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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Is there someone out there for everyone. True or false? That was a tweet I sent out late last night. Mostly it produced the answers I thought it would, or secretly hoped for. Mostly from girls I might add. The boys were a bit more sceptical. The answers ranged from "hopefully there is" and "I'd like to think so" to "there's more than one someone for everyone" and "False. It's a free for all and much less romanticised...". I found that one a bit sad. Don't you?

I like to think that somewhere out there is the other fifty percent to my mine. The person who will wipe the dribble off my bottom lip when I'm thirty five and eating an orange. The person who I will share lots of little in jokes with that no one else knows about. The person whom I would run to Tesco at midnight to buy food for just because he's feeling peckish. You know the one. No? No, neither do I because I haven't met him yet. But I have hope, because without hope there's nothing.

in celebration of Valentine's Day

Yes, that may be such an idealistic romantical view of this person but hey, I'm a Pisces, I'm allowed. I am hopelessly romantic. Sorry (not really). Sure, we've all been hurt by love, sometimes dragged through the bad side of 'love', but I think you can only learn from that. I certainly have. You can learn that you should be your own person. You learn what you don't want from a relationship and for me that is very important. You can spot the warning signs if something is a bit off. But most of all you can go into it with your fresh eyes and experience that fluttery-bellied excitement that only a new person can bring. Do boys think about these things? Where are all the romantic boys?

How fantastical!

Now, where do I find such a person?...

Angela x



  1. I'm not sure there is "The One" but I think there is someone for everyone. Whether it's a geeky computer whizz kid like my husband or a coffee connoisseur like my friend's new boyfriend (Who also happens to work with my hubby!)

    1. Aw well that does give me hope that a someone will come along and soon, hopefully!


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