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Five things on a Friday #14

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Again, not a Friday but so what. As long as I'm doing this it's fine, right?

1) I got a new handbag. A navy blue leather mini shopper bag from Zara. I did order the larger tan brown leather one but honestly it was gigantic. Now I carry a load of rubbish in my bag, along with much needed stuff, but even I couldn't have filled it. Plus it would be super heavy to carry and not good for the body dynamics, or something. So I settled for the mini navy one. navy isn't a colour I'd normally go for but I've seen another blogger, Laura over at Buy Now Blog Later with a gorgeous little navy Celine bag (much too expensive for me) and she matches it quite well with different outfits. Not sure I'll be able to carry it off though. I make return it for a refund.

2) Easter weekend. It's a long weekend plus one for me. Not back to work til Wednesday. Gotta be a good thing.

3) Team GB cyclists! Good medal hauling at the World Track Cycling championships in Australia. How inspiring are they. I for one cannot wait until the Olympics begin. Let's all wish them well.

4) finding out that despite the glossy veneer that some people project on various social media platforms, their lives are just like yours and mine. The only thing they're better at than me is hiding what's going on. Just like the title of this here little blog.. "we've all got our Everest to climb". Bear that in mind.

5) not visited the cinema in over a week but it gave me that chance to watch DVDs I have in my stash. In particular I seem to have developed a new crush on Ashton Kutcher. Don't worry, it's not at the unhealthy stage just yet. But boy he is nice it look at.

Angela x


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