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Friday, 6 April 2012

I spent most of today with some of the best people on the planet. This is day 1 of a 5 day break from work (off til Wednesday) and so I decided that I'd chill out at home, have a lazy day. We watched the track world cycling championships. Ryan kept guessing the 'blue' guy would win. Mostly they did. Sometimes they didn't. The blue girl did though. She being Victoria Pendelton winning a gold medal. Yay!

During that we had breakfast. I had toast. He had a banana on his. One of his faves. Connor declined any form of food having been up during the night with an upset tummy. Wee button. Also during the hours watching cycling, we coloured in the colouring book, laughed at Connor pretending to cry (so funny), me and Ryan did sums with our fingers. It was ten takeaway three leaves seven etc. also amongst those sums was this. Me: "what's one add two?" Ryan: "emmm..... Three". Me: "no, a thumb and the fingers". Hahahaa we both laughed for ages and kept laughing at it during the day.

I went for a shower, he played with his cars whilst Connor slept. Later we went on a mini road trip to Morrisons for food, and to collect his mummy from her work (she works close by Morrisons). We bought cake making stuff, fruit, sweeties and juice. He swiped them through the self checkout. Beep beep. We met an aunty, an uncle and two big cousins visiting from Kent. We waited in a queue to leave the car park (panic Easter egg buying I expect) and headed to pick up his mummy. Whilst waiting on her appearing we made a little video. I might upload it soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

At home again he had dinner, a pizza. I had tea and we watched some WWE wrestling on YouTube. He got some wrestlers and a ring for Christmas but I don't think he's actually watched a match (bout?). I think they took too long in starting because eventually he got bored and kept repeating the earlier "a thumb and the fingers" joke and laughing. It's our little secret though.

Soon it was time for them to go home to their own house. But what a nice little day that was. Afterwards I ate too much and am nursing a food baby belly. What the heck. It's Easter. Chocolate season. Yay.

Angela x
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