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Five things #22

Monday, 4 June 2012

..on a Monday, I know, I know. Late again...

1) observing Twitter from afar. When you're feeling a bit meh, Twitter can be a little overwhelming so last week I decided to take a time out. With a big T. It was refreshing. It was also interesting to dip in and out and catch up on the goings on. Because, you know, you never like to feel out of the loop do you. It's a real eye opener. There's the usual tomfoolery from spoof accounts, the innuendo loaded tweets from one party to another pretending to be all innocent, the down right cheeky, the laugh out loud really belly achingly good responses, the news stuff and many many more. I like it. So why did I feel the need for a time out? well, there comes a point where the bullshit and constant moany tweets gets too much and rather than hit reply to all the draft tweets I create I just stepped away from the edge. Simple. It worked. Word up though quit the moaning will you. It doesn't become you.

2) I read two books last week. TWO WHOLE BOOKS. Unheard of by me. Couldn't put them down.

3) Three films in one week. Movie fest. They were varying degrees of ridiculousity but all very good and worth a watch. What to expect when you're expecting was a movie of people on the verge of parenthood. There was Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz looking all buff and toned and muscular arms to rival that of Madonna! Wowsers, arm envy. It was a laugh and a little bit sad at the end, sad in a good way though. It was pretty funny at parts too. Sure the acting wasn't that intense but hey it was a Tuesday night and worth a look. Oh! BONUS ALERT. The hot guy from Love Actually is in it too! you know the one ladies. He's just about to seduce Laura Linney's character (to the tune of Norah Jones) when her brother calls. Yes, him!
Next up was Snow White and The Huntsman and Prometheus. More on those in the next post.

4) Whilst at the cinema I finally saw the new Batman trailer. Oh my god! When Bane came on the scene it sent tingles right through me. Cannot wait for this to come out.

5) Meeting a friend you've not seen for a while. Always nice, isn't it.

Angela x

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