her for this week, you don't even know!

Later on Tuesday I ventured cross country from West to East to Edinburgh, where I was attending a preview screening of new movie Warrior, via RBS Film First. This time it would be a solo trip as cinema buddies were busy. Panic started to set in on the train when the battery indicator popped up like a looming message of doom... 20% battery left. Argh! how would i find my way without google maps?! How would I check in on FourSquare?! How could i review this movie afterwards and let the whole of Twitter now how it was?! But still i continued to refresh my timeline. The train was nearing the East and the signal is really fucking patchy isn't it. So all I had was the O2 O of doom and no 3G. Panic, panic. I sent out a desperate tweet: Edinburgh, where can i find a bite to eat and (more importantly) a plug to charge my phone?!! Refresh.... Refresh.... Switch off... No signal... BUZZ! a reply! "well @illegaljacks of course. Ask nicely and you might get to charge your phone :)" Yay. I immediately sent a tweet, asking nicely of course, and the reply was yes, it would be waiting. Phew, what a life saver. Safe in the knowledge that my phone would soon have juice in it, i settled back to enjoy the remainder of my journey with plenty in my thoughts. Well as much settling back as you can do on a Scotrail train seat without thinking about all the other heas that have touched that spot where yours is... yes this is what i think about?! *shudder*. I digress...

The train arrived and I made my way to Illegal Jacks. It was a lovely not-quite-autumn-but-getting-there evening, a bit windy but the sun was still shining and embracing me in his warmth. Wandering along the street it occured to me that I seemed to be heading in the complete opposite direction to the masses. Rush hour. There were suits, numerous. All shades of dark. Navy, Grey, Black, Charcoal. Suits. But what I did notice that stood out were the sensible women who'd opted for trainers and suits when running to catch the train. I mused how they must've had a pair of work shoes hidden under their desks like me. Just in case, you know...

Anyway I reached Illegal Jacks and ordered from the menu then sheepishly asked if there was a plug. I was pointed towards the window, sat myself down and plugged in. PHEW! It really is a disaster when your phone runs out of battery but all was now well. A few minutes later my very tasty cajun spiced chicken wings arrived. They were hot, hot hot and spicy hot. Lovely. I sat and recharged and watched the world go by out the window. I do love a good people watching session! I exchanged tweets were back and forth from various people and then what a lovely surprise that Kelly (@Macfack) had dropped by to see me. (She saw i was checked in on FourSquare). We had a wee chat then it as time for me to head to the movie. This was the purpose of my visit afterall. I unplugged, 73% battery should see me right.

I walked along to Cineworld, not too far really, and headed into the cinema. The screen wasn't ready yet so we waited about 10 minutes before being let in. I had a wee chance to think a little. I'm always thinking. I was wishing that i had a companion with me, it would've been nice. Sadly, not this time. They opened the screen and we filed in. I checked in - obviously and tweeted a few people. Then the ads came on and it was time for the film. Thank goodness there weren't any noisy popcorn eaters in my vicinity. It was bad enough on Sunday.

The film began. Warrior. I thought it was about boxing but it was in fact about cage fighting. It was shot nicely and leads were Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and Joel Edgerton - who you may remember from that Australian programme that used to be on BBC2 years ago, The Secret Life of Us. I loved that show but they never showed it again here. Anyway, Warrior. It was good. It was kinda predictable towards the end but well shot, nicely acted and the emotion caught me a bit at the end. Loved it really. I'd recommend it. Here's the trailer...

Out of the cinema i was a little bit scared walking these strange streets at night. There were one or two people around but as soon as i got back to the train station i was fine. I was freezing cold but. Shivering. And there was still a half hour wait on my train, darn. I was kept company by a few lovely people on Twitter. It's so great for that eh. Soon enough the time passed and my train would arrive on 5 minutes but not on platform 4 like what was on the screen. It always gets moved at Haymarket to platform 2 at the last minute! Grrr very annoying. Anyway the train was warm and I enjoyed a little convo with a totally awesome person via DM. There was something I wanted/needed to tell them but somehow the right words didn't come out. It would have to wait.
Platform clock

I woke on Wednesday with a dry mouth and chesty cough. Bugger it. I was heading out tonight, again! and there was no time for petty ailments. But I smiled when I checked my phone and had a wondrous text. Lovely. headed to work for another busy day answering loads of emails from students and every other thing that needed doing. But i didn't care. For tonight was a surprise do for Lovely Ian, the Surf Punk (@surfpunkian). Today was his birthday!!
The Mayor's Birthday
He'd told me previously he didn't like surprises but i was sure he wouldn't mind this one organised by one of his friends. I left work early at 4 to catch the train and headed through again. Fast becoming a regular jaunt for me. I arrived at Illegal Jacks a little after 6 and a few people were there. He said he was surprised and didn't have an idea. Nice. And he was parading about with a FourSquare Mayor t-shirt, a present from someone. Cool. By such a coincidence, a lovely girl, Andie (@MissAKis) i've followed on Twitter for nearly 2 years was in town with her work and she would be in Illegal Jacks for dinner too. I couldn't wait to meet her and when i finally did she was chatty, bubbly, lovely and such a warm person and a totally brilliant raconteur. Loads of stories. LOADS. Great.

All too soon it was time for me to head to my train and so I said my goodbyes to Andie, she was recounting her days spent in and around Newcastle to the group, and had a little chat and said goodbye to the wonderful birthday boy. I think he had a good birthday...

Heading home i had a few things on my mind. I wanted to kick myself, for a good reason. I wanted to turn back the past few weeks and do a thing differently but you can't can you.

Thursday i woke and was feeling pretty rubbish to be honest. Tired. Knackered. Flu-y. Coughy. Still had work to go to, boo. But i was visiting Linda and baby Kai tonight for a good old gossip and dinner. It was a good night. We had cheesburgers and chips and tea and juice and sticky toffee pudding. A treat indeed. I filled her in on everything from work to me and my past few weeks of fun. All the while Kai snoozed, fed, played on his mat and farted loads. I mean loads. For a month old baby he was farting like an old man. haha so funny and so beautiful. I headed home about 8.30 for an early night but i had a sinking feeling in my gut. You know when you get that? Bleh. I was glad to get to bed that night.

Friday was work and then spin class. And full on flu symptoms. I couldn't even eat the packet of marshmallows i've had for about 2 weeks. What's wrong with me?! I must be sick.
So that dear readers was my full on non stop crazy exciting wondrous gut-achingly massive week. It was emotional...

How was yours?

Angela x


I Pedalled for Scotland

Sunday, 18 September 2011

This time last week i was just getting home from the Pedal for Scotland bike ride. 51 miles of fun. Here's the story...

Thursday afternoon and I printed off a map off how to get to Glasgow Green from Stirling. It was for my Dad. He would be in a support vehicle for a group who were taking part in the Pedal for Scotland Glasgow to Edinburgh bike ride. I started thinking maybe I could go along too. Then I never thought any more about it, until they tweeted that you could still register online up to 4.30pm on Saturday. I made a mental note of that.

Friday came and I wasn't feeling too great. I know what was up with me but that's not for these parts... Anyway as Friday wore on I was feeling more and more off. I went to spin class in the hope that would sort me out and it kinda did. A little. After spin i rushed home, had a shower then headed to Karen's as everyone was there for Connor's 2nd birthday. He got a guitar and was totally loving it. He had cake and we were all there. We played pass the parcel, Ryan won! Then it was musical statues, Ryan won again! Next up with Just Dance on the Wii. They were great at it. Soon it was time to go home. I think Connor loved his birthday.
Birthday boy, his brother and his Granda
 Back at home I still couldn't shake the feeling that I had. So went to bed after exchanging a few texts.

Saturday I woke up and still wasn't feeling that great. I felt a little better after an exchange of advice from a friend. I watched the rugby and F1 qualifying and headed into town to buy a top for school reunion i was to attend that night. Home from town without a top but i had a lotto ticket and a birthday card. That was fine. It was about 5pm when i decided that yes, i would go along to the cycle. I had a quick blast around on the bike to make sure it was in working order. The seat needed adjusting and the tyres were pumped up a little then it was packed in Dad's work van. That night I was still feeling a little delicate of tum so decided to give the school reunion a miss - which i'm gutted about. I packed my bag, charged the phone and camera batteries and finally went to bed about 11.30pm. We'd be up at 5.45am....

The alarm went off and it was dark outside. I could hear a couple of birds singing and no rain - result. I showered, got dressed and had my Weetabix. I was feeling a little better today. We set off to a meetup point at 6.45am. There were a couple of people there already but we waited about 20 minutes for the rest to arrive. We headed off for Glasgow about 7.15am (via Falkirk) and arrived about 8.15. I was dropped off to go and register at the People's Palace and that would be the last time I saw them all day. (The team Dad was supporting was a company team from Stirling).

After a quick registration I headed to the start line. There were hundreds of people lined up. I admired some of the bikes around me. Some were shiny and new looking, others were well worn. Mine was amongst the former. The rain started to drizzle and i was a bit nervous. Most people there seemed to belong to teams or be 50% of a partnership, i kinda wished i had someone there too but this would be a good thing to do on my own. It's the most spontaneous pursuit i've done in a long time and it would give me a chance to think about things, life, people, a person...
Slowly but surely, about every 6 minutes we moved forward and got close to the start line. An announcer was chatting to people at the front and i hoped i would just blend in with the crowd and he wouldn't stop me for a chat. Phew. That was lucky. At 9.15am my group were ushered through the start line and i was off. It felt great. The weather was holding just for now with even some blue patched through the cloud. The first few miles were roads that were blocked off to traffic but soon enough we hit a set of traffic lights which would signal the start of the open roads - watch out for that car!

We rode along through streets i didn't really recognise but soon were out the east end and passing by the big shopping centre at Easterhouse. The Glasgow Fort, couldn't remember what it was called there. It wouldn't be long now until the first feed station. But first, a tricksy hill to split the group. And split the group it did. I got my gear sorted and made my way up. Reaching the top was made slightly difficult by stupids not being in the right gear and stopping right in front of me but reach the top i did and decided to pull over for a wee drink. Turns out i needn't have bothered stopping as a little further on, crossing the M73 we were 2 kms from the first feed station at Drumpelier park. I stopped my Dad's van in the car park and stopped for a wee chat. On my watch it was only 1 hr and 2 mins since i'd set off. Not bad i thought. That was with lots of stops at traffic lights coming out of the city centre. Woohoo. I set off a little further along to the actual feed station and queued up to pick up a bottle of water and a banana. I ate half the banana, drank the water and decided to set off again. I wasn't out of puff yet.

Out of Drumpelier, through the centre of Coatbridge and Airdrie. There was a boy racer in Airdrie who was giving the riders the v sign with his fingers. Eejit. As I passed through Stirling Road roundabout in Airdrie i recalled with fondness and a heavy heart many a day we passed that roundabout to go visit my Pappy in Law village near Carluke. I haven't been through that area for years, maybe i'll take a wee drive through to see the old house again. The weather was beginning to get greyer and the rain turned from light drizzly to a constant pitter patter but it was still not heavy. The skies were grey and the wind had lifted and even worse it was a head wind. That's when your heading straight into a wind, isn't it? Yes a head wind. It was constantly buffeting me and then turned to a cross wind when there were no trees to shelter us. My pace was still constant, occasionally speeding up as I overtook slower riders. We came upon a sign for Longriggend and i can remember thinking what a dreary place. It was quite high up, although i never realised until we got there as the climbs were steady. And then there was a sign for 2kms to the next feed station at Avonbridge. Now in Falkirk Council territory too. I needed this stop. My tummy was starting to grumble and the Weetabix i'd had at 6am wasn't fuelling me any more. I headed into the feed station but the queue was extra long so i headed straight back out and perched on a garden wall across the street so that I could eat my chicken roll i had with me. About 15 minutes later i set off again.

The next stretch was more b roads. The riders were more stretched out, thank goodness. The weather was the same but on the approach to Linlithgow it got calmer and the sun even poked out from behind the blanket grey clouds. I was ready for this lunch. We were now on 12.45pm. I'd been riding since 9.15am. Not too shabby, Ange, not too shabby at all. There was a long climb up a gentle but never ending hill and i saw a 15 miles to go sign!! Great feeling.
a welcome sign
 The park was great but you couldn't really see the palace that you can see from the motorway or train. I parked my bike on the rails, queued up outside the tent and got my lunch after about 15 minutes. Pasta. Pepper pasta, it was literally dry pasta with peppers mixed through. Hhhmmm dry pasta. I needed the full bottle of water downed to help it go down. A cup of tea too. Albeit too milky. I sat and ate my lunch and then headed off after about 20 minutes, not before getting a guy to take my picture.

Out of Linlithgow and the weather was good. I'd even saw i was hot but my bum was aching. It had survived all those miles so i'm sure another 15 wouldn't matter. Ouch. I was up and out of the saddle a few times but that only served to make it worse when i sat down so i shifted about a bit on it instead. The road was long, relatively flat then we passed through Winchburgh where my cousin used to stay and over the motorway into Kirkliston. NEARLY HOME!! It had only been about 20 minutes cycling since Linlithgow so i opted out of stopping at this feed station. I had my own water so no point. I looked at my watch and it was reading a little over 4 hours. I decided i'd try to make it into Murrayfield under 5 hours. A challenge for myself. Out of Kirkliston a cycle only lane had been set up with cones but people were slow going along it and they were two abreast. It was difficult to overtake but a few squeeks of my brakes and the guy pulled in to let me by. I flew. I was now on a clock... I looked over and saw the airport. Nearly home. That's what i kept thinking to myself. On and on and on. We were now in residential streets and there was a street in Davidson Mains (I think) where we came around the corner and people were clapping and saying not far to go! then up a little hill and group of little boys, about 9 or 10, were lined up and were getting a high five from all the riders. I of course obliged them and got a 'nice shades' shout too. I tell you this, it was so good at that point. There had been hardly anybody on the streets watching and this group of little boys were a boost at just the right time. Thank you wee boys!!

My watch was now about 4hrs 45 minutes. 15 minutes to go. Surely it could be done. We were now on the canal path. It was dark but at least it was flat and smooth. I kept a steady pace but tiredness was starting to set in. I'd wished it would come to an end soon. Then I thought WWPD (what would Pyllon do) and i laughed. He'd grit his teeth and carry on and that's what i did. It worked. Through a break on the tree branches and over a little bridge i caught a glimpse of the metalwork high up on the stadium, woohoo!! It can't be long now. I looked at my watch 5hrs... Oh well. We were directed to get off the bikes and down a steep section which came out onto a street, Roseburn Terrace. I recognised this area from when i attended the Kings of Leon gig here back in June. It was a welcome relief. I'll admit to slowing down a bit. We rode around the back of Murrayfield and what a great surprise, directed into the stadium, out the other side and to the finish line. It was great! I'd done it. YES!
The only sad part was that i crossed the line and no one was waiting on me. That would've been ace. I shed a little tear. More of relief and sense of achievement than sorrow though. I collected my medal and goody bag and called my Dad. They were waiting on the Ogilvie crew who weren't in yet, near Haymarket. I headed around and found them. Awesome. It was great. I got my dad to take a picture of me finished then he loaded my bike into the van. I opened my Wee Bru, ate my crisps and marvelled in what i had just done. I think i'll do it next year.

We waited for about another hour until the riders started to come back to the vans. I felt pretty pleased with myself as some of these people are out on their bikes all the time. Smugface. My battery died on me though so i limited my tweeting but a huge thanks to everyone who wished me well. It was all greatly appreciated.

Look at this cool but scary graffiti i found on a wall where we were parked. Anyone know who did it?

When i got home i showered, had dinner and was tucked up in bed by 9pm. A few texts were exchanged with a fab friend and i dozed off full of tiredness, achievement and excitement at what could be next.

Great things bikes, aren't they!

Angela x


Happy Birthday Connor

Friday, 9 September 2011

Today, there's not really much to say except HAPPY BIRTHDAY Connor!!

Connor is two today. Connor is the second half of the 'greatest nephews in the world' duo.

 Time has flown since he arrived on a muggy Thursday evening. He slipped into the world a happy laid back little boy. He loves guitars and singing and bouncing on the trampoline and playing with his big brother Ryan. He brings joy into our lives every day with his fantastic little personality.

Saying goodbye to Wee Bri who is off to Oz via Bangkok amd Vietnam

He's not a complainer. He's not really grumpy. He's always on the go, except when he naps around 2pm! He can talk this hind legs off a donkey and Baby Jake is one of his favourite shows on CBeebies.

Tonight we will celebrate with songs and cake.

Angela x


Bank holiday weekend, part dos - The Beaches

Saturday, 3 September 2011

...Now where was i?... Oh yes. Sunday.

I got up early, showered, packed my bag and headed along the motorway to Edinburgh about 10am. I arrived at my destination a little before 11. Ian's house. Cups of tea were made and drank then we were soon on our way into the city centre. The weather was holding, for now. Parking spaces were few and far between but my driver managed to get one only a few steps away from where we were going. Handy. We headed in to the venue and to the recording of the final Live at the Gilded Balloon podcast 2011 - download here! Today was featuring the Fisters Comedy award. I just so happened to be in the company of the actual fist model! Fancy eh.

After the podcast and a cuppa outside it was time to head off to the beach. Whenever it was mentioned, there were short glances at the sky and the 'you're going to the beach on a day like this!' looks. But nonetheless we were determined. Off we set.

First up was a little cove. It was windy, the outlook was bleak, the clouds were low but moving pretty swiftly. Waterproof jacket went on and we headed down a track wit the wind and spits of rain blowing at us. Through a little dark tunnel we headed. A pirates cave i was told, but the sloppy pirates left their wheelbarrow behind! Out we came into a sheltered calm little sweeping cove. The beach here was small in comparison but still, a beach. The harbour wall was about 3 feet high and on the other sat a picturesque little stone built cottage. Ian told me that people do live there on occasion. They come mostly in the summer i think. There were a few people over at the house which was on the other side of the harbour. We walked further on our side and there was a couple of little wooden houses. Again owned by people who came every so often. We took a couple of pictures and headed back up through the pirates cave. It was nice here though. Calm. Sheltered. Safe.

the stone built cottages - Hipstamatic iPhone photo

After about 20 minutes drive we arrived at the second beach of the trio in today's visit. This was on a holiday park site so there were more people around but it was still not busy. Good stuff. Now, this beach was different. Wider. Open. Stretched quite far. The sand was lighter and compact. But the thing about it that I loved the most and it surprised me was the sound of the waves. I'd forgotten how loud they can be! It's been years, about...*ponders*...15 years since i've actually stepped foot on a beach so no wonder I forgotten all about my senses being struck on all sides.
the waves were crashing. loud.

There were some people in the waters surfing, or trying to. Apparently today was not a good surf day. (He told me so!).  We wondered quite far along it. Chatting away, taking pictures, watching the surfer folk. I liked the way today was going.
The weather had eased up a bit. The little drizzle of rain that had been before had now gone. The wind was still there though. But that didn't matter. I was glad to be blowing off some cobwebs that had formed over the past few months. We headed back to the car via the toilet block. I was busting!

pretty foam

Back at the car we decided we were hungry and it was about this time i declared I had brought some cake! Mars Bar cake. We'd eat it at the next beach. We headed down winding roads sometimes only just big enough for two cars. It was a little further away this one. But there were a few cars in the car park. We headed down a path through a barrier gate. I could see it from the high vantage point. Another wide beach. This time it was a cove. Albeit a wide cove. A horseshoe shape - make a wish...

Again there were a few people in the water, surfing lessons i think. The ground around the beach was high up so again we were sheltered. We wondered around to the other side (of the horseshoe shape) and passed a few people along the way. It was busier with dog walkers and groups out for a walk. Same idea as us. In actual fact it wasn't that bad once you were actually on the beaches but the weather inland was windy/rainy. It didn't really matter though.

There was a rocky outcrop in the waters which meant the waves were just lapping here. Nice photos here. Around one edge too there were about 20 beach huts. All different states of repair and colour. Mostly greens and browns but there was one or two blue and white ones. Each were numbered and i wondered what people actually did with a beach hut. I can imagine on a gorgeous warm day it could be quite handy to change in and get some proper shelter but the rest of the year, what?

We sat on a little grassy bank and ate the cake and some Wee Bru's I'd brought along. The bonus was Haribo jellies! I think Ian appreciated them, he delved in for another bit of cake! We checked in on FourSquare (after 10 minutes wait) and i was beaten to the mayorship but just a few seconds. I'm gonna claim it back one day. Soon we set off again, back around the beach, up the path and into the car. I was knackered by now as I'd had a late night the previous night.

The drive back to Edinburgh was filled with music, my music this time. I had to fast forward a few songs as the shuffle button had thrown up some of my more embarrassing songs. But I think Ian's favourites were Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. He will deny this but i has evidence!...

Back at the ranch i had another much needed cup of tea and then headed back home. You'll notice i never actually mention which beaches these were. If you saw my FourSquare check ins you might know. (It was a pain to get a decent signal). Otherwise it's a secret!

I came home and saw a lovely sunset which brought to an end one of the best weekends i've had in a long time. Spent in great company. Another thing to tick off my summer bucket list. I owe a huge big thank you and hug to Ian for the day trip. One to remember and more to come...
our footsteps


Angela x