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PhotoWeek 1

Monday, 16 April 2012

It's a bit bare around here these days. No photos. Lots of words kinda bare. So I thought what I'd do is do a post once a week with photos from my week. Now, you all know that I love taking pictures. Mostly on the iPhone these days so...the photos that I'll put here will probably all be from my iPhone. I can't even tell you the last time I got my digital camera out. I must do that soon. Also, whilst we're here. I'll tell you that the pictures will be a mixture of my Instagram images, standard iPhone camera app images and images I've taken and edited using the Camera+ app (I love this app). I've been a busy bee yesterday and managed to figure an easy-ish way to get photos from my iPhone to the iPad without too much hassle or without waiting on my five year old laptop heating up. It's really very slow.

The images will be bunched together in little groups, again using apps on the iPad like Picframe or Diptic and I may further edit them using Snapseed or something like that. Just to shoosh them up a little.

Without further a do. Here' set number one. I hope you like them.

A cupcake, sticky toffee pudding, clouds, curry.

Lanolips new lip balm, matching nails and shoes, cinema toilets, new Zara bag.

The sunset sky as I came out of spin class on Wednesday. Top is blurry effect from raindrops on the lens, bottom is with a clear lens.

The sunset in my car mirror (I had stopped when I took this), cloudy sky, hills on a clear morning.

Let me know what you think!

Angela x

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