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Five Things on a Friday #18

Friday, 4 May 2012

Hooray! I'm actually doing this post on a Friday. Yippee!!
Now, here goes...
1) The lovely weather this week. Sorry people South of the border but we've bnot had heavy rain for a while and as a bonus we've had sunshine and quite warm temperatures. Chilly today though. Last night I was even so warm i walked about the city centre with no jacket on. Wowsers.
2) This video that appeared on one of the blogs i read very day (or at least every time the author posts). it's pretty good. Have a watch and also, hop on over to Life as an Artispreneur blog. I just love it.

3)I have recently discovered another Scandinavian thriller series on BBC4. The Bridge. Set in Copenhagen and Sweden, across the bridge, there's been a murdurrrr. But why...find out when you watch it. I just love all of these thrillers. Much better than some of the dross that comes from our very own back yard. Well, not Spooks. I loved Spooks.

4) Bejewelled. The only game I play religiously on my iPhone. I've played a never ending game ever since I had my 3GS phone but had to start another one. I'm currently on 7.5 million points in the zen game. WOWSERS. I've never gotten into Angry Birds. I just don't understand and can't play it, so bejewelled suits me fine. Along with Words With Friends. Three games going at the moment. Hardly ever win. Boo. My vocabulary can't be any good! Yikes.

5) four spin classes this week. Getting into my stride again after a lil and skipping some Monday night ones. I'll be there from now on though. You betcha!

Angela x

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