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One Weekend, Two Movies - Snow White and Prometheus

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Before I begin, heed this warning - Spoiler Alert! Not so much about the plot but about people in these movies. You have been warned.

So I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman last Saturday evening. I'd been looking forward to this one since I first saw the trailer back in February. When we arrived it was empty but slowly the screen started to fill with families. Little kids, less than 12 years old. I wouldn't have said it was a kids movie, although 12A rated. Anyhow they were running around playing tig and doing cartwheels down the front before it started. Weird.
This film stars Kristen 'twilight' Stewart and Kim from Home and Away (Chris Hemsworth). I know! but as you know I love getting my daily Home and Away fix and he'll always be that boy to me. He's been around a lot lately.... Thor, The Avengers...

Anyway, in this film he has a faint Scottish accent, akin to those from Braveheart, who aren't actually Scottish. His voice is so deep he gets away with it though. The story is the one of Snow White (obviously) but a bit darker than the Mirror Mirror version i also enjoyed a few weeks ago.  The scenes in the dark forest and then the enchanted forest are pretty cool. The animals all come to life where you'd least expect them. The troll bridge is by far the coolest creature thing in the movie but the best thing for me was when the dwarves appeared. Ian McShane, Ray Winstone and Bob Hoskins as well as others that you'l recognise from various bit parts across tv and film. Very funny little bunch. A pleasant surprise. Charlize Theron was the evil queen. She played it well but with too much wailing and that dead behind the eyes look that she some how comes up with again in Prometheus.

I won't regale the plot (you probably already sorta kinda know how it goes anyway) but overall I enjoyed it a lot.

SPOLER ALERT - you have been warned. Don't read any further if you don't want to know certain parts. I'm going to describe some scenes.....

Sunday i headed to see Prometheus. Now, i'm not a sci-fi movie fan by any stretch of the imagination. I've never seen most of them. But this one I wanted to see. Something had me hooked...
Again, i'm not going to go into the plot. I'm not sure I fully understand what it was (was I supposed to have watched the Alien films before this?). What I will say is that visually it was awesome. The scenery of the planet (Iceland was used I believe) was stunning. The spaceship had all mod cons as you'd expect from a space ship in 2093 and the vehicles were also cool. What was even cooler was Fassbender's David. An android. Without feeling, but with actually some feeling (I believe). He went about his business in this straight faced, well postured gait with his wee flip flops on. Dying his hair to match that of some old movie star from way back when. He is by far the best thing in it. The next best thing is Rafe Spall. I'd seen his name in the credits and honestly when he was on screen he was good. Quite charismatic, well as much as you can be with a huge toothy grin and geeky glasses. He was like Steve Buscemi's Rockhound from Armageddon. Haha I can hear you spit out your tea at my comparison. Calm down dears! I liked Armageddon. Onto Noomi Rapace. Hhhmmm she was good, lets face it, the film was mostly centred around her. There were times I was thinking to myself "no, it's a bit too much. Draw back a bit". By that I mean she was intense. To the point I felt it was a bit over the top. But, granted, she was performing a self cesarian section so perhaps it was required. Actually, talking of which a guy sitting two seats long from me stumbled to his feet and down the stairs out. He looked like he was going to be sick.

Charlize Theron was all stiff and authoritative. She actually didn't really do that much. Idris Elba's captain was good. Believable.

That's it. Nothing more on stories here. Go and see these movies. They're worth a watch at least.

Angela x


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