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Five things on a Friday #15

Friday, 13 April 2012

On an actual friday this week. Woo!!
Number 1 - Ted Talks. I've been watching a lot of these recently with different results. But one I thought was really brilliant was Aimee Mullins. Look her up. It's title is the opportunity of adversity. In it she talks with humility and real emotion about her childhood having to endure hours on end of physical therapy because of her lack of legs and her need for prosthetics.its quite powerful when she talks about the definition on the word 'disabled' in a dictionary. Watch it and see. Here's the link

Number 2 - so in case you didn't know I work in a University in an academic school (formerly department). This week, today in fact, was the deadline for the fourth year students to submit their final undergraduate dissertation. Something they've been working on since September last year. Well most of them would be working on them, some of them probably started it in February! Anyway, I like this time of year. Having worked there for eight years in June, this will be the fourth year that I've been through a full university cycle with them. I like to watch the students grow and learn and come on leaps and bounds in their confidence and being. Some of them never change that much, physically or otherwise but other flourish and you can tell that these will go on a be someone and do great things. Spending four years with these people visits the office quite regular,y to hand in essays or simply k a question, then you do get attached to them. They become friendly faces who cheer you up, or sources of the latest gossip on their friends. You get to know them pretty well. And this year they all got their work in on time and I look forward to them graduating and venturing off onto new journeys. I'll miss some of them though, as I do each year. But I know that I've done my best for each one of them.

Number 3 - unexpected late birthday gifts from a friend you've not even met yet. That was a fabulous little addition or the week. A parcel from Jonny Rose (@98_rosjon). A good good lad right there. You know where you are with him. We like him.

Number 4 - a mixture of three. This is a silly one. It's face creams. For you see I have really dry skin, all over. And this past few month it's been particularly bad on my face. Dry patches around my eyes, on my cheeks, nose and chin. Then more on my forehead. So all over my face really. I've used Elemis pro collagen marine cream for a few years. It's not cheap! The I switched to Decleor hydra floral. It's a thicker cream so I thought this would sort my face out but it just seemed to get worse. Again, not a cheap cream. Then from watching a few beauty videos and reading some blogs I opted for cheaper creams from France that just happen to be in a third off sale on t'internet. So I got Embryolisse lait-creme concentre, A-Derma epitheliale cream and La Roche-Posey hydra phase intense cream. All three cost me less than one tub of Elemis!! I'm glad to report a combination of them appears to be working and I've only got a few dryness flakes on my cheeks and chin a little bit. Now I know outside factors such as weather, pollution, dehydration may also be affecting me skin but I drink lots and lots of water, I keep some water topped up on a dish attached to the radiator (meant to put moisture in the air) and I'm be never in the sun. I'll keep trying them and hope it clears up before too long.

Number 5 - vlogs. Or Video blogs. I've been watching loads recently from some bloggers whose blogs I read regularly. It kinda inspired me so I've rejigged my YouTube account and have uploaded a mini vlog myself. I done it last Friday when I was with Ryan. I'm not posting the link here though. It's a bit embarrassing as its my first one but if you're at all interested my YouTube account is Ange77HVlogs. Eek!!

EDIT: I nearly forgot. I went to see Headhunters this week at the cinema. It's a Norwegian thriller from Jo Nesbo. It was pretty darn good. Having sat through two series' of The Killing and one of Borgen I've gotten used to subtitles. Especially when the stories and films/tv programmes are soooo good. I highly recommend you give it a watch. Funny and clever and gruesome and dark at parts. Well worth a watch!

Angela xx
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