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Monday, 25 June 2012

So I'm a bit of a notebook and stationary collector. I currently have two 2012 diaries and countless notebooks on the go, but last week at work I had to visit the campus bookshop to collect book tokens for student prizes and I noticed they've beefed up their Moleskine collection. Tantalisingly placed on the path to the till desk was a cardboard stand filled with limited edition Lego Moleskine notebooks. Two different sizes with various Lego pieces attached to them. Now, I was a Lego fan when I was a child. We used to get new sets each Christmas along with some sticklebricks (remember those?). I ooh'd and aaah'd at these diaries while the assistant got my book tokens ready. Aside from academic books, the John Smith book shop always has a decent selection of cards and pens so I browsed. And then I saw this!!... A cute little Moleksine Peanuts 2012-2013 academic year diary in the pocket size. Cayootie patootie.

It just caught my eye straight away. Only problem was I only brought enough money for a bag of Golden Wonder cheese n onion crisps (the book tokens had been prepaid). I asked the assistant if I could put this aside and come back later and she agreed. This was the only one in the shop so you'll see my anxiety at the thought of not having this cute little thing. She put it away and I went back later on to pay and collect it.

At the moment my diary is a red 2012 one. It's a week to view with a notes page. I use it for blogging notes and recording such exciting things as paying my car tax. I know!...

As you can see the Peanuts diary came with two sets of cute little stickers. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.

I can't wait to start using it. I've not marked anything in it yet. I just know there's going to be lots... Until then, goodbye.

Angela x

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