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May Photo A Day Challenge

Monday, 30 April 2012

Tomorrow's the start of the May photo a day challenge. What with it being May 1st and all!
I am seriously loving this project and can't thank @FatMumSlim enough for the monthly lists.

You can get further information about the list and the al important hashtag over at her blog here.
And now for the list!



Five Things on a Friday #16

Monday, 23 April 2012

yes, yes, on a Monday! I know, I'm late, on.

1) This song. This version of this song. That is all.

Ok, so it's American Idol. But this guy has got it. His name: Phillip Phillips, what's not to love! I like that the music seems to flow through every part of his whole being. I love his raspy tone. I love his little shoulder shakes and that he reminds me of Chris Martin. I like this a lot. Oh and the girl is pretty decent too. I'd kinda missed this song when it was big and at number one in some chart for ages. But on hearing it lots lately I decided to hunt it down and found this version. I realised I hadn't really listened to all of the words and when i did I found they resonated. So, this has been on constant playback.

2) I saw Salmon Fishing in the Yemen yesterday. Yes, yes, nice little movie. Ewan McGregor's character is a bit weird, but nice all the same. I spent half the film wondering if his character was meant to act like he had asberger's or was this their way of portraying a backward thinking scientist from Scotland. hhmmmm. anyway that's not what number 2 is about. It's all about ZAC EFRON. Oh Yes! I know he's a baby but my goodness have you seen the trailer for The Lucky One. He appears to have aged (a little bit) and grown into a bona fide hottie. Check, it, out!....

3) Will.I.Am... I have to admit i thought Will.I.Am was the least person I'd like off of the Black Eyed Peas. The only thing i remember him for is on XFactor miming badly with auto-tune-a-plenty. But, cue The voice (on BBC1). It's really good and a much better version of a reality TV show. Then i heard about the coaches (they're not judges on the Beeb you see). Jessie J, Sir Tim Jones, Danny Whathisface off of The Script and William. I wasn't too eager but then i saw the first show and when they all sung I gotta feeling on the first night i was hooked. They all work well together and I actually like them all on this show. But Will.I.Am is excellent. Really knows what he's talking about and is usually right when going with his gut instinct. His little facial features and cool personality have really changed my opinion of him. I want to be his pal! I think a lot of people are surprised by how much of a nice guy he seems. I say seems because you never can really tell from a TV screen can you. Also, he seems pretty tiny. Can anyone clarify this? Fanks.

4) Light nights. The street lights aren't coming on now until about 8.50pm. We timed it. I love the light nights. I love the sunsets on a day when it's been showering with rain one minute and bright sunshine the next. You get lovely cloud formations and we all know i live a nice cloud formations. Here's one I took five minutes ago (9.10pm).
Sun has set

5) my mum and dad. I may not have a close circle of friends but these two share everything with me. I'm so lucky to have such a great set of parents. Sometimes i wish they'd give out more hugs, some hugs. Hugging is not big in this house you see but you know when you just know... You know that hands down, life or death they'd be there, fighting my corner. We don't say the love word that often either. Truth be told i can;t remember the last time i heard it but, like i said, you just know. Don't you...

Angela x



Thursday, 19 April 2012

Yes, that's right, according to rumours will be the new hip place where all the cool kids hang out on t'internet - Face-Stagram! Okay, okay so I lied but it's just over a week now since the announcement about Facebook buying Instagram was made and I'm glad the dust has settled.

my home screen: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Camera+ All the my fave apps
It was inevitable that someone was going to buy Instagram. We live in a more visual world than ever before and images are everywhere. Instagram made it easier to share lovely pictures with people across the globe. Adding one of their filters means that even the most kak-handed of us (not me btw!) can post decent enough looking pictures. Our brains process pictures in a different way than words. A famous example is the TV debates between Nixon and Kennedy. Radio debates showed Nixon in the lead, but when they hit TV Kennedy was an outright leader in the polls. He was a master at the little facial expressions, and I think he even wore make up! So you see people judge on site first and foremost and so pictures are real popular.

I've been an avid Instagram user since the week it went public back in October 2010. At the time I only followed a few people I knew on there but slowly over the 2 short years I've built up quite a good little visual playground for myself in the form of my Instagram feed. It's sitting at 205 just now, deliberately much less than Twitter. For you see I don't want to be bombarded with every Tom, Dick or Jason's silly pictures. I've collated a number of cool people and brands from a range of backgrounds and locations across the globe. Aside from Twitter, it's the first place i check each morning when I wake. I like to see what's gone on around the world via the varying images from numerous time-zones. I like to see the photos that have been captured lovingly or on the hoof. Maybe it's my natural nosiness inside.

Anyway, back to the deal. A Billion Dollars. $1Billion. Let's not think about that too much. After all it's not a truck full of cash delivered to the Instagram team is it. There'll be shares and the like. Maybe? But why did Mark Zuckerberg, seemingly on a whim, buy Instagram for that much money? Probably not data, let's Face it they have pretty much cornered the market with that one. Mobile Photography is more like it. Rumour has it (not sure where I got that from) that the deal was done in two days! Zuck to Kev: I wanna buy Instagram, how much will it cost? Kev to Zuck: Errrrr...(leans back in chair and plucks a number out of thin air) A billion?.... (laughs like a child who's just swore for the first time) Zuck to Kev: Okay then! Where do we sign?. Kev: (falls off chair, rolls over, does the dance - you know the one, scrambles back onto the chair, clears his throat) Deal!
And so the deal was done. I'd like to think that's how it went down. In my mind it happened like that. *winky eye face*

Everyone's gone mobile #SadDigitalCamera  ~ Taken on Instagram

So, why did he buy? Mobile! Mobile photography. Mobile. Much has been said about the rubbishness of the Facebook mobile apps and that the photo interface has, until recently, been pretty bland. But now, look what they have. Potential new Facebookers? (we'll come back to this later). I don't know about you but i certainly do hit share to Facebook on some Instagram photos. It even puts them into an Instagram album automagically. I mostly use this method because they're fab pictures of my nephews and my family only follow me on Facebook, especially ones who stay far away. So I like to share those moments I've captured on Facebook too. But it's easy now to with a smart phone and a decent app, enter Instagram.

Some people got a bit hysterical when the deal was announced. "I'm leaving Instagram" was the cry. Well I'm not. Some people were posting links to new photo apps, but the beauty of Instagram for me is the simplicity, the ease of use, the fact that you can follow people and they can follow you, you can share to most social networks (well that ones that everyone's uses lets face it), the filters are pretty (who remembers the astro filter?!) and it was the original. And I like that. It's not always about the next new thing, it's about the original.

One thing I didn't like was a i read a tweet from someone who claimed that 'creatives' like them would all leave and a certain faction would be left. Hmmm... Just because I don't work in the creative industry does not mean i am not creative. It was a silly tweet from someone who has posted no more than twenty photos, if you're lucky! Grrr. Sometimes the downright snobbery in social networks gets right on my nerves. There's a lot of it around.(another post maybe).

Scotland #clouds #saltire #landscape
mobile photography

I'll end by saying Congrats to the small but perfectly formed Instagram team! I hope that the statements from both Instagram and Facebook are upheld and they don't tinker about with it too much. Perhaps a few extra filters? Perhaps a better Facebook mobile service? who knows. But just like Darcy told Jones in the movie... I like it just the way it is.

ooh! Before I go perhaps you might want to have a watch of this video I found about 6 weeks ago. It's Kevin Rose interviewing Kevin Systrom (co-founder of Instagram). Interesting, inspiring and well worth a watch. Love his thinking behind Instagram - hits thoughts about the early days, focusing on photos only, with XProII being the first filter. Turns out that was a great move!

Angela x


Blogging mobile-ly

Monday, 16 April 2012

So my attempt at going totally mobile to blog didn't quite work. What am i talking about you may ask. Well, if you check the post right before this one Photo Week 1, you'll see that I'm going to start blogging my iPhonography photos on a weekly basis. Photos taken that week on the iPhone using various apps such as Instagram, iOS camera, Camera+ and any other decent apps i come across.

After figuring out that my best option to transfer photos from the phone to the iPad using Dropbox i set about with that post. I put a few photos together into frames using PicFrame app and published the post. It looked good. Yay.

Except not yay. I looked at it today on the computer at work and on there the pictures are fuzzy and out of focus. Why? Maybe i need to make the settings 'high def' when putting them into the frame app? If you know shout out.

So my attempt at doing everything mobile didn't quite work out. I'm currently typing this on the laptop. Which is fine but when i attempt to use Photoshop to do the framey thing where there are loads of pictures in one picture, it takes an age. Approximately 45 minutes for one simple photo. Reason being this is a 5 year old laptop with hardly any free space. It runs really slowly now although cosmetically it looks new. Grrrr....

I thought i'd broke the mobile blogging ducks back but i can't upload fuzzy pictures. I'm leaving them on the previous post so you can see what i mean. But for next week i must try to find a solution to this. I could always do a post with separate pictures in it but that would be mega long. You'd turn off.

If you've got any tips, leave me a comment. Please, thanks!

Angela x


PhotoWeek 1

It's a bit bare around here these days. No photos. Lots of words kinda bare. So I thought what I'd do is do a post once a week with photos from my week. Now, you all know that I love taking pictures. Mostly on the iPhone these days so...the photos that I'll put here will probably all be from my iPhone. I can't even tell you the last time I got my digital camera out. I must do that soon. Also, whilst we're here. I'll tell you that the pictures will be a mixture of my Instagram images, standard iPhone camera app images and images I've taken and edited using the Camera+ app (I love this app). I've been a busy bee yesterday and managed to figure an easy-ish way to get photos from my iPhone to the iPad without too much hassle or without waiting on my five year old laptop heating up. It's really very slow.

The images will be bunched together in little groups, again using apps on the iPad like Picframe or Diptic and I may further edit them using Snapseed or something like that. Just to shoosh them up a little.

Without further a do. Here' set number one. I hope you like them.

A cupcake, sticky toffee pudding, clouds, curry.

Lanolips new lip balm, matching nails and shoes, cinema toilets, new Zara bag.

The sunset sky as I came out of spin class on Wednesday. Top is blurry effect from raindrops on the lens, bottom is with a clear lens.

The sunset in my car mirror (I had stopped when I took this), cloudy sky, hills on a clear morning.

Let me know what you think!

Angela x

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In a huff with the BBC, still.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Yes, that's right. I'm in a huff with the BBC because of their giving away of the Formula 1 coverage to the mighty behemoth that is Sky. I know, I know, money plays a huge part and with much publicised BBC cutbacks (they also got rid of SFTW), I know that something had to give. But why? Why!

I'm laying in bed watching the first live race of the BBC F1 season. The Chinese grand prix. Chinese grand prix! Why didn't they have the first race live, the Australian? I like that one and it's the FIRST RACE OF THE SEASON!! You'd think they try to appease the millions of fans that Jake Humphrey is always bragging about. Obviously we don't mean that much. AND they let Martin Brundle go over to the dark side (Sky). Aside from Murray Walker himself, Martin Brundle is formula one for me. As I've huffed and puffed for a few weeks I've been reminding myself that I've been glued to races on tv for at least 15 or more years. I'm getting old. But it really is one of my favourite sports to watch. Some people find it really boring and procession like but I love it and will definitely see a race live in person at some point.

Now don't get me wrong I like the BBC presenting team. Jake, Eddie Jordan and DC David Coulthard but I really am missing the Brundle, because now they've got that wee guy with the sharp features whose done the British touring cars for years, Ben Edwards. He's not bad, he's just not the Brundle.

Anyhow, I might get over my huff soon but only on one the last race (Malaysia, not live on BBC), the extended highlights were on tv about 1pm, somewhere between the River City omnibus and the antiques roadshow. well we were on about lap 5 and the pit lane reporter, Lee McKenzie (whom I also like btw, she's really good) made a huge boo boo mistake. She, being on Malaysian time, RT'd a tweet from someone who'd snapped the second place driver on top of his car celebrating with the huge number two sign right beside him!!! So, there, we had not even passed 10 laps of the highlights race on tv and she'd given away one of the podium spots. Cue big wah wah wah music. I tweeted her but never got a reply.

But it's stuff like that that annoys me. Also, people live tweeting all the way through he races. Have some thought for those of us who don't have Sky (nor live races) or who can't get a live feed. Tweeting every single fucking corner of the race is just stupidly annoying but also not considerate of others. Got it? Good.

I'm sure I'll get over this huff I have with the BBC. Only if they don't talk up moody face Lewis Hamilton's prospects of winning the championship at every single race though. So annoying and such a moody wee boy.

Wink face.

Angela x


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Five things on a Friday #15

Friday, 13 April 2012

On an actual friday this week. Woo!!
Number 1 - Ted Talks. I've been watching a lot of these recently with different results. But one I thought was really brilliant was Aimee Mullins. Look her up. It's title is the opportunity of adversity. In it she talks with humility and real emotion about her childhood having to endure hours on end of physical therapy because of her lack of legs and her need for prosthetics.its quite powerful when she talks about the definition on the word 'disabled' in a dictionary. Watch it and see. Here's the link

Number 2 - so in case you didn't know I work in a University in an academic school (formerly department). This week, today in fact, was the deadline for the fourth year students to submit their final undergraduate dissertation. Something they've been working on since September last year. Well most of them would be working on them, some of them probably started it in February! Anyway, I like this time of year. Having worked there for eight years in June, this will be the fourth year that I've been through a full university cycle with them. I like to watch the students grow and learn and come on leaps and bounds in their confidence and being. Some of them never change that much, physically or otherwise but other flourish and you can tell that these will go on a be someone and do great things. Spending four years with these people visits the office quite regular,y to hand in essays or simply k a question, then you do get attached to them. They become friendly faces who cheer you up, or sources of the latest gossip on their friends. You get to know them pretty well. And this year they all got their work in on time and I look forward to them graduating and venturing off onto new journeys. I'll miss some of them though, as I do each year. But I know that I've done my best for each one of them.

Number 3 - unexpected late birthday gifts from a friend you've not even met yet. That was a fabulous little addition or the week. A parcel from Jonny Rose (@98_rosjon). A good good lad right there. You know where you are with him. We like him.

Number 4 - a mixture of three. This is a silly one. It's face creams. For you see I have really dry skin, all over. And this past few month it's been particularly bad on my face. Dry patches around my eyes, on my cheeks, nose and chin. Then more on my forehead. So all over my face really. I've used Elemis pro collagen marine cream for a few years. It's not cheap! The I switched to Decleor hydra floral. It's a thicker cream so I thought this would sort my face out but it just seemed to get worse. Again, not a cheap cream. Then from watching a few beauty videos and reading some blogs I opted for cheaper creams from France that just happen to be in a third off sale on t'internet. So I got Embryolisse lait-creme concentre, A-Derma epitheliale cream and La Roche-Posey hydra phase intense cream. All three cost me less than one tub of Elemis!! I'm glad to report a combination of them appears to be working and I've only got a few dryness flakes on my cheeks and chin a little bit. Now I know outside factors such as weather, pollution, dehydration may also be affecting me skin but I drink lots and lots of water, I keep some water topped up on a dish attached to the radiator (meant to put moisture in the air) and I'm be never in the sun. I'll keep trying them and hope it clears up before too long.

Number 5 - vlogs. Or Video blogs. I've been watching loads recently from some bloggers whose blogs I read regularly. It kinda inspired me so I've rejigged my YouTube account and have uploaded a mini vlog myself. I done it last Friday when I was with Ryan. I'm not posting the link here though. It's a bit embarrassing as its my first one but if you're at all interested my YouTube account is Ange77HVlogs. Eek!!

EDIT: I nearly forgot. I went to see Headhunters this week at the cinema. It's a Norwegian thriller from Jo Nesbo. It was pretty darn good. Having sat through two series' of The Killing and one of Borgen I've gotten used to subtitles. Especially when the stories and films/tv programmes are soooo good. I highly recommend you give it a watch. Funny and clever and gruesome and dark at parts. Well worth a watch!

Angela xx
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I've scared myself silly

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

So I done something silly last night and scared myself to death which resulted in a not so good sleep. I'm being totally irrational - I think. But in my state of panic my life flashed before my eyes and it hit me (again) that there are still dreams I need to fulfil before my time on earth is done. Oh it's all gone very deep eh.

You see I've convinced myself that a pain in my upper arm is something more serious than it probably (hopefully) is. And now i can feel a very faint pain but is it psychological and in my head or is there really a pain there. When I say pain i mean nothing more than a dull headache type of pain, not a 'rolling about the floor crying with pain' pain. But in my head I'm already planning the you know what!...


It's just silly. I know it is. Hopefully. I keep saying hopefully because now i'm thinking i've jinxed myself and this is it for me... Welcome to AngeSpace where everything is blowing up onthe inside but on the outside you'd never know. I might take a couple of painkillers, see if that shifts ot, or at least takes my mind of it. Gah. Why?

I want to be happy and fulfilled by the time my end comes around. I'm not at the moment. If it were going to end tomorrow there'd be big regrets from me. Huge regrets. Things I've done and things I've not done and I don't want that to be my forever. I want stories to share with my kids and my grandkids. Heck yes, i even want kids. I want to have new experiences and LIVE life, like really live life. Because living life at the moment seems to consist of work and spin classes - woo! You know what i mean though surely.

Does everyone feel like this every now and again? I bet you do. Although you'd never know it because on the outside people appear to be doing it. Right now. Their glossy lives are everywhere and they'll never let you know what's really going on, but you get snippets of the real life things that are happening to them that they seem scared to share or show. Not sure why. Probably because they want their personal brand to be all glossy and happy and shiny and an all singing all dancing hoopla all of the time. But that's so far removed from real life it's laughable. Don't you think? Sure people can be optimistic and care free and think that 'all this is for a reason' but come on, do you really think that? I mean *really*?...

Anyway. Enough. How do you do it? Live life i mean. Fulfil your dreams when you're on your own? I do what i can but come the end i just know it won't be enough.

Angela x


Five things on a Friday #14

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Again, not a Friday but so what. As long as I'm doing this it's fine, right?

1) I got a new handbag. A navy blue leather mini shopper bag from Zara. I did order the larger tan brown leather one but honestly it was gigantic. Now I carry a load of rubbish in my bag, along with much needed stuff, but even I couldn't have filled it. Plus it would be super heavy to carry and not good for the body dynamics, or something. So I settled for the mini navy one. navy isn't a colour I'd normally go for but I've seen another blogger, Laura over at Buy Now Blog Later with a gorgeous little navy Celine bag (much too expensive for me) and she matches it quite well with different outfits. Not sure I'll be able to carry it off though. I make return it for a refund.

2) Easter weekend. It's a long weekend plus one for me. Not back to work til Wednesday. Gotta be a good thing.

3) Team GB cyclists! Good medal hauling at the World Track Cycling championships in Australia. How inspiring are they. I for one cannot wait until the Olympics begin. Let's all wish them well.

4) finding out that despite the glossy veneer that some people project on various social media platforms, their lives are just like yours and mine. The only thing they're better at than me is hiding what's going on. Just like the title of this here little blog.. "we've all got our Everest to climb". Bear that in mind.

5) not visited the cinema in over a week but it gave me that chance to watch DVDs I have in my stash. In particular I seem to have developed a new crush on Ashton Kutcher. Don't worry, it's not at the unhealthy stage just yet. But boy he is nice it look at.

Angela x


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Funtime Friday

Friday, 6 April 2012

I spent most of today with some of the best people on the planet. This is day 1 of a 5 day break from work (off til Wednesday) and so I decided that I'd chill out at home, have a lazy day. We watched the track world cycling championships. Ryan kept guessing the 'blue' guy would win. Mostly they did. Sometimes they didn't. The blue girl did though. She being Victoria Pendelton winning a gold medal. Yay!

During that we had breakfast. I had toast. He had a banana on his. One of his faves. Connor declined any form of food having been up during the night with an upset tummy. Wee button. Also during the hours watching cycling, we coloured in the colouring book, laughed at Connor pretending to cry (so funny), me and Ryan did sums with our fingers. It was ten takeaway three leaves seven etc. also amongst those sums was this. Me: "what's one add two?" Ryan: "emmm..... Three". Me: "no, a thumb and the fingers". Hahahaa we both laughed for ages and kept laughing at it during the day.

I went for a shower, he played with his cars whilst Connor slept. Later we went on a mini road trip to Morrisons for food, and to collect his mummy from her work (she works close by Morrisons). We bought cake making stuff, fruit, sweeties and juice. He swiped them through the self checkout. Beep beep. We met an aunty, an uncle and two big cousins visiting from Kent. We waited in a queue to leave the car park (panic Easter egg buying I expect) and headed to pick up his mummy. Whilst waiting on her appearing we made a little video. I might upload it soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

At home again he had dinner, a pizza. I had tea and we watched some WWE wrestling on YouTube. He got some wrestlers and a ring for Christmas but I don't think he's actually watched a match (bout?). I think they took too long in starting because eventually he got bored and kept repeating the earlier "a thumb and the fingers" joke and laughing. It's our little secret though.

Soon it was time for them to go home to their own house. But what a nice little day that was. Afterwards I ate too much and am nursing a food baby belly. What the heck. It's Easter. Chocolate season. Yay.

Angela x
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I Love Instagram: let's play nice

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

So Instagram's android app was released yesterday. Yay. More people to join the community. Or so you would think. But today and even later last night, I read tweets and stories about how 'iPhone' people are angry at the thought of 'Android' people being on Instagram. How very fucking idiotic can you get eh? There's also those who just criticise it without taking the time to have a look and see what it's all about. Granted, there is loads and loads of shite on there, as with every other social media platform you get. But the cream always rises to the top and you can choose who you follow, so if you don't like their photos don't follow them. Simple. In the same way that if you are seeing Instagram links in your Twitter feed, because the natural thing to do is to share these photos in several different ways, well if that bothers you then don't click the link to view the photo. Simple too.

Day 1. Up. #MarchPhotoaday #glasgow

In saying that there are a few tiny things that bother me about Instagram. In fact it's got nothing to do with the Instagram app itself because I love it and have been on there since day one, but it's the way people are using it. Kevin Systrom (Instagram CEO and co-founder) said recently "We've been very careful about making sure that Instagram photos are about what's happening right now in your life, and we want to allow for more of those photos to end up on Instagram regardless of where they're taken."

And therein lies the thing that niggles away at me. More and more people seem to be taking the instant nature away and are uploading photos that are not in the moment nor are they happening in your life right. In fact they are most probably scenes that happened months or years ago. And more often than not they are photos that have quite obviously been taken with a digital camera or SLR, tweaked, uploaded to Instagram and tweaked even more. And that bugs me. It just niggles away for some reason. The pure, instant, happening right now nature is then taken away and for me so is a little bit of the magic in most of those photos. I mean they are quite good photos (most of them), there's no denying that, but the fact that Instagram is a mobile phone app, whether it be an iPhone and now an Android phone so to me I couldn't think about taking a pre-shot photo and loading it. Use Flickr or something for those shots! Maybe that's just me though.

Whilst we're here I should also add that many many many many lists and lists and lists of hashtags (#) is a bit naff, to say the least. I know that you tag things so that other people can see them but how many actual #Instagram hastags do you need on a photo? Here are some examples #Instagram #IG #Igers #Ignation #bestphoto #igdaily There are more but #popular is also used too. Now, there is a Popular section on Instagram. I'm not sure if using #popular tag gets you on there or how they pick them. Edit: i've just checked the Popular section and can confirm that none of the photos i checked had used the #popular tag. Surely it's up to your followers (or likers) to make your photo popular?.... Less is more people, less is more.

Anyway, I've gone too far on the things that bug me. Rest assured that Instagram along with Camera+ are my two favourite iPhoneography apps. Love them. And let's not start little cliques of Android versus iPhone users. That's just plain silly. We are all in this together. Play nice.

Day 16. Sunglasses #marchphotoaday #RayBan #limitededition #NYCsubway

Angela x
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April photo a day challenge

Monday, 2 April 2012

It's that time again for another photo a day challenge from Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim blog. I actually love this series and cannot wait to see the whole collection at the end of the year. I'm trying to keep them all on my flickr account but i mostly upload them via Instagram (@Ange77H is my username there).

Anyway, enough talk, here's the list. Join in. #PhotoadayApril is the tag.

Angela x