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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Yesterday was my mum and dad's 39th wedding anniversary. We spent it as usual, they went to Morrison's for the weekly shopping and I stayed at home and tidied up the kitchen a bit (which is midway through a facelift). I usually venture out every weekend. Cinema, Stirling, shopping in Glasgow. But this week I've been feeling the need to be safely ensconced at home with the family. I think it's because of everything that's happening at work just now. I need some comfort, some sanctuary, no bitching and no stress. That's what the past few weeks at work have been. It's amazing what people can turn in to. But I'm not going to dwell too much on that, because that is the reason I'm feeling rubbish.

The past week has seen me cook curry, bake sticky toffee pudding, help out with the decorating, watching the Euro football matches, laugh, discuss programmes, and generally just loving being in the secure comfort and easy going atmosphere of my home, with my mum and dad. Sure, there were a few heated discussions on paint choices but we've finally settled on a gorgeous colour called deep amethyst. A lovely dark (but not too dark) plum purple colour. It's going on the one full wall in the kitchen, the feature wall. To compliment it we've opted for ivory spray for the other two bits of walls. The perfect mix.

On Monday the new bathroom is being fitted. Hopefully the tiles we already have up on the walls won't get too damaged. But a change is happening on the floor tiles. I'm trying to persuade them dark charcoal floor tiles will set off the new white suite perfectly.

We'll then move onto the stairs. Just a fresh coat of white paint for that. Having two nephews really plays havoc with white walls!
Then it'll be the living room. Traditionally an all cream affair but we've picked a nice paper rom Kelly Hoppen's range. Modern yet classic, in taupe. I can't wait til it's all finished. It'll be lovely.

Back to anniversaries. It was my 8 year anniversary at work this week. On June 21 to be exact. I was a bit down if I'm honest. But only because of what has been happening lately. I love my job. I love working with the students, many of whom are now so young I feel kinda protective of them and do my very best for each and every one of them. Or at least I try, but with more than 500 on my books then I hope they can forgive me if I don't recognise them at first sight! I love the place to work. There's normally a good atmosphere, normally. I'm hoping that this isn't that start of the end. 8 years. What could I have done in 8 years? Who knows.

What were you doing 8 years ago?

Angela x

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