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Happy Birthday Connor

Friday, 9 September 2011

Today, there's not really much to say except HAPPY BIRTHDAY Connor!!

Connor is two today. Connor is the second half of the 'greatest nephews in the world' duo.

 Time has flown since he arrived on a muggy Thursday evening. He slipped into the world a happy laid back little boy. He loves guitars and singing and bouncing on the trampoline and playing with his big brother Ryan. He brings joy into our lives every day with his fantastic little personality.

Saying goodbye to Wee Bri who is off to Oz via Bangkok amd Vietnam

He's not a complainer. He's not really grumpy. He's always on the go, except when he naps around 2pm! He can talk this hind legs off a donkey and Baby Jake is one of his favourite shows on CBeebies.

Tonight we will celebrate with songs and cake.

Angela x


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