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NOTD Essie mint candy apple

Sunday, 6 May 2012

This here is a post about my nails and how I paint them on occasion. I've done a couple of posts like these because I quite like painting my nails now, after years of never having anything more than the palest of pink nail polishes.

Thursday night I gave into the hype that surrounds Essie mint candy apple polish and bought it from Boots, who now stock Essie polishes. Before I'd have gotten them from my favourite shop on eBay. So here it is.
Ok so it looks more green here, but in real life for me it is blue-er
First off it's £7.99 from Boots which is a bit middle of the road (price wise) for nail polish. Some cost £3.99 and others can go as high as £16. Depends on the brand really. So although not really cheap, it was cheap enough for me to be interested enough to buy this colour that everyone and their granny raves about. Second of all, there's new brushes. A wider brush is the order of the day here. Well done Essie!! no more of those skinny minny brushes please. The wider brushes make applying nail polish a heck of a lot easier. I really love the Rimmel brushes for this fact. Anyway it applied okay. I used two coats for the picture. But honestly I can't ever be bothered to do three coats of polish. Too much time waiting for it to dry. I used a Seche Vite base coat too. The colour was a bit streaky but ended up fine.

In the bottle I'd say mint candy apple was leaning more darker than I expected. On my nails I think it leaned more blue than green, and if I'm really honest I don't think it suits my skin tone. I liked it, but only a tiny bit. I'm not sure I'll wear it again. I mean I will wear it but maybe not that often.

Essie As gold as it gets from the Luxe Effects range

I did end up trying a few glitters over the top and that was a much better way to wear it. I used the Essie luxeffects As Gold as it Gets shimmer polish and it made the mint candy apple a much more pleasing mint, leaning towards green. This was more like it. The gold shimmer brought it to life. This will be the way I wear it again. I also tried some OPI Rainbow Collection multi glitter over the top just as I was about to take it off. It rocked and I'd wear it this way too.

Essie mint candy apple

Overall a good enough formula, good wide brush and a nice colour. But it just doesn't suit me. Or does it, what do you think?

Angela x

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