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Five Things 23-26

Saturday, 30 June 2012

I've been really rubbish at my weekly Five Things related posts. I think I explained a few weeks ago that things weren't going so great (in terms of at work and stuff) and i didn't really go out or do anything for a few weeks there. Well I did have a lovely night out one weekend but i don't want to tell you all about that because sometimes there has to be a bit of privacy. Doesn't there?...

So now that i'm back in the blogging mood i thought i'd catch up on the Five Things post as that was neglected. I'll try and incorporate some good things from the past few weeks into this list. Hence the reason it may be longer than five.

1) Euro 2012. I love sports. I love football. I love F1. I love cycling. I love tennis. Well maybe not love tennis but you get the drift, i do love a bit of sport. And that's the reason the past month has been good. It's been a family affair with me and the parents settling down of an evening to watch one or two matches. We were sure Germany would win or at least be in the final but it's not to be. The final is tomorrow night and it's Spain V Italy. I've enjoyed watching both teams play and i think maybe, use maybe Italy may edge it.

2) I know I go on about them a lot but i just absolutely adore my two nephews, Ryan and Connor. They are a few of the only people that can make me smile at the very thought of them and when I'm in their company there's always a few laughs and jokes.

3) Linda. Started off as a colleague but now a brilliant, awesome friend. She gets me. We even finish off each others sentences. She now has a fab little family which includes gorgeous baby Kai. A cute little blonde boy with the longest eyelashes you've ever seen. He was a bit poorly the other week but still managed a wee smile.

4) Family. I've enjoyed a very good catch up and shopping trip with my cousin today. And i managed to only spend £9 so i was well chuffed. She was buying a dress for a wedding she's attending next week and a few other bits for work. We headed to Horton's bar in Glasgow for lunch. It was lovely in there. First time we'd both been. A bonus was that she's got a Gourmet Club card which meant we got 50% off the bill. Get in! £17 for both of ours, not bad at all. I'd go back there. It was nicely furnished with wooden floors and dark furniture. Big windows brought in streams of light from the dullish day. The toilets were downstairs and were so clean and lovely. Spacious too. Aways a good thing. The staff who served us were friendly and attentive bit not overly pushy or anything. Overall a nice place for a bit of lunch and a meet up with friends. It's just off Buchanan Street so not so out of the way either.

5) our new bathroom. This may seems bit of an odd one but we've had the same bathroom suite in for years and years. It was about time it was updated and on Monday it was. Now we have a nice new white site (the last one was coloured a little) and it may even make me start to take long luxurious baths. I say might. You see I'm more of a shower person. I like to be in and out in ten minutes except when i'm washing my hair, then I'm at least half an hour. So yeah, the new bath, the new tiny toilet with the one quick flush system and the deep sink. New charcoal grey floor tiles will complete the look once they are laid. Can't wait.

6) Levi jeans. Specifically Levi's Curve ID jeans. I bought two pairs of these jeans back in October last year. There was a sale on. I hadn't had a pair of Levi's since my old battered 501's circa 2001 that now are paint splattered but are very dear to me. With my genetic make up from my mum's side (big butt) i do find it difficult to get jeans or trousers to fit my shape and i'd read a lot about how these Curve ID jeans were meant to suit different shapes. I went into the shop and was measured to see which version i'd need. There's slight curve, demi curve and bold curve. I was sure i'd be a bold curve but the nice assistant said that she thought i was a demi curve. Result! not as big a butt as i'd feared. I tried them on and whilst it was a bit tight getting them on i got them fastened and they pulled my butt in, miraculously. She gave me a 28" waist. Inside i was dancing. This is a size 10 pair of Levi's. Small victories, big win. I hadn't been in size 10 Levi's for years. Anyhow, back to today. I've not been at as many spin classes as i'd like and i've eaten more packets of Haribo jellies than i'd ideally like so it was with great delight that i can still fit into my size 10 demi curve Levi jeans. Woohoo. A bit tight to get on straight after a wash but once on they really do feel like they mould to your shape. Well they feel like that on me anyway.

7) This new device i'm writing this very blog on is a revelation. Although i won't say too much as it's going back. There's a little black thing inside the screen. I can only describe it as a tear like line. Not sure if it's missing pixels or something. It's a real inconvenience but a new machine is on it's way and this one will be returned. Quite an easy process to be honest so can't complain too much. I love it already though. Just saying...

Ah i think that's enough just now. I'm going to have to go and concentrate on the tennis. Andy Murray is currently on centre court in a game that could go either way. I need to send him some good vibes. We all do... C'mon Andy!!

Angela x


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