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Relisted: 35 in 35th

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

I thought I'd check back my 35 things in my 35th year list post and see if I've actually accomplished or am on my way to ticking things off the list. In case you don't know what I'm talking about you can go check the post out HERE.

It's a pretty decent list. Some may find it so-so, with things such as number 23 get an international check in on Foursquare or number 32 step outside of my comfort zone but I like this list. It's not exhaustive, i may even add to it during the year. But first of all I thought I'd ask for some help in completing and ticking off those little numbers that sit there in that list, teasing me like the non-existent storyline in Homeland! Okay, it's not non-existent but it's just taken a full series to get anywhere and what was Clare Danes' 'manic' episode all about last night?! Anyway, I digress, back to the list...

I'm going to deconstruct the items numbered on the list. For example, let's begin with number 1 a road trip north, south, east and west. This of course doesn't have to happen in one day. That would be some road trip! I am thinking of a drive north up the A82 toward Glencoe. I love that drive. I love the ever changing scenery. I love that you can't get a phone signal on some parts and I love that there are plenty of awesome picture taking opportunities. Here are some previous vistas I've captured. Noice.

Glencoe 022
bidean nam bian, Glencoe

The road trip south was a tricky thought but a lovely friend visited a place at the weekend. It's just south of the border and she had a great time and took some amazing pictures. It looked like a magical adventure wonderland and not a neon light or loud music in sight! It's a National Trust site and includes a house, some woodland, lakes and little bits of magicalness. I believe there's a coffee shop too and no doubt a gift shop. I think it would take about 2 hours drive to get there so not too far at all. I'm not going to tell you that exact place yet, you'll just have to come along and see... :)

So... does anyone fancy a road trip north or south? :)

Angela x



  1. I'd love to come North for the road trip but it's a bit far lol. I live in Bedford - I'm 60 miles North of London lol. Then again my cousin is in Dundee so I could fly up there and then head back again or something - that would be an awesome trip.

    Ooh just had an idea!

    1. The scenery is worth a visit alone!

    2. I shared the driving to get to Inverurie - that was pretty good but very tiring! When I got there I didn't sleep that well either as my tent was on a hill :(

      On the other hand it was my first time in Scotland :D

  2. I love driving through Glencoe one of my fav places in the world thats where my profile pic was taken...

    1. Mine too. That hill in the picture was my first munro climbed. Very tough ten hour day but so rewarding.


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