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Sunday, 17 June 2012

I got Boots vouchers through the post. Those quarterly little tear off vouches you get with your Boots points statements. I've been spending more money in there lately so I've notched up quite a few points. Also,this time the vouchers they'd enclosed were more useful to me than the previous ones. So on my first day off in a few weeks (or a month at least), i took myself off to Glasgow to buy some things I'd read about online. Whilst in Boots i never intended to buy even more nail polish but this voucher I'd got was 2 x Essie nail polishes for £12. Only a £2.99 saving on buy 2 separate bottles but it was enough to get me to open my purse. I bought Fiji, the much talked about pastel pink shade and I got this lush colour that caught my eye! I give you Essie Bahama Mama. A lush cream mid maroon colour. Now, when i say maroon i really mean wine, or burgundy. Or juicy grape? You can decide for yourself. The pics below, although taken on my iPhone 4S, are pretty close to the exact colour you can achieve on the nails.

I'd been after a colour just like this since I'd bought OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and realised that it was in fact a bit too dark for my finger nails, great on the toes though. This doesn't have shimmer in it and was opaque in two coats. It's that sophisticated dark polish you can wear with jeans or a nice dress. Once again the wider brush on the Essie polishes from Boots is a dream to use. I LOVE a wide brush. The consistency of this polish is great. The right side of thick, and thin enough to move.

nice wide brush on the Essie polishes
Essie Bahama Mama (left), Essie Fiji (right)
I think this will be my go to 'dark' polish. It was a purchase on a whim and I'm glad that whim took my fancy. I've not tried Fiji yet but I'll let you know how that goes later...

Angela x


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