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Bank holiday weekend, part dos - The Beaches

Saturday, 3 September 2011

...Now where was i?... Oh yes. Sunday.

I got up early, showered, packed my bag and headed along the motorway to Edinburgh about 10am. I arrived at my destination a little before 11. Ian's house. Cups of tea were made and drank then we were soon on our way into the city centre. The weather was holding, for now. Parking spaces were few and far between but my driver managed to get one only a few steps away from where we were going. Handy. We headed in to the venue and to the recording of the final Live at the Gilded Balloon podcast 2011 - download here! Today was featuring the Fisters Comedy award. I just so happened to be in the company of the actual fist model! Fancy eh.

After the podcast and a cuppa outside it was time to head off to the beach. Whenever it was mentioned, there were short glances at the sky and the 'you're going to the beach on a day like this!' looks. But nonetheless we were determined. Off we set.

First up was a little cove. It was windy, the outlook was bleak, the clouds were low but moving pretty swiftly. Waterproof jacket went on and we headed down a track wit the wind and spits of rain blowing at us. Through a little dark tunnel we headed. A pirates cave i was told, but the sloppy pirates left their wheelbarrow behind! Out we came into a sheltered calm little sweeping cove. The beach here was small in comparison but still, a beach. The harbour wall was about 3 feet high and on the other sat a picturesque little stone built cottage. Ian told me that people do live there on occasion. They come mostly in the summer i think. There were a few people over at the house which was on the other side of the harbour. We walked further on our side and there was a couple of little wooden houses. Again owned by people who came every so often. We took a couple of pictures and headed back up through the pirates cave. It was nice here though. Calm. Sheltered. Safe.

the stone built cottages - Hipstamatic iPhone photo

After about 20 minutes drive we arrived at the second beach of the trio in today's visit. This was on a holiday park site so there were more people around but it was still not busy. Good stuff. Now, this beach was different. Wider. Open. Stretched quite far. The sand was lighter and compact. But the thing about it that I loved the most and it surprised me was the sound of the waves. I'd forgotten how loud they can be! It's been years, about...*ponders*...15 years since i've actually stepped foot on a beach so no wonder I forgotten all about my senses being struck on all sides.
the waves were crashing. loud.

There were some people in the waters surfing, or trying to. Apparently today was not a good surf day. (He told me so!).  We wondered quite far along it. Chatting away, taking pictures, watching the surfer folk. I liked the way today was going.
The weather had eased up a bit. The little drizzle of rain that had been before had now gone. The wind was still there though. But that didn't matter. I was glad to be blowing off some cobwebs that had formed over the past few months. We headed back to the car via the toilet block. I was busting!

pretty foam

Back at the car we decided we were hungry and it was about this time i declared I had brought some cake! Mars Bar cake. We'd eat it at the next beach. We headed down winding roads sometimes only just big enough for two cars. It was a little further away this one. But there were a few cars in the car park. We headed down a path through a barrier gate. I could see it from the high vantage point. Another wide beach. This time it was a cove. Albeit a wide cove. A horseshoe shape - make a wish...

Again there were a few people in the water, surfing lessons i think. The ground around the beach was high up so again we were sheltered. We wondered around to the other side (of the horseshoe shape) and passed a few people along the way. It was busier with dog walkers and groups out for a walk. Same idea as us. In actual fact it wasn't that bad once you were actually on the beaches but the weather inland was windy/rainy. It didn't really matter though.

There was a rocky outcrop in the waters which meant the waves were just lapping here. Nice photos here. Around one edge too there were about 20 beach huts. All different states of repair and colour. Mostly greens and browns but there was one or two blue and white ones. Each were numbered and i wondered what people actually did with a beach hut. I can imagine on a gorgeous warm day it could be quite handy to change in and get some proper shelter but the rest of the year, what?

We sat on a little grassy bank and ate the cake and some Wee Bru's I'd brought along. The bonus was Haribo jellies! I think Ian appreciated them, he delved in for another bit of cake! We checked in on FourSquare (after 10 minutes wait) and i was beaten to the mayorship but just a few seconds. I'm gonna claim it back one day. Soon we set off again, back around the beach, up the path and into the car. I was knackered by now as I'd had a late night the previous night.

The drive back to Edinburgh was filled with music, my music this time. I had to fast forward a few songs as the shuffle button had thrown up some of my more embarrassing songs. But I think Ian's favourites were Beyonce and Christina Aguilera. He will deny this but i has evidence!...

Back at the ranch i had another much needed cup of tea and then headed back home. You'll notice i never actually mention which beaches these were. If you saw my FourSquare check ins you might know. (It was a pain to get a decent signal). Otherwise it's a secret!

I came home and saw a lovely sunset which brought to an end one of the best weekends i've had in a long time. Spent in great company. Another thing to tick off my summer bucket list. I owe a huge big thank you and hug to Ian for the day trip. One to remember and more to come...
our footsteps


Angela x


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